STRAUSS-KAHN RAPE ACCUSER: Will the real Nafissatou Diallo please stand up

This may or may not be Nafissatou Diallo. Vote now.

How the US news blackout on DSK’s accuser suits the authorities down to the ground.

New York post says that chambermaid has AIDS
Slog research suggests her late husband shot by NYPD in 1999

One of the truly odd things about the Dominic Strauss-Kahn case is that it strays into so many areas of contemporary intolerance – those areas where any reasonable discussion attracts a stream of insults on the comment thread. In this case, there is rape, the Muslim attitude to women in general and sex in particular, dirty geopolitics, the Islamic attitude to the West, underhand US activities behind the scenes of the play being performed for our benefit, the sexual wiring of the Alpha male, and the neurotically desperate desire of all eurocrats to save the currency….aka, save the cosy Franco-German club.

This has been exacerbated by the (standard) policy of the New York judicial authorities in demanding a complete news blackout about the rape accuser. In today’s wonky world, a bloke can be dragged from a plane in handcuffs, frog-marched to an arraignment surrounded by heavies, have his image plastered all over every tabloid and website on the planet, be told by the Federal Reserve he’s no longer wanted in polite company, refused bail for frankly idiotic reasons, put on a suicide wing – and referred to by a leading feminist journalist as ‘the disgraced Dominic Strauss-Kahn’ before a single piece of evidence has been presented to the jury.

But the person who has made the accusation is unknown by name, her real image is disputed, she gets a 24/7 NYPD armed guard, and she lives at a secret address. She is ‘a nice girl’, a ‘very hard worker’, a girl with ‘no agenda’.

From the start of the DSK rape saga in fact, there’s been a cacophony of confusion, mistaken identity, and unividenced claims in relation to Sofitel maid Nafissatou Diallo’s background: she’s a single mum, she’s a divorcee, she’s a widow, she’s from the Fulani tribe, she’s from the Peule tribe, she arrived in the US seven years ago, she was an asylum seeker. And it’s not helped by the fact that in Guinea, Diallo is akin to Smith in terms of being a common surname. But mainly, it’s because of a barmy feminist pc Establishment that says the accused rapist must go into the media stocks and be vilified, while the accuser must go into hiding and be sanctified.

For what it’s worth, I think the evidence suggests that Dominic Strauss-Kahn is an arrogant, fanny-groping power-freak of the kind I rail against every day on this site. But the Rule of Law is everything, coupled with equality before the law. DSK is not getting an even break here, and that’s the beginning and end of all that matters as far as I’m concerned.

Thus, this strange alliance of Western feminists and misogynist Islam has only itself to blame for the wrong ages, photographs, misinformation and disinformation now circulating around the web about Nafissatou Diallo. But of course, that’s not how the harpy-mullah armies see it.

Overnight, I’ve been forced – for the first time since starting up – to censor a variety of obscenity, false accusation, lurid insults and death-threats received here at Sloggers’ Roost. As you can see, the ones still up there are bad enough. None of this lowlife will get any apology from me. This, dear reader, is where bias, censorship, super-injunction and blackout must always end – a moving target called The Truth. Which is, of course, precisely what the Establishment and their more intolerant lobbyists want.

Anyway, it seems I may have shown the wrong photograph….along with 2.7 million other sites. I started off being about to run another one three days ago, but I sent it to a source who said that’s not her either. So let’s wait until somebody up there says ‘this is her’….and in the meantime try to establish some facts.

What The Slog has established

Like I said, this is easier said than done. For starters – like any good defence lawyer able to smell a cause celebre – Diallo’s lawyer Jeffrey Shapiro is keen to present his client in the best light. But one wonders at times whether even he knows more than a fragment of the truth.

Shapiro told the media last Tuesday that his client “came here seven years ago under very difficult circumstances”.

This is both misleading and wrong. According to French site Slate and Paris Match, she actually arrived in the US during 1998. The Guinea press also confirms this. According to USA Today, Shapiro told the media that his client felt “alone in the world”. This is an odd thing to assert, given that she has a sister, least two cousins, and a dozen or more in-laws with whom she is friendly in the Queens and Harlem districts of New York.

Several media titles have stated that she divorced her husband, but this is also untrue. As the Ghana Times confirms, the Sofitel chambermaid is a widow. Shapiro admits that the father of her daughter “is now dead”. But both he and the authorities have been suitably vague about whether the self-appointed ‘family spokesman’ is her brother, her cousin, or just a family friend.

In fact, what seems most likely is that this gentleman – Mamadou Cherif Diallo – is her cousin-in-law. Diallo is, I think, Nafossatou’s  married name.  Mamadou describes himself as “working for New York City, which is a tad overstated: he’s a cab driver. He had this to say about his distant relative:

“She is as hard a worker as her sister. She’s a good Muslim. She is really pretty, as are a lot of Peule women, but in our culture, we do not accept this kind of behavior. Seriously, Dominique Strauss-Kahn attacked the wrong person. It’s a scandal! ” Well there you are, fellow decadent infidels: we allow nice girls to be raped, whereas Islam merely stones bad girls to death. However, the leader of her local Mosque says she never went there: Reuters this morning asserts that the cleric ‘does not know her. She was not actively involved in the Muslim community which people in the neighbourhood say should have been hers, based on her native region’.

He has in turn been sparing with the truth when he says his newly famous in-law is “a hard-working, good Muslim girl”. For it now looks odds-on that Nafissatou Diallo is HIV+….suggesting that Dominic Strauss-Kahn may have rather more to worry about than  his reputation.

As the New York Post reported yesterday, the IMF chief’s alleged sex-assault victim lives in a Bronx apartment rented exclusively for adults with HIV or AIDS. The maid has occupied the fourth-floor High Bridge flat with her 15-year-old daughter since January — and before that, lived in another Bronx apartment set aside by Harlem Community AIDS United strictly for adults with the virus and their families. The Post adds that adults with children who are HIV+ would not qualify for such a residence. So either Nafissatou is living there under false pretences, or she has AIDS.

This isn’t a disease normally associated with strict Islamic behaviour.

She may, of course, have been infected by her late husband, which suggests he might not be getting any virgins up there either. But we are still unclear on many details: it all comes back to a common surname, and no hacks on the ground digging in New York.

What we must remember is that most Americans so far have no idea as to the identity of the chambermaid. Were they to have such knowledge, it’s quite possible that they would make an instant connection to the surname Diallo: for the shooting of Amatou Diallo in 1999 by four NYPD cops remains one of the most infamous race cases in New York’s history.

Very possibly, Amadou Diallo was Nafissatou Diallo’s husband. Certainly, the timelines are right: both came from Guinea, Amadou arrived in 1997, Nafissatou followed in 1998, their daughter was conceived in 1996, Amadou was shot dead in 1999….and Mamadou Cherif Diallo was his elder cousin. His business went belly up, so now he’s a cabbie. The Slog has even established his licence number – including the bizarre fact that this licence is due for renewal today, May 20th 2011.

Amadou Diallo’s shooting resulted in the four cops standing trial for murder. They repeatedly insisted that their suspect had reached into his pocket, in which they assumed was a weapon – and in the end were acquitted.

What we still don’t know

Why the cops wanted to interview Amadou Diallo in the first place is unclear. But it is a matter of public record that the US authorities, despite the police acquittal, awarded the Diallo family $3 million in damages. What happened to that money, and why is the Diallo family still apparently struggling?

The original Assistant DA’s story was that Nafissatou Diallo was granted entry to the US as part of a political asylum plea. What was the reason for the asylum?

Pictures of DSK were posted throughout the Sofitel venue before his stay there. Why then has Nafissatou’s ‘identification’ of the IMF chief been allowed to stand, given it is hopelessly compromised in law? (At the bail hearing last night, the DA once again repeated this as a ‘fact’ – ‘the defendant was picked out at an ID parade Saturday night’ – and ergo, must be guilty. It’s a travesty of justice).

Although Strauss-Kahn has been at last granted bail – albeit under the most onerous conditions imaginable – why did the DA still argue vehemently against it?

Why has the prosecution been allowed to put DSK in a pigeon-hole marked ‘sex beast’, but the laudatory comments about the maid from her family have not been questioned?


As we saw with the Bin Laden raid fiasco, secrecy and spin breed false accusation, mass hysteria, gross inaccuracy and zero interrogation of the ‘official version’.

Dominic Strauss-Kahn now was a 24/7 body tag and two police guards, CCTV cameras and a host of alarms where he is living – in the flat newly-rented by his wife, Anne Sinclair. To suggest that it is either unsafe or unfair to release his accuser’s name now is a connerie. They should release it – and see what emerges from a free press being allowed to interrogate both sides in this case.

26 thoughts on “STRAUSS-KAHN RAPE ACCUSER: Will the real Nafissatou Diallo please stand up

  1. AND
    Watch the Accor ( AC.PA) stock history as SOFITEL staff medical records and other bedbugs are discussed.


  2. I am sorry to hear you are having problems with some people who cannot censor themselves. I can imagine how unpleasant that can be. I no longer read the comments on Guido Fawkes’ blog for that reason.

    Best wishes.


  3. Second that Robert.

    I’ve lived many years but I still never cease to be astonished at the depths to which it is possible for people to descend. I imagine that John’s tormentors are less than comfortable in the presence of an enquiring mind, a seeker after truth and fact and a fierce deconstructor of bollocks.

    There are many who are grateful for your endeavours John, and I’m willing to bet a pound to a penny that we outnumber the dull buggers by a considerable margin.


  4. John, please don’t be cowed, nor demoralized by those who are vulgar and arrogant in the face of debate. They should never be allowed to sway opinion on the truth.


  5. This blog is from a French journalist writing about the silence of the French press to the practices of her politicians. Unfortunately it is in French but worth the effort as this is someone who wrote about Kahn and his problem with women before he went to the IMF. He is also a Frenchman who is not convinced of his presumed innocence. This article may have been published in the FT on 18 May. The author is Jean Quatremer and he writes for Liberation. He is big supporter of the EU and the Euro, but in this case I do not hold it against him.


  6. Hey! What if we went back to the days of brief hourly radio bulletins, 30 minute broadcast TV news programmes twice or three times a day and newspapers carrying fact-checked articles? And all reporting what has happened rather than wild speculation? Intelligent commentators could then ply their trade after all the evidence had been weighed up and a sound (hopefully) judgement made.


  7. In less than forty years society has moved from the world of the “mighty” to one that is controlled and agendas are set by vested interests, special pleading groups and self-styled ‘ victim’ organisations. Might is right has been replaced by ‘ism’ of such complexity that free speech and natural truth have been buried under a mountain of illogical thought. What is so invidious about this? It actually marginalises the real needy and those we should protect. Strangely this state of affairs has been brought about by the soft-left, many of them rich and with no concept of the real desires and needs of the common people


  8. I’ve seen this and he’s absolutely right: ‘cherchez la femme’ is one of those male habits the French womenfolk seem to admire. Having posted last Tuesday that there was little published evidence to support the idea of DSK as a rapist, I’m beginning to realise that somebody has lifted the carpet and decided to do some cleaning.
    Perhaps the media will start calling it The French Spring. Or something.


  9. Dear Mr Allen-Key
    You surely cannot be seriously suggesting that there is too much news in the world at large, and the media at pains to make it up? Are you mad, sir? The supper-chatter sector would collapse overnight and bring down something terrible upon us. I’m just not sure what, but it’ll come back to me.
    As for wild speculation, it lacks the subtle effect upon the palate of cultured speculation. All one needs for the latter to reappear is for mad judges, feminists, Prime Ministers, Diggers, Coppers, Presidents and mullahs to stop making everything a secret.


  10. I agree with the gist of many of your comments here, John.

    This incident is a feminist’s dream, Hattie Hatemen must be in her element. It goes right to the heart of what publicity should be allowed in such cases and is something I’ve debated on/off for a long while because the current rules/practices imposed by the likes of Hatemen are clearly wrong. Cameron commented last week that only 6% of rape caes achieve successful prosecution, but Hatemen claims it’s because the judicial system if biased towards men.

    FWIW: I once suggested that every rape case that reaches trial must find one party guilty: either the accused is found guilty of rape as charged or the accuser found guilty of (eg) malicious allegations
    or some such. Whether Hatemen accepts or likes it or not it is a proven fact that many rape allegations are brought out of spite or revenge, often with the intent of wrecking a man’s image/reputation/career etc.

    It is all just another example of how NewLab corrupted the Rule of Law.


  11. I will second that, Caratacus.
    Without folks like John putting in a huge amount of time/effort to present hidden truths behind some of the major news stories, we’d all be worse off and subjected to PC pap from MSM and our politicos.

    I also second the comments about Guido Fawkes blog. HE may be a thoughful blogger but many of his commenters are less than, IMHO.


  12. “For what it’s worth, I think the evidence suggests that Dominic Strauss-Kahn is an arrogant, fanny-groping power-freak of the kind I rail against every day on this site. But the Rule of Law is everything, coupled with equality before the law. DSK is not getting an even break here, and that’s the beginning and end of all that matters as far as I’m concerned.”

    As a rule I’d agree with you on this, John.
    OTOH, I’m also aware that DSK is a socialist like his pal Comrade Brown. Socialists never play fair and have a strong tendency to believe they are above the law and the latter only applies to the little people.
    Should they be upset if they get a dose of their own medicine? Dunno but
    IMV a major reason for the spread of socialism is that its been allowed to get away with its malfeasance for years by NewSpeak and PC nonsence.

    You may be right that from an American pov this may really be about who will replace DSK.
    In that respect I’m backing the: “Anybody But Brown” campaign.


  13. More bollocks.
    See what you did there? First made an issue out of the victim being a Muslim (although God knows how many million there are of them on the planet – it’s pretty banal).
    Next up, she’s an AIDS carrier. Or a fraudster.
    Then she is linked to some other bloke in a completely unrelated case, which, even if a link did exist (and there isn’t a scrap of evidence to suggest is does) has no bearing on the present matter.

    The fact is, when you are accused of a crime, although there is a sort of presumption of innocence, there isn’t really. Otherwise, you could be scandalised about ever being handcuffed or put in a police cell. You don’t accuse someone like DSK unless you are pretty convinced that he’s guilty. So it’s not true to think that until the time of his trial he is as innocent of the alleged crime as you are. The treatment of him seems completely justified to me. He does have form. And how did he get that, eh? He is getting the breaks he seems to deserve. I think you’d find that if it was David Cameron in the same situation, the treatment would be a little different. Cameron does not have form.

    This blog is looking increasingly misogynist and Islamophobe – certainly not living up to the values it purports to defend.


  14. “You don’t accuse someone like DSK unless you are pretty convinced that he’s guilty. ”
    Are you dreaming ? And what does “pretty convinced” mean ?
    You don’t accuse someone, any one, unless you’re a witness and have, as a witness, unquestionable evidence against him/her.


  15. Well, I came here because I was directed to this site from a reply a comment I wrote to English Daily Telegraph site. Talk about one-sided research, you really take the biscuit. Even if all the assumptions you make about Nafissatou Diallo are true, it still doesn’t clear Struass-Kahn of rape. You are incredibly racist and anti-Muslim. Even if she was a bad Muslim it still doesn’t mean she wasn’t raped. Even if she has AIDS is still doesn’t mean she wasn’t raped.

    I have to add neither does it mean she was. Luckily, for both victim and alleged perpetrator in the UK, the press is not allowed to print the details you have availed us of here. In Britain, you would be quite rightly arrested for attempting to pervert the course of justice by publishing sub-judice information in this manner.

    Your claim you deconstruct bollocks is just a load of bollocks!


  16. the fact is that her story makes no sense at all; and it is his past that has allowed this to take place at all, all the more so to set him up. I personally believe something took place there but I believe she entered with purpose to set him up, it was pre-arranged. Hopefully the defense lawyers will do a thorough background check but i find the whole treatment and press coverage absolutely disgusting; the justice system in america?? the real crooks roam free and anyone that questions the system gets setup and put away for good……very convenient.


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  18. You know, the more I look at the nonsensical hysteria the mainstream media is trumpeting as the “truth” in this matter, the more I think this whole shabby situation may be a very simply explained event. No drama. No international conspiracy. Just an underpaid chambermaid thinking she’s alone in a hotel room who sees a chance to boost a cell phone. (New York has a thriving market in hot cell phones. They can fetch 100 bux or more.) But suddenly he bursts into the room, starkers and boiling mad when he sees her pawing through his stuff. He chases her. She gets away and hides. He leaves. She figures she’s going to lose her job as soon as he reports her, so she turns over the cell phone to her boss, saying she “found” it and starts frantically spitting on the walls because of the horrible rapist guy and the rest is history. Five will get you ten, at the end of the day, the story will be very close to that – assuming the potential for a fair trial hasn’t already been compromised.


  19. Well since ignorance flourishes I will keep it real.
    Being a good muslim girl doesn’t mean that you go to the mosque (this is not christianty), because traditionally (young) muslim women don’t attend Jummah prayer that often. They are not in any way barred from going there but they are usually a minority. Hence her lack of attendance says nothing about her religious views.

    By the way, what does this have to do with anything ?


  20. Her local cleric told the NYP that she was ‘not an observant Muslim’. But the DA has suggested that she wears the full Monty and is jolly holy.


  21. Pingback: The Slog

  22. “For what it’s worth, I think the evidence suggests that Dominic Strauss-Kahn is an arrogant, fanny-groping power-freak of the kind I rail against every day on this site. But the Rule of Law is everything, coupled with equality before the law. DSK is not getting an even break here, and that’s the beginning and end of all that matters as far as I’m concerned.”

    Yes the Rule of Law is everything, and it’s about time all this connerie of hiding information of a New York Sofitel chambermaid ends. One should also know who is the Portuguese General Manager of this hotel in N. Y. what did gain in this “case”?



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