1. “…on the whole, running naked from the bathroom and jumping on strangers isn’t.”

    Maybe so. But I’m not aware that anyone has actually accused him of doing that, precisely.
    … … …
    “…This doesn’t strike me as the action of a man fleeing the country, and keen to keep his location secret.”

    Maybe so, unless he had zero idea that his alleged victim was so upset that she had the police called or he thought he was so powerful as to be easily able to dismiss a nonsense allegation from a mere immigrant black woman working as a hotel maid. Recall: there is CCTV of her fleeing the room at some point after the alleged assault (it’s not clear if this was after he’d already left).
    … … …
    “But this one is a biggy: contrary to initial reports, there was no phone actually found in the room. None of Strauss-Kahn’s effects had been left behind. The whole story of DSK’s precipitate departure turns out to be complete bollocks.”

    Not so. He apparently called to ask if he’d left a cell phone in the room. THAT one wasn’t found doesn’t materially affect whether he fled the room in haste. In fact, it adds to that likelihood IMO because he’d probably put the cell phone in a pocket or bag in a hurry and couldn’t find it when he got to the airport. Hence his phone call.
    … … …
    ““the alarm was raised and the police called immediately”. But the first call logged at the NYPD police is timed at 1.30 pm….90 minutes later.”

    Bear in mind that her first port of call to report the incident was to the hotel management. It was them who called the NYPD. Some delay why hotel management sorted out what had happaned and worked out what to do is to be expected. Add to that she may have been in the room for a while after DSK left in a state of distress before actually running out and going down to see the management.
    … … …
    “because the Upper East Side building where his wife had rented an apartment will not accept him.”

    I can fully understand this reaction by other residents. Hell! who’d want their privacy invaded by a pack of ill mannered and aggressive journos armed with flash cameras et al?


  2. Why do people gravitate to America for whatever reason? It seems to be a very odd place.
    There’s not much more I can add to that.
    Oh, not quite, Bob Dylan is 70 and still harmonica-ing on!


  3. “This is standard DSK behaviour; but on the whole, running naked from the bathroom and jumping on strangers isn’t.”

    But Tristane Banon says that when as a junior reporter she went to interview DSK, he leapt at her like a “rutting chimpanzee”, wrestled her on to the floor, and tried to rip all her clothes off. DSK was/is notorious for his womanising, and the womanising wasn’t always of the most courtly kind, it would seem.

    Perhaps it’s best to wait until the trial to find out what actually happened in DSK’s room in the Sofitel. Trying to reconstruct the course of events with minimal and often conflicting information isn’t going to get us very far, I fear. That said, what we do know about DSK’s past behaviour towards women can’t be entirely discounted, surely.


  4. From a recent article on DSK in The Guardian:

    “Strauss-Kahn’s alleged womanising appears to have been an open secret in French political circles for years. Thierry Saussez, a former adviser to Sarkozy, who took part in the TV show with Banon, said: “All this stupefaction from people is sheer hypocrisy. Everyone in Paris has known for years he had something of a problem. Not many female journalists are prepared to interview him alone these days.”

    Rather than adducing an elaborate hidden conspiracy to explain the incident at the Sofitel, it could be that we are dealing with the working out of plain, old-fashioned, uncontrollable lust – nothing more, nothing less.


  5. I never heard the word ADDUCING used on any blog before, it sounds like the kind of word lawyers use.
    I love this blog, you get to hobnob with all sorts on here!


  6. I’ve been called some awful things in my time, but I’ve never been accused of being a lawyer before!

    Since we’re deep in “what if?” territory, here’s my suggestion, for what it’s worth, of what might have happened. DSK regularly stayed at the Sofitel when he was in New York. What if there had been complaints about his violent lunges at women staff on previous visits? What if this incident was merely the latest in a string of similar incidents, which the hotel had kept quiet about in an attempt to preserve DSK’s reputation and their own reputation? What if this time round, the hotel management quite reasonably decided that enough was enough, and called the cops?

    What if the cops heard the details of the other, previous attacks and assumed, rightly or wrongly, that they were dealing with a potentially lethal rapist? What if DSK, when apprehended, snarled at the cops (don’t you know who I am? etc etc) and thereby made matters ten times worse?

    And most important of all, what if DSK made the mistake of thinking that he was in Europe, where he might have got away with unacceptable behaviour because of his high-ranking status? What if he hadn’t fully twigged that in some matters, the United States is surprisingly democratic and egalitarian, and is served by police forces and courts that uphold everyone’s rights, and not just the rights of the powerful?

    And that’s me for today – you will all be profoundly glad to hear.


  7. Unintended consequences … looks like we will get the awful Christine Lagarde as the next head of the IMF. Still, could be worse, might be Brown!
    Any reason why a French person has to do this job?



    So they lied eh? They told deliberate untruths in the service of some agenda. They may have got some facts wrong, but where is the evidence that they lied?

    Why are you so keen to defend this man? What is he, your uncle or something? He MAY be innocent of the charges against him. But he quite possibly isn’t.

    If I weigh up the probabilities (and that is all you can do at the moment) then a conspiracy theory is highly unlikely (with no one really to gain, and DSK not being a massive threat to anyone). So then what is the probability of some random hotel employee of 3 years good service making an unsubstantiated claim against a hotel VIP? Slim. And what is the probability of a person with a known weakness in the management of his willy sexually aggressing a social inferior in a foreign country? Quite good, on the face of things.

    So when are you going to look at this case objectively?


  9. Wouldn’t an intelligent chap like DSK be wary about being bitten by American bed bugs as well as catching a STD from a hooree and what ever comes knocking?


  10. I think all I’m trying to do hear is help get him a fair trial. Whichever way you cut it – setup or not – this is trial by media.


  11. Many of these points are entirely valid. Some aren’t.
    DSK apparently owns three mobiles. He enquired as to whether he’d left it in his room. There was no phone there. The NYPD at first said there was. Why?
    In the US, most of the key cop players are in elective posts. I think we’re seeing some electioneering by the Asst DA here.
    As for Shapiro….his statements are completely unreliable. He now denies his client has AIDS…but he can’t explain the NY Post’s story. Why?
    I’m not an apologist for heels like Stress-Karno’s: but I’m a huge fan of fair trials.


  12. Seems odd she didn’t write that up, don’t you think? Especially given her mum is a senior Socialist official and feminist. Or did she censor her experience – being a socialist herself?
    If so, a glowing career lies ahead of her at the Guardian.


  13. What I recommend is that you study each of the DSK posts in detail, and then read what I really think about DSK.
    Then I suggest you shut down your emotions, and think slightly bigger about this.
    EVERYONE deserves a fair trial. Lose that equality before the law, and we have nothing. Zilch. Zero.
    And please don’t harass me for links: I’m tired of wiping people’s backsides for them. The articles are all listed in the rt hand column of the blog.
    Tell me: if a Nazi is wrongly accused of rape, does he deserve to be found guilty?
    Your auntie isn’t called Harriet by any chance, is she?


  14. Spot on. Also: he’s in the bathroom with the door closed.
    He doesn’t know if it’s Tim Geithner or Quasimodo’s ugly sister out there.
    But he leaps out naked and dives on this unknown person?
    It’s crap, pure and simple.


  15. A conspiracy theory that may be in JW’s mind is that someone in the US (the Fed Reserve?) wants to exercise more leverage over who replaced DSK in a few months time when his term of office expires. The US current voting rights are 16%.
    This incident may give the US that extra leverage: “Europeans cannot be trusted” etc.

    Add into that DSK’s form of alleged sexual transgressions verging of rape (thereby making him a good target for a sting) and it’s not too difficult to see what may be driving the conspiracy theory.

    Do I believe it? No.

    EVEN IF DSK fails to get a fair trial in the US, his past form appears to be quite well known, so this maybe a case of well deserved come-uppence
    for a man who has got away with his sexual antics for too long.


  16. NYPD and the cell phone: probably a simple error in the confusion that always exists in these incidents.

    I’m a great believer in the Rule of Law, but one also has to accept that it is an ass and also widely abused by powerful people in politics and agencies of the State to get away with sheer hell. (The de Menezes affair is one perfect example of this).

    eg: I strongly believe that there’s enough evidence waiting to be collated to prosecute Brown for culpable negligence during his time as Chancellor & PM. But that will NEVER happen because of the systemic corruption within our system of govt.

    Given all that, would I cry if tomorrow morning I learned that a Jackal has got his man and popped Brown off overnight? Not one jot. I’d probably contribute to his defence fund!!!

    How many decent/honest believers in the Rule of Law would have cried if Hitler had been popped of in 1943? A handful?

    I’m not sure where that leaves me w/r/t DSK…who, by no account that I’ve read, has committed crimes on either of those scales against millions of people.


  17. Penruddock, speaking of form… quoting the Guardian on anything to do DSK, or hell, anything to do with France?! Lol. Sorry, not buying it. Anyway, whoever said a conspiracy had to be elaborate? One person’s claim against another’s denial doesn’t seem elaborate to me.


  18. This smacks of a honey trap to me……….

    Millionaire with a penchant for the ladies in a hotel……so he jumps on a cleaner……do me a favour!


  19. BT
    All the more reason to wonder why The Powerful One was brought to trial THIS time.
    Did you ever spend much time in New York? This is a black cleaner from the Bronx/Queens. How many times have you seen the NYPD move this fast in a case like that? Me? Never.
    There are many possibilities, but too many improbabilities.
    And if the Rule of Law is abused by serial A*s*holes like Blair, Murdoch, Hunt and all the rest of them, two wrongs don’t make a right. The next step down that road is lynch-mobs.
    I’m enjoying this debate: it’s what liberal democracy is supposed to be about.


  20. BT
    I don’t BELIEVE it any more than I believe in God. I just think it’s possible given the stakes involved here.
    But all sagas like this develop over time. I started by reporting – no more, no less – that a very senior chum of mine in the Apple had been told by DSK’s associates many times that he expected to be honey-trapped. This source also (like me) thought the NYPD ‘theatre’ was deeply suspicious: New York’s finest are in the fire brigade, not the police department.
    But now my focus has swung towards what is clearly a media environment being created in which the guy will never get a fair trial. And the usual gender fascism is being applied: massive double standards, and a screaming fit every time somebody points it out.


  21. You seem to be incredibly well informed about what precisely happened: “He leaps out naked and dives on this unknown person”. A Monty Python scenario. Talk about straw men. This isn’t journalism – it’s idle conjecture. Sure. Invent something and then say it’s crap. I can do that too. Since there hasn’t yet been been a trial we haven’t yet heard the conflicting stories from the horses’ mouths, one way or the other.


  22. A honey trap. OK. There are two parties who could conceivably have an interest in this:
    1. French politicians – probably the Sarkozy camp – who would see DSK as a possible threat to the presidency. But it’s not highly probable, as he hasn’t even been nominated the official Socialist candidate yet, so the timing is suboptimal. Better to do this if and when he is, rather than giving the socialists time to regroup behind another candidate. This also assumes that the democratic process in France is completely broken – which would be new.
    2. American financial interests. Why would they want DSK out of the IMF? For decades the Americans get to run the World Bank and leave the IMF to the Europeans. Just getting rid of DSK wouldn’t be likely to get an American to head up the IMF too. Plus he is supposed to be highly competent. Why would the Americans want him out? It isn’t in the Americans’ interest to have a financial meltdown in Europe. The spectre of this has already weighed on the markets over the last year or so. Plus DSK is Jewish, a group that is highly prevalent in American power circles. I don’t buy this. There isn’t any motive.


  23. So what do you suggest? That the media don’t mention it? Don’t worry, they won’t in a couple of weeks. The trial won’t be for months – there will be nothing more new to say soon (there already isn’t much).

    Imagine the leader of the Labour Party in a similar position. You think the media would keep quiet? The bankers aren’t exactly flavour of the month and now one of the world’s biggest has appeared to slip up – too good to miss. DSK is a fully paid up member of the champagne socialists – just like Mitterand. He’s a lothario who will preach equality whilst sitting on millions, living a life of privilege and booking $3000 a night hotel suites. People are fed up with this sort of thing.
    I can’t see how currently he isn’t getting fair treatment. It was reported that typical bail in the US for a an employee earning $2’000 a month is $20’000. Where would someone like that get that money from? But DSK has no problem stumping up $1m in cash, and signing a bit of paper thanks to his wife’s fortune.
    My heart bleeds for him.


  24. That’s the irony here in the Banon affair. Her mother seems to have put the “good” of the French Socialist Party – or at least her privileged relations with it – ahead of her daughter’s wellbeing. It also shows how untouchable DSK (and most senior politicians) are in France.

    Tristane Banon says she consulted a lawyer and assembled a file, but that her mother talked her out of making a fuss. She was 22 at the time and it would have been her word against that of DSK, with no evidence or witnesses. It would probably have ruined whatever budding journalistic career in politics she thought she had (so she says). She talked about all this (albeit with DSK’s name bleeped out) 4 years ago on a major TV show. So was this also a honey-trap?


  25. Another great blog JW, I’m with you on this one.
     Many on here claim that there is no motive for the sting – there are many. For a start the NYP would be big winners. To bring down a man with the following characteristics:
    Arrogant Frenchman
    A banker
    A Socialist (communist in USA)
    Renown womaniser
      All the above would be great for votes.
    Actually, I’m suprised Brown never tried it! 


  26. Let me get this straight. If it had been some nameless businessman carrying on in the alleged fashion, there wouldn’t be a problem believing the victim. But because it is the head of the IMF, it just can’t possibly be true? What are you people on? Since when did running a financial institution make you a moral person to be trusted? This is entirely beyond me.

    Also all this bleating about a fair trial. Come on. Do me a favour. He has the means to retain the best and most expensive lawyers in the country, who will now spend months trying to get some species of dirt on the alleged victim. What is going to be “fair” about this? It’s one law for the rich and powerful, another for everyone else. The justice system is rarely fair.


  27. “And the usual gender fascism is being applied: massive double standards, and a screaming fit every time somebody points it out.”

    Gender fascism? So blokes getting raped or sexually coerced by women is a frequent occurrence is it? Give the woman a break. Until the contrary is proven, there is no reason to doubt her word so she is currently the victim. All people are doing (and in France barely) is showing a little compassion for someone who has had a highly unpleasant experience.
    You know you don’t have to be a feminist or a Guardian reader to think that powerful people thrusting their willies at odd cleaners is not acceptable behaviour.


  28. Everything has its moment. This time he was in the States and maybe they’ve had enough of him. I wouldn’t see timing as too important.

    “And if the Rule of Law is abused by serial A*s*holes like Blair, Murdoch, Hunt and all the rest of them, two wrongs don’t make a right. The next step down that road is lynch-mobs.”

    This is tricky. As you know I believe that socialism is close to being a mental disease yet it has infiltrated every nook and cranny of western politics and agencies of our states, creating such madness as PC, feminism, deficit governments running ponzi schemes and an unaccountable civil service with far too much power. It gets voter support from fools, parasites and those who believe that if you vote socialist you really can get a free ride – just don’t think about who’s paying for it.
    Nowadays socialism has nothing whatsoever to do with helping the poor or needy, underprivileged et al and everything to do with power, control, champagne, wealth and privilege, all at taxpayers expense who are just instruments of production and cash cows.

    We had Blair claiming that Brown was a brilliant Chancellor and Brown claiming yesterday that DSK was doing good work on “our agenda” (all totally outside of any democratic accountability of course). Unsurprisingly Brown didn’t mention what the “agenda” is.

    That said, am I really going to get upset if DSK gets a fair trial or not? To me he’s just another venal socialist. Bin Liner, Hitler and many other nasties of yesteryear didn’t get a fair trial either. But the world is a better place without them. No?

    “I’m enjoying this debate: it’s what liberal democracy is supposed to be about.”

    You won’t have such freedoms unless you help rid the world of the socialist/fascist trend that is taking over precisely because of the laid-back attitude of freedom-loving liberal democrats, which has allowed socialism to infest our societies. RedEd Milepede is just another incarnation (who I’ve seen today heavily engaged in “finger-wagging” – so beloved of his comrades).

    Amen ;-)


  29. ‘So what do you suggest? That the media don’t mention it? ‘
    In answer to Alex Bell: do you read ANYTHING I write?


  30. In answer to Alex Bell:
    Let me explain something about comment threads: I write something, and then you critique/praise/rubbish/offer new evidence or feel neutral about it. I don’t really care which. What I’m not that interested in is your envy and bigotry shouting over what I write as if I’d written the opposite. For example:
    ‘Let me get this straight. If it had been some nameless businessman carrying on in the alleged fashion, there wouldn’t be a problem believing the victim…’
    Yes Alex, please get this straight: I’m saying that had it been any old perv who’d done this, the NYPD would’ve yawned and gone back to reading their Mickey Spillane novels. Another example:
    ‘Also all this bleating about a fair trial’.
    Bleating? Is that what the request for a fair trial is? Yesterday’s New York Daily Post on DSK’s bail:
    Remember: this is the paper that called the French ‘Cheese-eating surrender monkeys’ because they stayed out of Iraq.
    I know what I’m on. I’m just not sure what the substance is you need to get off.


  31. Look. I reckon you are Reading to much Enid Blyton. Today’s world is about power, usually political. A blogger asks what’s the problem with Lagarde – she’s a politician, that’s the problem.
     Politicians need votes, buy them, steal them, or just look good in the papers. Someone will earn big time with the DSK case, win or lose.       





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