Those of us with a youth misspent doing crossword puzzles rarely grow out of the fun of anagrams. Outside of the crossword, the trick is to arrive at an anagram which is at worst funny, and at best of specific relevance to the original word(s). Hence Piers Morgan = Romping Arse.

I am indebted to Slog comment threader Wimminz, who has come up with some equally apt ones for Moron in particular, and Hackgate in general. Wimminz suggests, as Romping Arse alternatives, Porn rag is me, Smearing Pro and my favourite, Arse rim pong.

Beyond the smearing pro, Wimminz offers for News International, Newtonian latrines; and saving the best until last, for Metropolitan Police, potential crime pool.

Sheer genius.

For Newscorp I suggest either Spew Corn (particularly apt bearing in mind James Murdoch’s evidence) or Crow’s Pen (when thinking of Neville Thurbeck). Neil Wallis might be I, Well Snail. In fact come to think off it, he must be.

The answer to the clue at the top, by the way, is Rupert Murdoch.

Any other suggestions?