STRAUSS-KAHN: Slog prediction vindicated as sources affirm, “Lagarde will get US support”

“Je voterai moi!”

IMF job in the bag for Christine Lagarde

A Washington source and two New York contacts told the Slog late last night UK time that – even if Tim Geithner doesn’t overtly endorse Christine Lagarde – she now almost certainly has close to 60% of the IMF voting franchise on her side. Last Thursday the Slog exclusively revealed the geopolitical banking reasons why the US is infinitely more comfortable with Lagarde than DSK’s Old Guard at the IMF.

This morning, Reuters takes the story further by identifying that Japanese votes will most likely speed Lagarde  through the tape to victory. It quotes the Nikkie Daily (citing unidentified global financial industry sources in Washington) saying that the French Economics Minister will get ‘the backing of the United States and Japan’.

Everyone’s a winner in this IMF regime change….except of course for DSK. In the last 24 hours, new sources in Asia and New York have more or less confirmed last Thursday’s Slog scenario….while offering some tantalising information about what DA Cyrus Vance has and doesn’t have on Dominic Strauss-Kahn. The minute this information is standing upright, you’ll be the first to know.

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7 thoughts on “STRAUSS-KAHN: Slog prediction vindicated as sources affirm, “Lagarde will get US support”

  1. Lagarde was aways going to be the front runner when Sarko accepted that she could have the job. The only problem was the Tapie judgement, which is being shrugged off as a non event in France (ie by those who count, usually the government).

    None of them have clean hands. Something may yet come back to bite them if we are lucky.


  2. Anyone but Gordon Brown.

    The prospect of that silly man being in charge at the IMF is just too horrible to contemplate. I hope it really hurts him when Christine Lagarde gets the job.


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