HACKGAT DAY 159: Woman arrested about Newscorp hacking, Balls calls in police about Telegraph series.


It is slowly dawning on the British public that privacy invasion is a much bigger subject than the criminals at the News of the World. This morning’s arrest in West Yorkshire is, I’m told, of a hacking ‘intermediary’ not a Screws journalist – but it is to do with Sue Akers’ Operation Weeting. So with Jeremy ‘Culcha’ Hunt set next week to give Rupert the go-ahead to ply his trade on a bigger canvas, there could be a fly in his ointment by this evening. We shall see.

Less obvious but equally significant was a minor news item from late yesterday, announcing that the private papers of Ed Balls (plundered by the Mailite boat people at the Telegraph for their recent expose series) would become the subject of yet another Met police investigation. As the Slog posted at the time, the general impression given was so obviously one of theft (and the public interest excuse so flimsy) it remains my view that somebody somewhere may wind up doing porridge for this little caper. Funny how Holly Watt is always in the vicinity when these thefts take place. She obviously has a nose for such things.

Ed Balls is probably the last person before Rupert Murdoch I’d ever want to defend, but his call for a Whitehall enquiry into the theft was followed by a flock of fluttering Mandarins crying “private papers not government documents”. This is bollocks: he was a Minister of the Crown, and important stuff was nicked from his office as a new Government was coming to power. But we can expect nothing but grovelling cowardice from the Pension Snafflers.

Sweatylip alleges that the Tories gave the Telegraph the documents – having pinched them during the handover. Who knows? I don’t – but a couple of Westminster gossips think there’s something to it. I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting for a fearless investigation from Plod, however.

8 thoughts on “HACKGAT DAY 159: Woman arrested about Newscorp hacking, Balls calls in police about Telegraph series.

  1. What has always been clear to me about the contents of Balls’s ‘stolen’ papers is that they revealed/confirmed what many of us already knew: there was a growing power struggle between Old Labour’s Hard Left run by Comrade Brown, Ed Balls, Ed Miliband and a few others -vs- New Labour’s quasi-fascist elite under Blair.
    Such that Blair was frightened of Brown.

    I never believed that Comrade Brown really subscribed to Blair’s “New Labour” doctrine and he went along just to get power. He spent his time as Chancellor undermining it with his economic ponzi scheme and destruction of everything in his path.

    The continued survival of the commie Labour Party – aided/abetted by the Unions – is the important news today that MSM chooses to ignore by giving airtime to its opinions as though it is a viable alternative to sanity. It isn’t and never has been. MSM is simply too scared to call Labour what it really is: a bunch of socialist Marxist whacknuts.

    In a generous moment, I believe Winston Churchill had this to say about socialism:

    “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance,
    and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing
    of misery.”


  2. “Arrested woman believed to be Terenia Taras, ex-girlfriend of former News of the World news chief Greg Miskiw” BBC. Should be some interesting ex-NOTW pillow talk there methinks!


  3. http://raymondhewlett.blogspot.com/2009/12/did-these-monsters-murder-little-lesley.html

    Terenia Taras who part wrote this article on Raymond Hewlett , the McCanns PI’s Metodo 3, tried to fit up Hewlett for Madeleines abduction and Mari Luz Cortez here in Spain..

    Kevin Halligen who it is claimed took 300.000 from the ‘Madeleine Fund ‘ and yet the McCanns are suing everyone but him. Two days ago Halligen lost his last ditch bid to stop extradition to the States and the McCanns lawyer Caplan wants the extradition laws changed like yesterday.

    Conspiracy, no these are the facts !


  4. And still the Russians and their Chinese friends smile at the innocence of the “encrypted”net,whilst using parallel systems.Information seems to be available but only to an elite of cyber Russians.I suspect a few powerfully positioned Russians are to become even more powerful and smug!


  5. Also from Guardian:

    “She has also written occasionally for other tabloids including, most recently, the Sunday Mirror and, less often, for the Daily Mail. Her last bylined article appeared in the Sunday Mirror in December 2007.

    Taras last wrote for the News of the World in June 2004. She lived in London but moved to Leeds several years ago.”


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