Hotel management surprised that maid didn’t know identity of the man in Suite 2806

Nafissatou Diallo

The accuser of IMF boss Dominic Strauss-Kahn has been outed by Paris Match as Nafissatou Diallo. But some of the ‘facts’ of the case do not ring entirely true.

Nafissatou Diallo is a native of Guinea. She is a 32 year-old unmarried Muslim, with a 15 year-old daughter. Her dress code, marital status and age of having the child (17) would all suggest she isn’t a strict Islamist.

Yet neighbours ‘quoted’ in New York tabloids allegedly described her as ‘ a practising Muslim who wears a veil‘. Perhaps the neighbours were visually challenged.

Le Figaro last night reported that posters of Strauss-Kahn were  everywhere in the New York hotel (Sofitel). The paper commented, ‘Not surprisingly, the hotel management posted his face everywhere, advertising the fact that such a VIP had chosen their hotel as his venue’. Paris Match – which first named the maid – agreed with this account.

By any First World legal standards, this makes a nonsense of Ms Diallo ‘picking DSK out’ at an identity parade last Sunday afternoon.

The French website nanojv quotes an anonymous Sofitel source as saying, “Strauss-Kahn has stayed at this hotel six times since the start of 2010, and Nafi Diallo has been an employee here for three years. Her appearance of ignorance as to the identity of the man in suite 2806 strikes us as surprising”.

Yet Diallo – a French speaker – claims through her lawyer that she had no idea who the VIP was.

On France Deux TV last night, a fellow-guest told the channel’s reporter that in the lift immediately prior to checking out, “he [DSK] gave off an air of smiling normality”. The French State channel went on to claim that the IMF boss was “off to lunch with his daughter before catching the first available plane back to France”.

Yet the NYPD  insists he made a dash straight to Kennedy Airport in order to escape justice.

It also now transpires that the informant describing Diallo as “an exemplary mother” is not her brother at all, but one of her closest friends. That seems an odd mistake to make.

And answering The Slog’s question of yesterday, Le Monde reports that Diallo is being kept in hiding ‘by the American authorities’. Were she a mafia wife turning State’s evidence, that would be normal. But why the State has to ‘mind’ a non-US citizen accusing a man banged up on Riker’s Island escapes me.

A comment threader at the BusinessInsider website wrote as follows yesterday evening, ‘I love that the NYPD hauled his over-entitled butt right out of first class and off the airplane. That took some balls.’

I’d call that view worrying, mean, bigoted, xenophobic and unpleasantly envious. And bollocks.


  1. Curiouser & curiouser as Alice said — The initial scenario surrounding Monsieur Dominic is growing steadily out of shape! Personally I find that being judgemental isn’t a comfortable feeling, particularly about someone one doesn’t know — I exclude politicians, of every stripe — for they accept it goes with the territory. Although this man is pseudo-political at present & he did intend to run for the French Presidency — nonetheless there’s an element of the ‘feeding pack’ about his misfortunes. His history would seem to indicate a serial philanderer, but in reality he’s more likely a victim of modern sexual mores (as in society’s values) a sort of prevailing Zeitgeist & that gut-wrenching New Labour contrivance (now a Western epidemic) I allude to, of course ‘political correctness’. In another time this man would have been treated with a modicum of respect, as I’m sure he would have shown to most people he came into daily contact with. It’s rather astonishing that a casual resident of New York, a part-time hotel worker — An ‘alien’ as she would be referred to by US citizens — Should wield such enormous influence, that her accusation could initiate NY’S finest to spring so adroitly into action! There’s more to this modern-day ‘Greek Tragedy’ — One suspects this man’s fall from grace has less to do with Dionysus & more to do with political artifice!


  2. certainly one wonders in the first place what important academic achievements have brought nd to be a green card holder in ny. she may well have other skills that are in demand, and in order to pull this one off and into the big time, she’ll need the essential dna evidence to be proved, which given dsk’s strenuous denial, seems unlikely at this time to stand up in court, but time will tell.


  3. The whole affair smells like 100 year old dead fish. We have a 62 year old politician that, undoubtedly has been around , a possible presidential candidate ,someone fully aware of the possible consequences of any inappropriate behavior not to mention something of this proportion jumping naked from a bathroom and chasing around a hotel maid.Then he forces her to perform oral sex on him (that ,I assume, involved a huge risk of loosing his peter) without even thinking that at this very moment he looses his job as IMF chief and can forget of ever becoming a president of anything. Boonies !!!!!!


  4. From the evidence available, it looks to me as though DSK has suffered from unfortunate bouts of sexual incontinence throughout his career- with him it’s a kind of underlying illness that flares up from time to time and is made worse because of his predilection for sex with a bit of mild brutality thrown in. My bet, for what it’s worth, is that this time round, he made the fatal mistake of getting uppity with the New York Police Department. All that it would take would be some angry sarcasm from the great man, mixed with attempts to pull rank, and tough New York policemen, not like our mostly deferential London bobbies, could get very ratty indeed.

    I have to confess that I share some of the schadenfreude of the Business Insider commentator whom you castigate. Mean though it may seem, there is a certain satisfaction amongst us lowly folk in seeing the humbling of one of the great unelected and haughty princes who increasingly rule our lives these days. The satisfaction is not bollocks but human nature, I think.


  5. Methinks this is mostly French tittle-tattle to protect their man. Wouldn’t British MSM do much the same thing if it had been Ed Milipede caught with his pants down in a forrin country? MSM loves to attack the judicial systems of other countries.

    I mean:
    “The French State channel went on to claim that the IMF boss was “off to lunch with his daughter before catching the first available plane back to France”.”

    But his lawyers stated vigorously in court and elsewhere that his AF flight was already booked and he left the hotel to go there and catch it. Meaning there was no question of him fleeing to catch the “first available plane”.

    Which is it?

    I agree that the acid test (pun not intended) will be if they find his DNA in the room in the form that’s been suggested, but even that may not prove she was forced to give non-consensual oral sex.

    Then there’s the hotel CCTV which apparently caught her running out of the room and down the corridor after it happened. That is consistent with her story.

    Whatever, DSK’s IMF and political career is probably finished.


  6. On the small point of putting the accuser on ice; I would have thought that that was for her own protection; the worlds press pack would be camped on her doorstep (rather like they are in Bakersfield today with regard to another powerful mans by-blows).


  7. I might add that she will probably be asked to describe his private member
    to confirm a sighting. If she gets its right, where does that leave him?


  8. one of the masters of the universe getting his comeuppance is how it reads to me.
    sounds like he thought he was walking on water, sex wise. he clearly upset someone, maybe just the maid, very badly indeed.
    could it have been a set up? well oui, naturellement. if he’s as sex obsessed as his history seems to indicate, it wouldn’t have been difficult for someone like the maid to have been paid of to do and dramatise the deed.
    was he set up? i don’t think so. he was caught out in my opinion. as they say, a standing cock has no conscience.


  9. But then you would run slap bang into what we specialists call the “Ludo Problem”. You know the story, I’m sure. Young trainee nurse goes to the male ward to give patients blanket baths. She comes back and says to the Matron, “There’s a patient in there with ‘Ludo’ tattooed on his willy.”. “That sounds very unlikely”, says Matron, “go back and take a much closer look”. Nurse does as she is told and comes back ten minutes later, looking hot, red faced, and flustered. “You’re right”, she gasps”, “It’s not ‘Ludo’, but ‘Llandudno’.”


  10. China are buying up loads of Southern EU peripheral debt.
    This can only enable them to have more say on EU matters.
    We are being sold down the river to maintain the lifestyles of the EU elite.
    Looks like the EU have got themselves sandwiched between the old US power block and the new Chinese one.
    Rather good way of removing EU influence in the IMF.
    Just a thought .
    However I still think he is the perfect patsy as he had some bad habits and weaknesses that were very easily exploited.
    Of course this is just a calculated guess.


  11. lol.
    I’ve heard that storyline with the initials “HMS” tattooed on his weapon which then becomes Hammersmith…


  12. As usual, the Slog is the first with the REAL news. Thanks John for all the hard slog you put in to making sure we get to hear the actual news rather than just a load of propaganda cobblers.


  13. Her face looks a lot like Nafissatou Diallo’s the author’s face though, doesn’t it?


  14. ‘BANKRUPT TAXPAYER@ – i heard it from a black mate – except it was ‘wendy’ – and ‘welcome to trinidad and tobago, have a nice day’.
    just goes to show that black guys are confident about that ‘little something extra’!


  15. In my modesty I’m only prepared to say that if they printed the full text on my member’s tattoo they’d need a Murdoch printing press running at full belt for two hours!! lol.


  16. I read in one paper this morning – which was it – Ah, the Daily Mail –
    (NO – I never buy it – they force it on you free at Stansted Airport) that the chambermaid was granted asylum in the USA. Can’t think why. But then that’s only the Mail and they’d done zero original research.


  17. It does seem very odd that a 62 year old man would suddenly emerge from the shower, leap onto the hotel maid, force her to have oral sex before wiping off his John Thomas on the hotel curtains and fleeing the scene for the airport. In his haste leaving some of his possessions behind including his phone.

    What a strange tale.


  18. To first misrepresent this woman as unmarried, when if fact she was married and is now in fact a widow, as well as reveal her name and try to ruin her reputation by using the incorrect photo just shows how sleazy your magazine is, and how loyalist you are to your sleazy countrymen.


  19. Since no one commenting here has all the facts, the commenters are engaged in the highly entertaining past time of speculation. Speculation can be used to obfuscate or illuminate which depends upon the commenter’s need for attention. If this situation is reduced to nothing stronger than “he said, she said,” then it was a setup. If hard evidence does materialize I’d be surprised, because I have a hunch that it is relatively rare for a man to become a rapist at the age of 62. Men of this age usually choose groping, intentionally accidental touching, and the pleasure of a dirty mind, but rape is an outlier.


  20. what’s strange about that?
    you haven’t lived have you?
    I can tell you a tale or two that would make you wither.


  21. in fact she divorced her husband years ago, after they had been given asylum in the US = now that’s what you call S L E A Z E


  22. A rapist who chooses oral sex for his pleasure is a risk taker, behavior more common in a young person, or an incredibly intimidating person. A victim could orally castrate her attacker, but could she count on the perpetrator experiencing so much pain that he would be instantly defeated. She would have to consider the sanity of her attacker to gamble on maximized impact and shock to be on her side. The victim might think that such a defense would be too gross of a choice. I don’t have the statistics available to know how often a rape in which the victim survives is of the oral type. Such a rape would leave too much to chance based on assumptions of which neither party has complete knowledge.


  23. Yes effendi, I will try to remember the nature of my filthy masculine infidel ways. Allah and Harriet Harman be praised.


  24. I think the charges are false and if my hunch is right, she is a criminal. If there is such a turn around, how will that play out? Fairly or fairly exaggerated as well?


  25. Its strange that a man in DSK’s position would risk absolutely everything for an alleged short romp with a chambermaid. After all he would very quickly be identified and according to all the other stories circulating had access to and was regularly using high class prostitutes. The way none of the details of the story seem to quite fit either is stange as is the apparent over reaction of the US authorities. If it wasn’t strange it would not be getting the incredidle worldwide media coverage. Afterall there must be many rapes per day in New York and they dont get this vast media coverage.

    I’m waiting for your tales?


  26. I am finding the slant The Slog is putting on this whole case to be extremely entertaining, but highly speculative, and completely misleading. I also fail to understand the slant with respect to the purported aims of the site. Far from debunking bollocks, The Slog seems to be heaping them up with abandon.

    Nearly all the “information” is gleaned from the uninformed or those with an agenda. Let’s have a looks at a few things above:

    For a start, the religion of the supposed victim is irrelevant. But Muslim is a good loaded word these days, so let’s bring it up.

    Second point is, you have to be very careful of how you interpret French media reports. For the French, this is like a football match: it’s France vs USA. DSK had an excellent chance of being the next president of France. He is one of their most eminent men on the international scene. If the allegations are true, he has besmirched the reputation of France in the world and diminished the international standing of France. I have been following the whole thing (and there are hours of it) on French TV. DSK is being portrayed as the victim most of the time. The French just don’t want to believe it is true – far better for them if it isn’t. Then there is the role of the French media which has occulted the sexual practices of its leaders for years, so the media itself doesn’t want this can of worms opened. That’s the light you have to interpret any of the info in the French media. The overwhelming majority of the French believe in some species of conspiracy theory concerning this case – based on nothing but will.

    “Le Figaro last night reported that posters of Strauss-Kahn were everywhere in the New York hotel (Sofitel). The paper commented, ‘Not surprisingly, the hotel management posted his face everywhere, advertising the fact that such a VIP had chosen their hotel as his venue’. Paris Match – which first named the maid – agreed with this account.”

    So they had a couple of posters up in the staff area. A hotel which boasts suites at $3’000 a night is always going to have VIPs. It’s not as if DSK would have been massively out of the ordinary. What is a poorly paid, bottom of the scale chambermaid likely to do with information on the guests? She’s only meant to be cleaning rooms. Probably ignores the posters. Why wouldn’t she? She’s probably never heard of DSK and could care even less who he is.

    “By any First World legal standards, this makes a nonsense of Ms Diallo ‘picking DSK out’ at an identity parade last Sunday afternoon.”

    Well no, it doesn’t, does it? You’d probably be able to identify someone to whom you’d been forced to give a blowjob. What you are implying here, is that it is just as likely she made the whole thing up out of the blue.

    The whole idea of the hurried departure is a red-herring that has no influence on the case. It’s not as if (assuming for a moment that the allegations are true) DSK was shoplifting or involved in a burglary or murder, where he’d probably want to get out quick before he was discovered. In the more likely scenario, we have a known philanderer (think of Alan Clarke) who is a top VIP guest, forcing himself on an easily replaceable immigrant chamber maid. He’d never have done it if he thought that it would ever come to light, so he has no need to make a speedy departure. He was almost certainly planning on using the hotel again at some point in the future, as it seems to be one of his favourites.

    As for the alleged victim being kept away from the glare of the media spotlight – isn’t this just normal in this sort of case? First you get raped (or sexually harassed if you prefer), then you are supposed to have your life made a further misery dealing with the world’s media about an highly unpleasant personal episode?

    What are you trying to get at?


  27. Excellent blog. I too smell a rat. The way in which prosecutors and police are interpreting everyday events as suspicious is also appallingly lacking in fairness and ethics. Take for instance the allegation that he left the hotel without even checking out. As anyone who has ever stayed in an executive suite knows, self check out is the norm. Statistically, the type of men most often involved in stranger rape are violent sociopaths with previous escalating records of sexual violence. I am prepared to believe that DSK was a sex addict, but then again he had the money to obtain exactly what he wanted from a myriad of sources catering to that sort of thing. If he wasn’t careful how he discarded his condoms, he could have presented someone with an opportunity to plant DNA evidence. If the victim’s background does not check out, this must be seriously considered. Given also that some western governments have so openly flouted international law and due process, we know that anything is possible, and that Black Ops is not after all a fiction writers fantasy.


  28. “Statistically, the type of men most often involved in stranger rape are violent sociopaths with previous escalating records of sexual violence.”

    Given that a “record” has to start somewhere, therein lies the very possibility of what Mr DSK is. And one cannot ignore that in the 20th century, virtually all psychopathic dictators were socialists and there are always plenty of folks who will present kind words about them because of their skill at being kind and gentle when it suits them, ie manipulative. Ditto bullies.


  29. Don’t be so naive. Have you forgotten the long litany of powerful men who have been laid low because of sexual indiscretions – from Gary Hart to Bill Clinton to Elliot Spitzer, not to mention all the right-wing Christian preachers, pundits and pols? And Strauss-Kahn has a long history or chasing skirts. Which party in this case is less reputable is hard to gauge.



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