STRAUSS-KAHN AND LAGARDE: A lot of explaining to do.

Where will the frame-up trail eventually lead?

Incompetence on a grand scale or geopolitical conspiracy? The questions are about to be asked.

What’s the difference between house arrest and a world election tour when it comes to focusing on the global debt crisis?

Answer: nothing. Had DSK’s bail not at first been refused – and his house arrest made so onerous – there is no doubt that he would’ve been better equipped to lead the IMF during the Greek crisis these last few weeks. Because Christine Lagarde was everywhere but Greece.

Anyway, Christine the Innumerate Optimist is now in DSK’s job. And just a few short days afterwards, the case against Dominic Strauss-Kahn is collapsing.

Some very tricky questions thus remain to be answered.

Why did it take so long for the NYPD to spot the maid’s drug connections? Why did she get 24/7 protection, and he got a perp-walk?

Why was Tim Geithner so keen for DSK to be replaced before being tried? Why did senior execs at the Fed help Christine Lagarde’s election profile three months before DSK was arrested?

Why did the NYPD lie about DSK’s ‘hasty’ exit from the Sofitel? Why was Diallo’s ‘brother’ allowed to talk tripe to the media about his sister’s devout nature, but nobody was allowed to meet her?

Take in this NYPD/DA quote from Asst DA Artie McConnell in May – do you, like me, feel repugnance on reading it again?

“The proof against him is substantial. It is continuing to grow every day as the investigation continues. We have a man who, by his own conduct in this case, has shown a propensity for impulsive criminal conduct.”

Bollocks. They had Fanny Adams on the guy, and made the rest up. Why?

For answers to these and many other contradictions surrounding this cynical set-up, go to The Strauss-Kahn Waltz.

And to stay ahead of the pack about how a major Fed Reserve enemy was taken out of the game, sign up to The Slog.

18 thoughts on “STRAUSS-KAHN AND LAGARDE: A lot of explaining to do.

  1. like perhaps
    How did DSK apparently let hinself be set up so easily given the apparent common knowledge of previous…


  2. There are things that even important personages cannot guard against.

    This is well documented in the writings of Suetonius for example.

    When one walks across a road, there is always the possibility of a car coming unnoticed. There are also subtle ways in which a VIP can be led to think he is more safe than he otherwise is, and the FSB and CIA are well up in this knowledge I am sure.


  3. Sir, it is only blogs like this one where this sort of news will be broadcast. The mainstream media (especially in the US) will not pick up on the details simply because it will not yield the advertising revenue.

    Well, maybe it would. However, there may be other pressures that would preclude its publication?


  4. best comment of the day so far, “so she`s a liar, drug dealer and money launderer and he`s just a liar and a money launderer” …..


  5. Best comment I’ve seen today and spot on again, but if the dark forces made money from Greece they are all dancing around for today then off for the weekend; so where are they going next? Italy? What is the top prize they are winding everything up towards and how will it hurt us? What is the Lady’s next job? The Camelot people don’t matter as long as they are all running around negating pension theft and are fully occupied.
    0.5% interest might be good protection from dark forces, Merv might be … nearly said right.


    The plot thickens and I know John how you hate conspiracy ,BUT the timing of Cameron threatening to blow the McCann case wide open and Brown wanting the IMF job so bad ….I wish you would dig a little deeper and find out what the big mystery is. Four years on and Cameron has Brown by the balls ! AND the McCanns have Brown by the balls…somethings got to give !

    Camerons timing of Browns wanting the IMF job and his pretext of blowing

    the McCann case wide open is suspect…there is of course no 3.5 million review of the case, how could there be it is a Portuguese investigation and without an invite Cameron or SY can touch it. BUT Brown backed off and the McCanns are happy having now demanded all media to only publish images of them looking sad…

    John I wish you would dig deeper into this…and find out what the Mccanns have on the British Goverment…


  7. Yes, quite so….I remain confused/fascinated by his brother’s role.
    Funny how all eternal conspiracy cases consist of three letters…..JFK, CIA, KGB, DSK….


  8. Niki… Norman Tebbit formally asked in the Lords in early 2010 why the Dunblane massacre was made subject to a 100-year D-notice and I don’t think he got a proper answer…


  9. “…and find out what the Mccanns have on the British Goverment…”

    I am also interested in the McCans “celebrity status”

    If I may share with you what little knowledge I have from various sources it may clear a few things. or not!

    When Gerry was comming back from checking his “beautiful daughter” he was seen talking to Jed ( journalist and fellow tennis player at the club). He also took time to allow someone to contact SKY NEWS before or at same time as caling the police? as they knew someone- who knew someone… also they were related to someone who lived near Gordon Brown and this is where the UK “government” became “involved” Media pressure from….. guess who? Then GB caught on and left well alone. This whole episode is very interesting with regards to phone hacking and media interest.
    questions I would like to ask is:
    Sky news owned by…….. and within a few days the McCans have a Government official helping them with the media…( yes, I know they needed no help really- they were doing just fine)
    Why did the McCans delete stuff from their phone just before the police got to the apartment to investigate an *abduction* ( by a paedophile who may “be tearing a childs perfect genetils” ) ( that was kate- the childs’ mothers quote)! The couple became bed fellows with a news group who made em famous. But they sued the “Express” who didn’t quite believe their “story”. Kate and Gerry are now celebrity fodder for Murdoch, and they make great bedfellows. All particulary dispicable, unscrupulous, money grabbing, narccistic, vile creatures. In my opinion.

    Oh and guess what…. Gerry and Kate’s phones’ along with the tapas 7 were NOT hacked… hmmmm bet they feel left out! or was it a case of not needing to be hacked, as they all shared a common purpose to flogg a dead hoss to an unsuspecting, oblivious, trusting trainer…Hmmm.

    Anyway, Governent involvement was mentioned. Cam the bam in charge of the sham- loves the media- loves the Murdoch “celebs” and so…. undue influence by media pressure to help the Mccanns OR a spitefull guesture to OUT the Mccanns for who really are…? as a shot across the bow to Murdoch’s empire, in supporting said “dead hoss”.

    …And so, The police are being paid to “review” a case which they have no juristriction OR instant access to a reported crime, which may or may not have taken place. Also the outcome is to remain “private” . Now that’s what I call a good use of Tax payers money. Now will you people stop going on about silly things like dead children being abused by greedy Bstrds and bent cops and find the “abducted one” as that is MORE important……to Murdoch news international..

    ..police accept money to hush a crime, accep money to “look into a maybe crime* talk about having no credibility.


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