OPINION: The media must focus on what really matters if they are to avoid going the same way as politicians.

There is an absolute crackerjack of a piece by Charles Moore in the Telegraph today.

It’s about the EU, and the edge of controlled anger makes it one of the  best articles ever written by Mr Moore – which is saying one helluva lot. Its bottom line is simple: every EU citizen is being raped by the EU and its mad SuperState fantasies.

Moore suffers from the same affliction as all we rational realists: we DO want the best for people, we just don’t believe in taking away their liberties and impoverishing them in order to do it. But there is something about Europe in general (apart from the weather) that leaves the British cold. Talking to a Cabinet Minister just before Christmas, I was horrified at the urbane cynicism with which he observed, “The British don’t like the EU, but they’re never going to march about it”.

He’s wrong about the ‘never’ part, but history supports his thesis thus far. Why?

I believe ultimately the problem lies with a distracting, dumbed-down media set reporting with just two considerations in mind: the lowest common denominator, and the highest possible sales. As a result, everyone became incensed about MPs expenses, but totally disinterested in their national Exchequer being emptied by an evil combination of scheming bankers and faceless Brussels. So the Mailite cancer running the Barclaygraph at the moment quite rightly slaughters the UK’s political class….but quite wrongly ignores the EU’s fat controllers. They do so because the latter evoke the “Yeh – whatever” reaction.

The situation is exacerbated by unprincipled, idea-free politicians. Neurotically vote-centric, ironically they garner votes through the media, as if they might be some sort of wholesaler. Which in a way they are.

Our politicians in 2011 sell only to the media, their assumption being that our views are 100% formed by that set. They are largely right, but individual macro-views are also informed, in the end, by personal events – insolvency, being burgled, being fired, the amount of tax taken from salaries and so forth.

That sort of experience is about to be shared on a massive scale – certainly, a scale never before seen by those under 75 years old. If they fail to both foresee and sympathise with this, the media too will be deserting the People. With all its myriad, yelling, foul-mouthed flaws, the blogosphere is easily the media sector most aware of this. The mainstream papers and TV stations are still crammed with airhead content about ‘Why women yearn for the 1950s’ and pretentious pillocks who want to entertain, but can’t cook. The FT still has a weekend section called ‘How to spend it’.

As The Slog posted last week, British citizens of every hue and class have been deserted by our politicians. No vulnerable individual EVER forgets (or forgives) desertion once it has become apparent. The media need to be careful they don’t lose the plot any more than they have already.

In the meantime, I thank God for sending us Charles Moore; and I curse her for sending us Nigel Farage.

19 thoughts on “OPINION: The media must focus on what really matters if they are to avoid going the same way as politicians.

  1. Sorry, John.
    I live in the real world outside the US and the UK – there is little that can be done to restore my faith in the media stemming from those countries.

    I value your opinions and views as they are from an English perspective, yet have the ring of authority and truth.


  2. Two things
    “short termism” from the politicians; and
    a whole media set determined that all everybody is interested in is “Page 3”, Z list celebrity super injunctions and reality TV shows

    says it all really


  3. Not at all sure about the new typeface. Maybe I’ve missed a joke, and its name fits the subject matter…Media Grotesque. If not, I have to say it looks very insubstantial, very fanzine.


  4. Charles Moore makes the point very well that the socialist EU is doing what socialists always do when their grandiose socialist policies fail: introduce more socialism. Socialist Comrade Brown did the same thing over here. Socialists never ever learn. The only fit place for them is out of office and out of power, forever.


  5. Bankrupt Taxpayer. Quite so.But just to be certain they can never pollute our country again it needs more than the socialists being out of power; it needs them to be extirpated.


  6. The dulcet tones of the beeb, have a lot to answer for, they are apologists in chief and champions of the EU and it’s received ‘enlightenment’, for the beeb apparats and indeed the corrupt corporation’s movers and shakers.
    ‘The Gospel’: is according to the EU. Thus, it follows, that the sheeple shall be ministered unto and the word was made in Brussels.
    Throw in the fourth estate, the re-education centres [our schools] businessmen and politicians telling all and sundry; “that we’d never survive without the great [and relentlessly merciless tax-grabbing robber Socialist hypocritical Barons] works and protection of and in the EU!”
    And; “To leave would be plainly; tres stupide – tres tres!”

    A stitch-up, fait accompli!

    What it will take, has to be revolution or calamity – hopefully calamity will knock first.


  7. We already have the calamity…it’s called the EU….just hasn’t fully registered yet. Or maybe we need a more calamitous calamity?


  8. I’d probably settle for socialism to be proscribed on grounds that it is actually an economic/social terrorist organisation hell bent on destroying everything in its path ;-)


  9. The main reason why the politically unwashed ignore the elephant (EU) is crystallized in this article written by a carrer Eurohile – Mark Leonard in 2005.

    “Europe’s power is easy to miss. Like an ‘invisible hand’, it operates through the shell of traditional political structures. The British House of Commons, British law courts, and British civil servants are still here, but they have all become agents of the European Union implementing European law. This is no accident. By creating common standards that are implemented through national institutions, Europe can take over countries without necessarily becoming a target for hostility.



  10. “the lowest common denominator, and the highest possible sales”

    From personal observation – I don’t know anyone now who buys a newspaper every day. I know plenty of people who buy the occasional newspaper, usually to get the cheap holiday offers or free DVD or CD.

    I have got so used to being lied to by the Discredited Press, especially the Guardian that there are certain journalists read in reverse – that is, whatever they write I assume the opposite to be true.


  11. Oh, and just in case anyone from the Discredited Press is reading these comments – I don’t have any Matt Munroe or Andy Williams in my record collection and I like them, so if anyone wants to tempt me to buy their newspapers the addition of a free CD with either of the above might just do the trick.


  12. What Mark Leonard was describing in his 2005 article, without using the term, was a pan-European takeover by quasi-democratic socialists.
    Because that is what the EU actually is: a giant socialist mush spreading its tentacles into every nook and cranny of our way of life often without us realising it. From its nonsense ‘Constitution’ drafted by an unelected French crat to its endless new laws on everything that moves, it is a socialist organisation. The great sadness is that even our Tory Party have mostly been fooled into believing it’s for our own good.


  13. The only saving grace Prince Rupprecht van Merdeschlock possesses is his ability to realise that CD giveaways don’t work to build readership


  14. “It’s actually Soviet rather than socialist.”

    True, and plenty of people these days refer to the EUSSR.
    And the Soviet Union was a socialist outfit… :-(


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