GMAIL WARNS SLOG: ‘Your account is being blagged’

Plus: Update on the mystery of P. 74 on Morgan’s Pier

GMail (Google Mail) sent me a formal warning earlier today that my account for sending and receiving Slog emails had been blagged, but the intrusion has been detected and blocked.

Frankly, I’m not remotely surprised – and anyway, as these are email trailers of new blogs that I’d be more than happy for worried blaggers to get upset about, I have no desire to take any evasive action.

However, could I ask  – if you have a news tip and/or confidential statement to make – that you send such to my AOL account, wardslogataoldotcom. Close friends and long-term snouts can carry on using my personal address.



Returning now to the increasingly odd tale of Piers Morgan the Outsider, I have had to make some serious checks on the P. 74 story of which I made Dickensian cliff-hanging mention yesterday. I’m fairly certain it will appear at some stage tomorrow, because it is well and truly stood up; it just needs some forms of words to run past interested parties, legal neurotics etc etc.

What I can promise you is that yet another scurrilous tale of the life and lies of the Grime Parson will appear tomorrow, come what may. And this one is a corker. Such a corker, in fact, that I feel duty bound to point out that another anagram of the Moron’s monniker is RM – a rope sign.

8 thoughts on “GMAIL WARNS SLOG: ‘Your account is being blagged’

  1. My Hotmail account is (once again) unavailable (surprise surprise) so I am posting this onto your blog, the Guardian ran a story yesterday that was all over the BBD, about the Norway murderer being linked to EDL, well they used Searchlight for the info. I thought you might be interested, I certainly was, as in my quest to get a simple apology for the abuse I suffered as a child I came accross Searchlight, and it has its roots in some very murky corners, such as Harry Bidney. I dont think a “quality” newspaper would be doing itself any favours by quoting from that rag!


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