It takes one daft bitch to run a phone-hacking factory…..

….and a newsroom full of hacks to pay for it

(With apologies to a once-famous anti-fur advertising campaign)

It’s good to see how quickly the media have seen through Rupert Murdoch’s slaughter of the innocents. Only Alan Rusbridger declared himself ‘baffled’ by the decision to close The News of the World after 168 years. But then, he is editor of the Guardian, and a big fan of Ed Miliband.

Above all, what this desperate move shows is just how desperate the Digger is to do this deal. As I pointed out the day before yesterday, without it Newscorp will be…..Newscorpse.

If Cameron misses this own-goal, I give up.

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11 thoughts on “It takes one daft bitch to run a phone-hacking factory…..

  1. How many policemen will be “questioned”on this?How many of our secret service will be slaughtered because of this hacking scandal?


  2. Given Cameron’s sense of direction (U-turns passim) it is entirely likely that this own-goal may yet be missed. Please don’t give up; the gentlemen in the terraces have their toilet rolls poised, and the referee has already been urged to make an appointment with Specsavers…


  3. I wonder if Andy Coulson’s imminent arrest might just be sufficient to make Cave-in Dave realise any association with NI is likely to be bad for him.


  4. Guardian are reporting Coulson allready at West End Central “nick” to give himself up

    PM Press conference at 09:30 (I wouldn’t thus expect Coulson till around 10:00 to give the presspack time to move their SIS links


  5. The Guardian is in very deep trouble now that state job advertising has slumped with no prospect of recovery. Maybe Mr Rusbridger is looking down the barrel of a gun?


  6. I definitely think Camerons phone log should be published to see how many calls between the Hemlock empire to organise the response are being made.
    Those cosy chat ins with his ’empire’ friends are beginning to look totally seriously compromising and should his mates get the BskyB deal they need – Cameron & Co are going to look seriously compromised. We know up front that Cameron is a liar who’s excuse making is more weasel than mouse !
    Fact is – it is clear that whoever ‘handles’ the deal – the independant investigating group will have been put in place and ‘selected’ by politicians. We know from the various expenses/funding investigations (not the main one) that the politically required result is always forthecoming (as they set the remit) thus they get what they want through sculduggery and illusion. It is not enough to say that they have to act according to the ‘law’ they established to cover themselves. We the people know that they can heavily inflluence the result of any inquiry by any politically established group. BskyB is a question of what is good for the country and any thinking person knows that Hemlock is not the sort of person who brings with him moral decency rather than the collective depravity he actively encourages – who then go on to expose these through his empire in scoops ! Effectively he makes the news – whilst diverting real news away at the behest of the politico’s who cuddle up to him ! Scratching backs has been going on for far too long.


  7. Your Prime Minister is not a crook. I remember th original well. It was a Saturday night and I turned to my companion who was at the Commerce Department and said ‘that seems to seal the deal’. It was shortly thereafter that the existence of the tapes was revealed by the then head of the FAA an ex Air Force BGen who had worked on them in the White House. So we need insiders to sing, brother sing .


  8. Didn’t Cameron host a private supper party recently with one of the Murdochs and co – and when this happy social event raised eyebrows, he commented that it was constituency business( heard about that on the radio this morning).

    Will he say, ‘Well you know, we are all in this together’


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