STRAUSS-KAHN: new geopolitical revelations about “why DSK had to go”

New York hotel maids…flower of Big Apple womanhood?

DSK represented ‘alternative dynasty’

Sarkozy’s stepfather is CIA agent, his grandmother Jackie Kennedy’s aunt

CIA stepfather brokered Sarkozy/Mubarak Gaza peace plan

Sarkozy in Elysee and Lagarde in IMF ‘good for US interests’

Obama lines up Angela Merkel for US ‘win double’ in future Europe

Dominic Strauss-Kahn has been into Court and pled Not Guilty. The Telegraph’s Jon Swaine described him as ‘swaggering into Court’, a piece of journalism very much on message with Murdoch’s worst New York Post descriptions of the ‘French bigshot’  – and ‘Frog legs it’ as a description of bail. The former IMF Head was ‘picketed’ (odd choice of word that) by New York hotel maids, all of whom – like most of the media – believe DSK is guilty as charged….regardless of whether he is found guilty or not.

One former cop who has doubts, however, is the Russian Prime Minister.

“I don’t like the assumptions in this case,” said Vladimir Putin ten days ago, “as a policeman, they don’t sit right in my head”.

Russian homo-erotic macho icon Putin had good reason to say such a thing: he knew only too well that Dominic Strauss-Kahn’s removal from his IMF job would pave the way for a greater US control of matters in the IMF. Rasputin never says anything without an agenda in mind; and although it could be argued that he shouldn’t give a toss either way about who runs the International Monetary Fund, the truth is that Vlad the Impaler would have preferred dealing with a megalomaniac like DSK – rather than a blue-stocking Amerophile like Christine Lagarde.

For myself, on most of it I retain an open mind. My gut tells me that Strauss-Kahn assaulted Nafissatou Diallo for some reason or another, but that he did not ‘attempt rape’. My reason tells me that his demise is extremely convenient for those playing geopolitics for big stakes. For the record, the key facts in the saga to date giving me cause for concern are:

* The way Strauss-Kahn was treated during the arrest media-fest

* How and why Jeffrey Shapiro made an entry onstage

* The way Diallo was hidden away by the NYPD

* The speed with which Tim Geithner declared DSK dead, and pushed for a replacement at the IMF

* The connection between Marc-Olivier Strauss-Kahn and Christine Lagarde

* The alleged forensics result, now widely accepted as being inconclusive

* The repetitive ‘rehearsed’ interviews given to the press by Diallo’s ‘brother’

* The DA’s decision to put a ‘hate crime’ specialist Assistant DA on the case after he realised the forensics were shaky.

* Diallo’s very quiet decision last Monday to ditch her attorneys Shapiro and Siegel.

Now, however, further research by The Slog suggests the geopolitics line of enquiry may be hardening somewhat.

The Russian leader Putin is geopolitically astute enough to know some of the cultural history behind the Strauss-Kahn case. Not many citizens of the West know this, but Nicolas Sarkozy’s stepfather is a CIA operative going all the way back to JFK and the Bay of Pigs.

This isn’t Sarko’s only link to JFK: his grandmother Adele Bouvier was Jackie Kennedy’s aunt. By everyone’s agreement, the outstanding influence upon Nicolas as a young boy was his grandfather –  Adele’s husband Benedict Mallah. Throughout his life, Sarkozy has been highly distinctive in French politics largely as a result of his rejection of State Socialism and espousal of US ‘free-market’ capitalism.

After Sarkozy’s philandering father Pal left his stepmother Christine de Ganay, she went on to marry Frank L. Wisner Jr, a founding father of the modern CIA. He knows Sarkozy well (they agree about pretty much everything); and he is also very close to Sarko’s half-brother Marc-Olivier – see earlier Slog post about the Fed Reserve and IADB links.

Wisner is in turn close – very close –  to deposed Egyptian President Mubarak. Here too, Frank and Nicolas have been helpful to each other: On 5 January 2009, Sarkozy called for a Gaza strip ceasefire plan.The plan, jointly proposed by Sarkozy and Mubarak, envisioned the continuation of the delivery of aid to Gaza – and talks with Israel on border security. Welcoming the proposal, US Secretary of State at the time Condoleeza Rice hailed the idea as “a ceasefire that can endure and that can bring real security”.

Frank Wisner brokered the deal. So powerful an influence is he on Mubarak, President Obama dug him out of semi-retirement earlier this year – with a view to getting Wisner to tell Mubarak the game was up and he must leave. Wisner flew to Cairo, reached the opposite conclusion, and urged Obama to support him. Subsequent events tend to support the CIA man’s analysis.

Thus we can see that Sarkozy’s close alliance with all things American isn’t some madcap conspiracy theory: it is an established fact in his family, his make-up, his connections, his foreign policy, and his domestic economic politics. It is the major reason for the French Left’s utter distaste for, and distrust of, the current French President.

Says a senior Washington source:

“One of the Ten Commandments at the State Department and in the CIA right now is ‘thou shalt not lose Sarkozy as an ally’. The idea that Sarko dreamed up the DSK fix is bullshit. But for everyone from Geithner to [Hillary] Clinton, neutralising Dominic would’ve been a no-brainer. He wanted a reverse-takeover of the IMF, and he wanted to be French President. He said they’d set him up, and it looks like he was right”.

Although this begins to sound increasingly far-fetched, but there is a degree of concurrence across widely differing disciplines. My Washington contact is sort of diplomatic, but The Slog’s main New York source is in finance. That person holds the same view of American foreign policy:

“Let’s cut to the chase here. Frank Wisner has his finger in every other pie ever baked. Strauss-Kahn represented an alternative socialist dynasty to what these people see as ‘our man in Paris’, Sarkozy. Strauss-Kahn is Bilderberg elite, with brothers, uncles and like-minded contacts throughout EU banking and politics. With Sarkozy’s support flagging, he would’ve breezed the French elections. He could easily have become President of whatever the EU turns into. That would’ve been bad for the US. But now we have France fully onside, with Sarkozy’s main girl bossing the IMF. I’m not saying it’s what happened….I’m saying, like, it worked out just dandy, don’t you think?”

Hard to disagree with that. I understand Wisner also believes that were Merkel and Sarkozy to lose their upcoming elections, this would be a disaster for US diplomacy. It sounds too as if Wisner thinks Obama’s foreign policy is woefully inept. But if there’s one thing everyone agrees about with FLW, it’s that he’s a hard-assed American patriot. My Washington source again:

“State is telling Obama that Germany’s leadership of Europe is a done deal. I think this is why he [Obama] has brought forward Merkel’s visit. We need Sarkozy and Merkel in place during what’s going to be a shit-storm over there. We need to iron out any wrinkles between the Germans and us.”

I note this morning a Reuters Obama quote re the Merkel visit, in which he says (my italics):

“It’s going to require some patience and some time. And we have pledged to cooperate fully in working through these issues, both on a bilateral basis but also through international and financial institutions like the IMF.”

Meanwhile, since the demise of Dominic Strauss-Kahn, Tim Geithner has probably said more things about and to the EU than he did in the previous three years in total: on banking regulation, on derivatives control, and on “avoiding the UK’s light-touch regulatory regime which ended so tragically”.

Geithner, eh – doncha love him? What does that make his New York regulatory regime in the years before Obama – bargepole?

You can follow the full Strauss-Kahn Waltz by following this link

This article copyright John Ward and The Slog June 2011

33 thoughts on “STRAUSS-KAHN: new geopolitical revelations about “why DSK had to go”

  1. This all leaves Cameron looking like a school boy in short trousers running to keep up with the big kids…and they just keep patting him on the head, nice doggy….


  2. I am utterly exhausted reading all this stuff about a Frenchman with a German sounding name,married to an American with an English sort of name,coming from a country with a President with a middle European sounding name, linked by marriage of his stepmother to a man with,also, a German sounding name, although he is American,is close to an ex Middle East despot


  3. We haven’t got into the ex lovers of the new director of the IMF. That probably reads like a who’s who of European politics, although I am advised she is also pro-American.


  4. “This article copyright John Ward and The Slog June 2011”, I haven’t noticed this before John, are your articles being used elsewhere under another name?


  5. I would like to add an aside to this strange affair.

    Whatever happened, whomsoever it is that is guilty, there are issues that have not been discussed.

    Firstly, the Americans think that the French succession is a done deal. Aren’t we forgetting the French voters? They do not take to being talked down to by foreigners that don’t even bother speaking in French when they do. There is still some time before the next elections, and if a week is a long time in politics, what of a year?

    Secondly, The author of this piece is also well aware of China’s needs. To some degree these run in quadrature to the Americans. America’s ability to sustain its economy is faltering, and should things not go well after this current round of QE ends, then the dollar will find itself in troubled waters. For the global reserve currency this is not good news. Instability in prices is something that China has sought to avoid for two decades, and has done so with considerable success.


  6. The article is dynamite and John deserves all the credit when (if) the lamestream nedia pick it up. But don’t bank on it, when did they ever give you anything but pablum?


  7. I’m astounded. Thank goodness we have people like you to enlighten us as to what is really going on. Sometimes things just don’t add up and I can’t work out why. There’s so much behind the scenes happening that we don’t realise.

    So, Oh wise one, how long do you think the Euro has got?



  8. Our Security Service, MI5, would NEVER stoop
    to engineer such a fiendish “plot”.

    They’d simply upload child porn onto the target’s computer.

    Always assuming that such material wasn’t already there.


  9. Trying not to prejudge anything but this was stinking from the word go!
    Nice work John even if we don’t get to see everything at least we get a glimpse into hierarchical connectivity’s!


  10. Dear mr Too-Late,
    to my mind it may well be that he is guarding himself against that possibility. The Slog is getting itself known for serious commenting and if copied should at least be attributed back to John. I would certainly do it, but there are others not so scrupulous.


  11. Nope, it’s just that if there’s any doubt about who did the work, I’d like to assuage all doubt. I got caught on the horns of Gordon Brown’s pills, with some folks who should’ve known better claiming the credit.
    Forewarned is forearmed and all that. And I shall forearm tackle any well known Parliamentary rumour blogger who tries to nick this one.


  12. I’ll buy all of that. Sadly, I think it may have reached the stage where the US thinks the whole world is a banana republic it can buy. On credit, natch.


  13. Ask the Chinese. They and they alone have the power to save it…but their price may be unacceptable to the West.
    Please don’t think of me as wise. I’m just a bloke who was programmed to reject bollocks. It’s a gift, not wisdom.


  14. Government related and knowing what they wanted from IT
    Given past track records that would be enough to put a spike through that one


  15. Be interesting to see if the MSM do actually pick this up or just dismiss it as conspiracy theory. My money is very much on the latter-can’t have real investigative journalism rearing its ugly head when the sheeple can be distracted with Cheryl or Lady Gaga’s latest PR stunts.


  16. It seems there’s no kinship between Adèle Bouvier, NS’s grand-mother, and Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy. “Bouvier” isn’t a rare name in France. It’s the name given to those who take care of the cows.


  17. very good analysis and what about the Fort Knox gold bars Strauss Kahn was supposed to receive for the IMF ?


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  19. Frank L. Wisner Jr, a founding father of the modern CIA

    Love the links. Yet another president whose dad/stepdad was big in the CIA, but sure you’re not confusing Frank G Wisner senior and Frank G Wisner junior here?


  20. Nope. Dad was a founding father of the 1950s version. Jr is circa ten years older than me, and something of a JFK whizzkid in his time.
    His connections are amazing…..Sarkozy, JFK, Obama, the IMF, the Vances….this guy knows everyone.


  21. Yes here we go with the conspiracy. Have you considered the possibility that maybe Sarkozy knew who he was, what type of person he was and that is why he nominated him for IMF? Would George Bush have nominated Al Gore for World Bank? The American judicial system is adversarial towards the accused but DSK treatment is quite common, infact it is quite considerate. He has been allowed to provide his own “jail”.

    I keep an open mind, and will wait to be conviced otherwise, but my gut says he is guilty of rape, and he has a criminal compulsion, that under stress comes out. They pressed him and waited for him to explode.


  22. Always open to being corrected. Some day, can you comment on the different generational incarnations of the CIA for our education.

    Have you touched previously on Obama’s CIA links?


  23. aacg
    I’d be very happy to be proved wrong on this, but the Bouviers back in Sarko’s tree are, according to my research among French genealogical sites, the same banking family from mitteleuropa as produced Jacqueline Bouvier. Jackie O makes reference to this banking link, and there is a quote from Onassis confirming it.
    Perhaps they were the keepers of the cash-cows….


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  25. “Subsequent events tend to support the CIA man’s analysis.”

    Care to explain this puzzling piece of analysis? The game was up. Mubarak was forced into stepping down. Wisner was absolutely wrong in his back stabbing insubordination in publicly lobbying for Mubarak to stay despite being instructed to go to Egypt to tell him to step down. Wisner was on the wrong side of history. Whatever questionable reasons you might hold for supporting Wisner’s stance, it certainly doesn’t mesh with the facts on the ground as Mubarak wobbly position was hardly guaranteed with Obama’s support and had the US president endorsed Mubarak it would have clearly put him on the wrong side of history while ratcheting up even more Middle Eastern anti-American animosity.


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