Could mistaken identity explain DSK’s behavior?

Although this isn’t new news, I have just realised that Nafissatou Diallo  – the maid accusing Dominic Strauss-Kahn of sexual assault – was originally granted political asylum by the American authorities. This is in fact how she got into the US seven years ago.

As I noted in last night’s late posting, it is also the US Government – not her lawyer Shapiro – which has organised her retreat into hiding….and is guarding her round the clock. Who do they think might harm her? Or is it just that they’d rather she didn’t say anything unguarded to the press?

Dallio is now being described by msnbc as ‘of limited education’.

So then, a young and vulnerable single mother (who is not a US citizen and not the sharpest card in the pack, but is known to the US authorities) gets protected by those same US authorities in preparation for the trial of a man who is a known sex abuser (the more this goes on, the more his grope-habit becomes clear) and also happens to be the most pro-euro and anti-dollar man at the IMF….which he just happens to be running.

Confirming what The Slog wrote yesterday about DSK’s more likely sexual modus operandi, various US papers and our Telegraph are of full of lurid prurience about Strauss-Kahn’s penchant for New York’s high-class hookers. Seems a little odd that he’d leap from the bathroom naked and jump on a maid, the identity of whom he didn’t even know until she came in to clean his room, when all that classy sex was available and on tap.

Here’s a little speculative reconstruction that makes more sense:

DSK contacts the concierge and asks him to send up more pneumatic material. In preparation for the event, the IMF boss goes to the bathroom and undresses. He hears the door click open and, when he detects movement outside the bathroom door, leaps into action. He’s expecting someone pliant, but this lady is screaming the house down. Being an arrogant git, he’s angry. He demands oral sex as a consolation prize.

Did the concierge know DSK’s peccadilloes given he’d been to the hotel six times in ten months? More than likely.

So the two remaining questions are: was it mistaken identity? Or is Nafissatou Diallo part of a sting operation, chosen for her vulnerability, ease of being hidden from view, and likelihood of attracting the sympathy vote?

Oh, and one more question that could be crucial: why was Diallo granted asylum in the first place?

Stay tuned.


  1. I suspect the socialist media around the world are treading very carefully on this. IMO they’d love to trash the whole case on grounds that she’s a young, black asylum seeker and unmarried mother from Guinea of all places, and he’s a very important man who shouldn’t be subjected to such wild allegations.
    Well, the US take a different view…it seems.

    David & Goliath.


  2. I’m as keen on nicely crafted conspiracy theories as the next man, but (and forgive for being so dense) I’m still struggling with the theory that DSK was set up by a person or persons unknown – by someone powerful enough to manipulate the New York Police Department and, presumably, the courts. The question that I’m having trouble with is what would be the point of the exercise, and who, exactly, stands to gain from it? DSK was due to step down in the fairly near future, anyway, so why destroy his reputation now? Sorry, but for it to have an impact, a conspiracy theory should be based on a clear motive and in this case, it seems to me, the motive – the precise purpose of the exercise – seems a little too obscure for the theory to be persuasive.


  3. Normally I’d agree with you; in fact I’m usually very anti-conspiracy theories.
    It’s not about DSK, it’s about his SUCCESSOR.
    As you’ve probably noticed, the EU has been caught on the hop by this turn of events. Merkel was hoping to stitch up the Yanks with a nice pliable French or German candidate – especially as the IMF’s 3 biggest contracts are now EU debtors. Her preferred candidate was Christine Lagarde.
    Strauss was a fervent ‘save the euro’ nutter, as are Merkel and Sarkozy. So is Lagarde.
    But now Geithner is straight off and running with his ‘let’s get a replacement fast, oh and by the way there’s this bloke Brown’.
    Brown is very pro-Yank and anti-euro…the worst possible nightmare for the eurocrats.
    Penruddock, I hate crazy theories: but I am constantly suspicious when the facts don’t fit the description…see Bin Laden saga.
    Sometimes, it’s as if Governments WANTED to get conspiracy theories going


  4. Hmm
    Don’t like your latest ‘mistaken ID’ theory. Lovely idea for a farce of course.
    But I think that last thought is the best conspiracy idea you’ve had John.
    The plot is that they set up the most absurd and obviously ludicrous story, then confound it with lots of conflicting bits of news and leaks – and lo! all the bloggers, contheorists and crazies round the world are in a massive whirl concocting so many cock-eyed ideas that the whole affair gets smoke-screened. I’ll start believing in UFOs soon (I’m not paranoid but you KNOW it’s a plot!!)
    Indeed this may be the new American confusion/communication policy
    first OBL now DSK.


  5. Thanks for the blog John. I am not so sure about the conspiracy theories on this but in some ways I am grateful that it happened. After all as the Notayesmanseconomics blog points out.

    “In all of the reports on the travails of the now former head of the IMF Dominique Strauss-Kahn I see quite a lot of fawning at his supposed skills and very little discussion of his involvement in the construction of the flawed EFSF. It would appear that competence in financial matters is not a skill the mainstream media feel is important for the head of the IMF. Indeed they are continuing with this theme by putting Christine Lagarde as favourite to succeed him as she was involved in the construction of the flawed EFSF too.”

    This is rather a contrast to the fawning and scraping on the Stephanomics blog of the BBC…


  6. You could be right, but for me there are still too many uncertainties. I’d have been more persuaded if the resignation of DSK had automatically caused him to be succeeded by a euro-basher, but John Lipsky, DSK’s former assistant and close collaborator, will run the IMF until August at the earliest, and DSK’s resignation has merely brought forward the start of a lengthy debate (presumably within the IMF governing council) that would have had to be held anyway, and whose outcome is by no means a foregone conclusion. Moreover Geithner apart, there must be some leading lights in the American administration who can see that a sudden implosion of the Eurozone would simply bring about Depression Phase 2, which would be bad for everyone, the United States included.

    And in my book, by the way, Gordon Brown would be an utter disaster – much, much worse than Christine Lagarde.


  7. John,

    I’ve read on several occasions your criticism of Mdme. Largarde. I have mine, too, I might add, regarding this lady. Could you be more specific about her grasp of economics?

    I seem to recall a post you made a year or so ago concerning this, but have forgotten her misdeed.


  8. If there isn’t a conspiracy about his succesor is there anything in relation to his apparently suceeding Sarkozy and the fact that the baby leak was at much the same time


  9. I can believe that Kahn’s behavior was the result of mistaken identity, but I can’t believe that the U.S. government is so enamored of Gordon Brown that it set up a sting operation purely to serve his interests. Kahn was going to resign anyway, why cause all this fuss? Especially for a man whose chances at the job are slim at best–you’d think if they went to all the trouble to set up a honey-trap for Kahn, they’d also find an candidate to support who could actually find his way onto the ballot.

    Plus, the lady in question speaks French and Americans think that everybody speaks English.


  10. [OT]
    DSK has now been granted bail.
    Will he now disappear and turn up in Israel which does not extradite people?


  11. As he jumped before he was pushed (apparently) I’m not sure that he himself rather than the way he was caught is the real news anymore


  12. Well, if he jumps bail I think that’ll be news, and also rather difficult for the judge who granted it (IMV wrongly on the balance of arguments).
    The prosecution arguments against granting bail were quite compelling -vs- the defence claim that he is a man of good character.
    Let’s see what happens…


  13. During late 2009, she forecast a total French growth-rate figure which turned out to be wrong by a factor of four. This proved to be because she appeared to have added up the quarters of the year rather than taking an average.
    But it’s more than a technical thing: she’s an idiot who doesn’t get real life. Runs a two-bit, bent eurobank stress test, and says (direct quote) “All doubts are now over, yes?” Er, no Christine.


  14. Thanks for the reply.

    Yes, agree with your summation of the good lady.

    …and, as ever, great journalism and writing from your good self.


  15. LAL

    Thanks for that. It appears I’m in trouble for naming names re the soccer injunction. For a lifelong MUFC fan, that would be a sick irony.


  16. Speculative tosh.

    Here is my own idle speculation which really does make a lot more sense:

    A chamber maid appears in the hotel room of DSK to clean it. He has just had a shower and will shortly be leaving for lunch. Just time for a quickie before he gets dressed. He suggests it but is turned down. By now his blood is up and he doesn’t see why he should take no for an answer from this worthless immigrant person. After all, the cost of his one-night stay is in excess of her monthly salary. He is used to be getting his way. What’s she going to say? It’ll be her word against his in the unlikely event that she ever dares mention it – seeing as it will probably cost her her job.

    But she does mention it, and surprisingly the hotel acts on her claims. Cue the rest of the drama.

    Occam’s razor, mate. No conspiracy theories, no person or persons unseen. Just an intelligent bloke thinking with one of the less intelligent parts of his anatomy. Classic hubris. Now, why do you desperately want to believe in something else? Life isn’t just one huge jigsaw with neatly interlocking bits.


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  18. “who have adviced Muslim Diallo to hire Jewish lawyer?”- there is no answer online. Who have hired Goldstone for Israel`s crimes accusations?
    The role of Obama`s government here is unclear


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