‘Nafissatou Diallo’ yesterday (Mark III model)

As Strauss-Kahn accuser goes public, the maid’s ‘identity’ changes yet again

This is Nafissatou Diallo strolling in New York yesterday following her interview by ABC News, and splash in Newsweek magazine. She doesn’t, however, bear any resemblance to the last ‘accepted’ picture of Nafissatou Diallo:

Nafissatou Mark II

….but she could easily be an older version of the first one:

Nafissatou Mark I

Now the Mark I snap was hastily withdrawn right at the start of the saga – presumably because it didn’t fit the image being put out by the DA and her family at the time: that of a saintly person dressed in traditional Islamic garb. Most people (The Slog included) accepted Mark II as the real deal; but it doesn’t look that way now.

This is crucially important in the American media arena, as nobody there has as yet seen any pictures of her outside the blogosphere. So perhaps US blogging friends could see their way to expanding awareness of this over there.

We also have to ask why Ms Diallo has gone public in the middle of an extended period of ‘additional investigation’ requested by the DA that was allegedly to do with establishing the level of conspiracy involved. DSK’s lawyers have already dismissed the ABC revelations as ‘an unseemly circus designed to inflame public opinion’. During the interview, Diallo tells ABC, ““I push him. I get up. I wanted to scare him. I said, ‘Look, there is my supervisor right there. But Strauss-Kahn said no one was there to hear”. She alleges he then went on to yank up her uniform dress, tear down her pantyhose, forcefully grab her crotch and then grip her head and force her to perform oral sex. He was obviously in at least two minds.

Forgive me for sounding unsympathetic here, but the truly silly bit of the associated Newsweek piece is the magazine’s observation that she was ‘going public to tell a story from which she had never wavered’.

Except for which rooms she was in, what time she told the hotel authorities, how she arrived in the US, whether her partner was alive or dead, and why she rang a prison in Arizona to discuss how much money she could make out of the case.

There is more murkiness to come here: but the Marks I, II and III enigma is one that deserves a credible explanation. And learning the real identity of her motormouth ‘brother’ would help too.


  1. Don’t apologise for your levity on this subject, it’s nowt but a joke/scam perpetrated to beguile & befuddle.Neither party deserve a sympathetic hearing.


  2. Not so much about the pictures but about the whole interview story:
    Imagine you’re a nobody to the whole world, you benefit from the victim protection programme of the prosecutor, apart from stupid stories in the press nothing is known about you – how do you think you will regain “dignity” by going public and showing everybody that you are the person that your lawyer discribed the most intimate and embarassing details about in a public press conference on the stairs of the court? This does not make sense at all.
    Plus, the less she changes her story, the more she will be suspected to just have rehearsed it exactly as she did for her asylum application.
    This is really just public pressurising and will not hold in a courtroom.
    If I was her, I would fire the lawyer.


  3. Why didn’t she rang 911 for police assistance right after the alleged attack by DSK?,and what about the phone call from Sofitel to Sarkozy office that DSK is safely in the can,and Tim Geithner ouright demand of DSK removal from the IMF and lastly the Euro maelstrom got nothing to do with DSK ? or probably his position not in favor of dismantling the Euro ruffled many feathers in the Federal Reserve, the bottom line is DSK was railroaded and the latest circus is try to save Cyrus Vance the DA face.


  4. When I consider:

    1) What this women said to Newsweek about how the events occured

    2) What Mr Brown from NYPD reported:

    3) the fact that Strauss Kahn made a phone call to his daughter at 12h15

    I cannot connect the dots in a way that I wouldn’t consider that she is lying, and this, independently from any consideration over her past and credibility.



  6. “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.” Art. 1 UN Universal Declaration on Human Rights


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