LIBYA: Jacob zooms in as video ‘confirms’ UK presence on the ground

Alleged SAS presence (top left)

South African President Jacob Zuma laid down his beloved machine gun yesterday, and had a crack at brokering a peace deal in Libya. But while he was flying north to meet Gadaffi the Mad, Al Jazeera released video footage showing half a dozen UK soldiers active on Libyan soil….in direct contravention of the UN resolution. Nobody was surprised.

It makes you wonder how long it took Muhammar Gadaffi/Gaddafi/Q’adaffi/Ghadaffei’s diplomats scouring the world before they came up with someone not actually asking the Libyan dictator to go, or bombing his country. But finally, a week after asking for a truce, they settled on AIDs denier and multiply corrupt South African leader Jacob Zuma. Yesterday, the deluded paranoid finally shook hands with the murderous psychopath, as the world tried to work out which one was which.

What the world couldn’t discern afterwards was what, if anything, had been achieved – apart from some good publicity for Zuma in South Africa’s pro-Government news media. Zuma’s entourage announced that yes, Gadaffi wanted a truce and no, he wasn’t going to step down. The credibility of the African Union had been tested again….and found wanting.

Trying to be kind as ever, the BBC noted that ‘no announcement of progress towards a peaceful resolution’ had been forthcoming. ‘The African Union is a joke’ would’ve been much more to the point, but woe betide anyone in the West who critiques an African State before Opposition Parties have been banned, and opponents start disappearing – only to reappear some time later in the freezer.

Anyway, diplomatically we have a stalemate…and yet again, reports of it being ‘all over bar the shouting’ are beginning to look premature.

Predictably, the Beeb wouldn’t touch the day’s biggest story with a bargepole: the broadcasting of a video on Al Jazeera purporting to show six SAS blokes on the ground, with guns, and doing stuff – as opposed to in the air, with bombs, dropping them. Mark Thompson’s lads aren’t going to wade into those muddy waters, but it’ll be interesting to see what the UN makes of it.

Those of us old enough to remember when South East Asia was called Indo-China have seen this so many times before: legacy-seeking politicos up for a fight against third-rate opposition, and gung-ho top brass assuring them that the nig-nogs* always run away from gunfire. It starts with security agents, then military advisers, and is followed by bombers, and finally crack units – before somebody says, “Why are we there?”

Glory-hunters Cameron and Sarkozy are now left, like so many before them, wondering what to do next.

* Before the Guardianista hate-threads start arriving, could I just point out that this is an ironic use of the derogatory phrases Western military have for Africans and Asians. Arabs can be Gippos or nig-nogs, but most nig-nogs are negroid. Moving eastwards, there are then wogs, geeks and finally the chinks. Nobody is rude about the Japanese any more since their Tsunami disaster, but they used to be Japs (UK) or Nips (US). None of this makes me a racist.

14 thoughts on “LIBYA: Jacob zooms in as video ‘confirms’ UK presence on the ground

  1. The site you pointed to says… “group of six men as “a group of armed foreigners, possibly British”

    or possibly not.

    That the SAS are potentially involved is possibly not a huge surprise, given the fiasco of a bunch of heavily armed men being detained with a “low level diplomat” a couple of months ago.

    The faux shock of some people is nauseating. I would have thought that, if UK forces are involved in the air, at the very least we would have some people on the ground (a) directing fire (b) liasing with the rebels whose side we are obviously on (even if, for the diplomats we say we are just doing enough to cover the UN resolution).

    Will it be over by Christmas? Who knows? Will it affect the oil price? Almost certainly! Will it enable BP to carry on business as usual. You tell me.


  2. Sorry geeks are IT wonks from california. The derogatory US military terms for the Vietnamese during that war was gooks. I have no idea what they call Iraqis, Afghans or Pakistanis today just as I have no idea about the reverse.


  3. I was not surprised to see the unspeakable Zuma locked in a brotherly hug with Gaddafi. I expect the other monster Mugabe will be the next one to appear.

    It is widely rumoured that arms trafficking etc is sourced from Libya to Southern Africa ( remember the arms shipment that was rumbled in Durban a few years ago) and then sent packing probably up the East coast somewhere!

    Africa is well and truly stuffed, it has sold it’s soul, I can’t forsee any repairing being achieved.
    My late father , after 5 decades living in Africa , used to say it will go full circle again.

    Yep , sure will, pre Livingstone and Stanley!


  4. Sorry, yes – you’re right. Geeks are people who live in silos and inflict software on humanity. Now there’s a job for Ratco Mladic….


  5. “a UN security council resolution authorizing the use of force in Libya specifically excludes “a foreign occupation force of any form on any part of Libyan territory.”
    Built in deniability – they are not an occupation force but ‘an advisary unit, there to ensure accuracy to avoid civilian injuries, etc etc”
    No boots on the ground means the MOD has bought a job lot of sandals !
    Spin and wordsmithying – its all the politicians know !


  6. Hmmm

    Ever since the early 1960’s, the American follow-up to a successful pop record or film has been a thinly-rehashed reissue of the first.

    Surely this is stretching credulity beyond breaking point?

    Even for ‘Merkins.


  7. Intriguing that two of the biggest supporters of repricing their oil exports into a currency other than the Dollar have had, or are having, regime changes thrust upon them?


  8. Mac, it certainly is, but so much for the idea that the dollar (and fiat currencies generally) are created out of thin air and backed by nothing!!

    Given that Ahmadinejad has also suggested that it might be better for Iran not to trade its oil in dollars one can only wonder if his card, too, is marked. (Build a big bunker would be my advice).

    By way of an aside, it is sad, for me at least, that to the best of my knowledge, only the ‘Russia Today’ TV channel has even dared to suggest that such a ‘dollar // oil pricing // overthrow’ link might exist and to run a piece to that effect.



  9. It doesn’t surprise me that the notoriously racist Met also employed their pals in Newscorp to try and find something to pin on Dizaei after their multi-million pound stitch-up came to naught. After all, NOTW had reason to want a little revenge themselves, having been forced to pay out to Dizaei when a Fake Sheikh story about him turned out to be bollocks . The chap seems like something of a lothario – perhaps he could be persuaded to rejoin the squad and be given a nice business trip to the Sofitel NYC?


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