Senior US lending source doubts Dominic Strauss-Kahn charges are genuine.

Strauss-Kahn and wife Anne Sinclair

Slog source sees Fed plot behind IMF man’s arrest

A highly-placed international lending official based in New York told The Slog last night of growing suspicions in the financial community about the arrest of IMF Head Dominic Strauss-Kahn.

“The motive is clear-cut,” said the source, “and that is to take out a key player on the team fighting to save the euro at all costs”. My informant expanded on the theme:

“DSK is firmly in the Trichet/Merkel camp of those who want a  fiscally-binding federalist Union. As the top guy at the IMF, [Strauss-Kahn] is in a powerful position to help engineer that outcome. But the Fed doesn’t want that: the Fed wants a weak competitor selling to Asia, not a well-controlled economic force under German domination”.

If suspicions about the arrest of IMF boss Dominic Strauss-Kahn were only half serious yesterday morning, during the afternoon New York time Timothy Geithner added weight to those who wonder what exactly might be going on here. He did this by being the fastest out of the starting blocks, and choosing New York’s prestigious Harvard Club to assert that the most important thing for the IMF was to find a leader who could fill Mr Strauss-Kahn’s shoes.

“He is obviously not in a position to run the IMF,” Tim told an eager press corps. I have to agree with him, but the statement of fact has been made reality entirely due to the actions of the NYPD and the local justice system. A more accurate summary of the situation  would’ve been “We have put him in a position from which he can’t run the IMF”.

But the IMF quickly named its senior deputy managing director, former US Treasury executive John Lipsky, as acting chief. As Lipsky is a highly capable and very experienced credit expert, it’s hard to see what all the rush is about. It is true that DSK’s deputy is due to leave the IMF at the end of July – but that’s ten weeks away, and a lot of material facts could emerge in that time to change everything.

We should bear in mind some of the events leading up to DSK’s incarceration. Although at present only accused of sexual crimes (non-consensual oral sex) against the as yet unnamed chambermaid, he was bundled off his Air France flight just two minutes before it took off – very dramatic cliffhanger stuff – with what witnesses have described as ‘great force’ and ‘an enormous amount of noise’.

It is alleged by the US tabloid press that DSK ‘made a dash for the airport’ immediately following the attack. But sources close to the accused deny this, saying he caught the 4.40 pm Air France flight he had been scheduled to return on. Police have, however, told the media he left personal possessions and his mobile phone in the hotel suite is his ‘hurry’ to ‘get away’. He could also, of course, have spotted the sting and realised there was no way he’d get a fair trial in New York City.

Further, although the Frenchman’s lawyer offered up £1million in bail, gave a permanent address where he could live with his sister – and accept 24/7 monitoring – the Judge turned it down. He could’ve worked from her apartment, now he can’t. Sticking him in prison doesn’t make sense (if he’s monitored, he’s monitored) unless you’re trying to make somebody look dangerous. (When he arrived at the bail hearing, the accused was handcuffed and frog-marched in).

The Slog has also been interrogating DSK’s ‘sexual past’. All I can tell you is that while the man is a philanderer, there is no hint in anything published anywhere that Strauss-Kahn gets off on forced sex. This for instance from Business Insider this morning:

‘This is not the first time he’s been involved in a sex scandal. Back in 2008 there was a story of the IMF investigating an improper sexual relationship with a subordinate. And approximately a year ago, a book described his string of extra-marital affairs.’

If we put every politician and senior businessman doing that sort of thing in a jail cell, the world’s prison population would quadruple. I accept that sexual assault is a very serious charge, and if it proves to be true, I am not in any way belittling the terrible experience the chambermaid has had. But this is a man being made to look both guilty and a threat to public safety before his trial has even begun.

As well as the indecent haste of all this, it now transpires that the chambermaid has gone into hiding. Her lawyer Jeffrey Shapiro said she was an immigrant from the West African nation of Guinea. She arrived in the US seven years ago and was living with her teenage daughter. What we don’t know is who has arranged for her to ‘go into hiding’. But Shapiro adds that his client  “had no idea who her attacker was before the police were called in”.

I’ve stayed in many large city hotels over four decades. I have yet to see a chambermaid without a list of rooms she has to clean, the numbers of the rooms, and the names of the occupants tucked into her overalls. Maybe DSK was there under an alias – but why? The press knew exactly where he was, and the paparazzi photographed him getting into and out of smart cars during his stay.

Meanwhile, two French newspapers this morning are running with stories suggesting that a majority of French citizens think DSK has been the vicitim of a set-up…..but their chosen culprit is Nicolas Sarkozy. The Slog’s New York source concludes:

“Dominic said many times that he’d be set up one day. But from our perspective here, this is about the Dollar and geopolitics, not French internal wrangling.”

Stay tuned. One feels that there is a great deal more yet to emerge.

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40 thoughts on “Senior US lending source doubts Dominic Strauss-Kahn charges are genuine.

  1. Suggestions that the US of A is involved in cynically underhand operations?

    We all know it’s an odds-on…



    You are wide of the mark on this one. It is always easy to look for the stitch up, but in this case it is not possible. Already from my reading of the American press the defence has changed from outright denial to something else. The problem is the evidence. He left his DNA, or however you want to call it.

    There is also the the impossibility of setting up this sting at short notice. The maid has worked there for three years. Yes she may have been paid to do this, but there are too many links in the chain. The New York police might also have smelled a rat if this was a sting. This does not smell like a conspiracy.

    The man has form. In the article linked above, the journalist Tristine Banon says ”«On a fini par se battre quand même, révèle alors la romancière. Ça s’est fini très, très violemment. On s’est battu clairement, au sol […]. Moi, j’ai donné des coups de pieds. Il a dégrafé mon soutien-gorge, il a essayé d’ouvrir mon jean», affirme Tristane Banon, qui aurait prononcé «le mot “viol” pour lui faire peur» mais sans succès”

    In a video put together for French television (mentioned in the Liberation article) there is a comment from Tristane Banon about going to a lawyer who had a stack of complaints about Kahn that he could do nothing with for lack of evidence or willingness on the part of the women to continue.

    It was Banon’s mother (a socialist politician) who persuaded her daughter not to proceed with a charge against Kahn. This was as much for the good of the party as for concern for her daughter’s career.

    The testimony of Banon made before this affair shows that Kahn would not take no for an answer.

    You must know as well as anyone how France protects her politicians and the elite in general which is why there is so much shock in France about this affair. Kahn is also being held without bail because of the stupidity of the French with regard to the Polanski affair.

    This affair reflects badly on French men but also on French women who let their men get away with too much.


  3. If “Dominic said many times that he’d be set up one day” what on earth was he doing having sexual encounters with a total stranger who was cleaning his room? If nothing else it showed a) a total lack of judgement and b) a delusional risk taker. How incredibly stupid is this chap? He should not be in charge of anything … may be a hoover!


  4. You are utterly revolting, aren’t you adding to the cheap thrills that old tangled dangled glistening lipped blokes ruin their lives for!

    I am shocked at the methods you go to, peddling your dirty stuff like this.


  5. ”the Fed wants a weak competitor selling to Asia, not a well-controlled economic force under German domination”.
    The euro has appreciated 14% against the US$ in the last 120 days,making German exports less competitive with US exports, so not buying this story.
    Simple case of not keeping it in his trousers, and it will cost him dear.


  6. So DSK decided to engage in a serious criminal act (age 62) in a foreign country whilst undertaking a delicate, sensitive geo-political decision involving a currency in direct competition with the US dollar, coincidence? never in a million years.


  7. By many accounts DSK has plenty of form, John. Apart from that he’s a venal unelected socialist (don’t socialists just lurve by-passing the democratic process and bullying into positions of great power) who believes he’s above the rules of society and probably above the law.
    That is how powerful socialists always behave.

    EVEN IF there is a suspicion of it being a set-up, I’m not gong to lose any sleep over him given his alleged form. And then there’s the issue of the future of the euro! Without DSK, it s/b less likely to survive. That would be good news.

    My greatest concern is that Brown isn’t allowed to bully his way into DSK’s job as he is surely trying to do.


  8. Very interesting commentary Robert.
    Historically, the French and Americans haven’t got on too well with each other over big issues. Remember the comments about “Cheese-eating surrender-monkeys”. But this was from a nation whose President “…did not have sexual relations with that woman…”. I hope that NYPD have kept the chambermaid’s dress. Might prove material evidence…


  9. I’d echo Robert’s sentiments. You say: “there is no hint in anything published anywhere that Strauss-Kahn gets off on forced sex.” Tristane Banon’s statements mirror the current allegations very closely and bely your viewpoint; Nagy’s current comments imply that forceful ‘persuasion’ in psychological form may have been part of her experience too. Other women too have made clear they would not be prepared to be alone in a room with DSK. The seducer v rapist argument is plain silly, frankly – this man was used to getting his own way by what HE or other men might call seduction but what other people, especially women, might call coercion. Let’s see what the trial brings out. I find it hard to imagine that the entire NYPD and NY justice system are part of a gigantic elite plot, fashionable though that proposition may be.


  10. I despise the EU with every ounce of my body.
    I despise even more the corrupt ruling elite, not just EU, but everywhere.
    If one falls, good riddance.
    What was a bloke who could afford to have as many hookers for casual sex as he wanted messing around with a maid for ?


  11. I think TRT answered that one, above.
    There’s also the likely explanation that DSK gets off by exercising power over people. If so, a paid hooker wouldn’t give him the required ego boost.


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  13. No chance of slapping an injunction on this then – & – I suppose a super-injunction is equally out of the question? — Ahhha —— Super-injunction, the gagging-order that doesn’t let you know you’ve been gagged —— As Joseph Heller’s character Doc Daneeka said in reply to Yossarian’s question: ‘That’s some catch, that catch 22’ — ‘It’s the best there is’ said the Doc — Well, not any more.


  14. Well, an a plausible motive is always good fuel for theorising conspiracy and as you say there’s no shortage of motives around this event.
    I don’t know why Robert thinks a stitch up isn’t possible.
    DSK may well have left his DNA calling card. But then if this was a honeytrap he would wouldn’t he? Just depends at which stage she shouted “rape”.
    And whichever shady branch of American espionage did it they could well have a hold over the chambermaid – a single mum and an immigrant. Was she an illegal immigrant? Was she being blackmailed for some misdemeanor. I’m certainly NOT saying tany of hese things are likely – but they are entirely possible. Mossad has got up to far hankier panky than that. and I’m sure the CIA has, too.
    I must say it does have a bit of a sewagey whiff about it. The way it has all been handled certainly fans the conspiratorial flames.


  15. I am not saying it is not a stitch up, only that it is unlikely. I love a good conspiracy theory as well as anyone.

    My point is that Kahn has form. His encounter with Tristane Bonan was attempted rape. She fought tooth and nail to fend him off. This by all accounts was not the only incident.

    Looking at some of the French newspapers and the comments made by French men and women, there is total shock about the possibility that he is not innocent as well as the view that it was a set up.

    One of the phrases that crops up in the comments (and in some newspaper articles) is what is referred to in France as the ‘droits de cuissage’. This is the modern French version for the elite (and anyone in power) of the ‘droits de seigneur. It is this sense of entitlement (that I have seen in France) that makes me believe that the man was capable of such an outrageous act as well as the accounts from a number of women who have complained about his behaviour. It is amazing how many women in France seem to tolerate these attitudes and find excuses for their men. Apart from being protected by the press, they are protected by ‘society’.

    Apart from that I know as little or as much as anyone, but it is an amazing story which ever way you look at it.


  16. If it was a sting I would suggest that the agents in question merely rang him to say that the “African special” he had ordered from Madame Claude would come to his room dressed as a maid and pretend to resist….anyone monitoring his “activities” could pull such a trap quite easily, it would just need a randy whoremonger to fall into it…


  17. SS
    Can you take your ad down, please: I didn’t authorise it, and I don’t allow ads on this site without permission.
    If it hasn’t gone by 7 am tomorrow, you’re banned.


  18. Robert
    Thanks for that. It’s good to keep the comment balanced.
    I haven’t seen the Liberation piece and I would certainly accept that if there is DNA/powerful witness evidence to convict DSK, then convicted he should be.
    Please don’t see my piece as an attempt to excuse Strauss-Kahn.
    It merely reflects my view that experience teaches us how everything we’re told by government should be interrogated: not with paranoid Maddy McCann ramblings, but by assembling all the evidence to hand at any given point in time.
    With this objective in mind, I would reiterate that (a) he’s been treated like a dangerous serial sex-killer (b) Mary Riddell’s reference to ‘the disgraced DSK’ really was a feminist Freudian slip (c) quite why Tim Geithner felt the need to hurry things along seems dodgy, and (d) the judge’s unwillingness to accept even virtual house arrest was inexplicable.

    But all comments that move the balance of evidence on will always be welcome at this site.


  19. If the euro rises 14% against the buck, then the buck begins to look very sick as a reserve currency.


  20. Robert
    Vous etes sure la monnaie re this one: droit de seigneur has always had an odd fascination for both genders in France. But Tim Geithner has pulled far worse stunts than this in his shady career – inc for example defrauding the US taxpayer out of $870 billion….ostensibly for bank refinancing, but actually used in the end for investment bankers to carry on funding multinational mergers.


  21. No … you are wrong. This is a man who has lost a grip on reality and what he can get away, what others can cover up for him and what they can’t. They believe they have risen above normal moral behaviour. If he was set up who on earth was there ‘evidence’, did a previous lover bottle it and plant it at the site? Or was it premature? For goodness sake boys … he though the could get away with it and didn’t. And if he was set up, then he shouldn’t have left any evidence!


  22. “experience teaches us how everything we’re told by government should be interrogated:”

    Or as the late lamented Claud Cockburn so eloquently and succinctly put it “Never believe anything until it has been officially denied.”


  23. I think I possibly didn’t express myself clearly …
    We might assume he might have “donated his dna”
    So men, do you donate if you don’t enjoy the ‘moment’, however brief?
    So, these must be the possibilities:
    – The maid turned up with a sample bottle?
    – He ‘took her’ forcibly… and enjoyed the moment?
    – He seduced her … and enjoyed the moment?
    – He conned her that it was a lolly and would benefit her career … and enjoyed the moment?
    I could go on ….
    ‘Set Up’ isn’t an option … He was a fool … thought he was beyond accountability and judgement.


  24. Well the AIDS won’t either.
    But then to get AIDS you have to engage in buggery or share needles.
    Oh well, AIDS it is then.


  25. It was a jolly good show that the BBC put onb. I almost fell for it. They all ought to recieve Oscars for that fake courtroom scene.


  26. Not sure whether I’m adding much but IF she is an illegal then under the VAWA legislation I believe she gets automatic US citizenship if she is ‘abused’.

    Just a thought !



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