1. Sorry John, but do you really think you have rights? A liberal democratic society. A free webb? I understand, I just got the joke, you were being ironic.


  2. The only thing that matters to most people is the “official position”.
    Anyone who questions it is on very soft ground.

    Arthur Schopenhauer comes to mind:
    “All truth passes through three stages.
    First, it is ridiculed, second it is violently opposed,
    and third, it is accepted as self-evident”


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  5. The same thing has made me turn off facebook. I guess my comments have been labled as spam . It’s been this way for a few weeks. I can’t post links on others walls or in any comment feed. I’m done with that site.


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  7. Is anyone really shocked by a Soros-funded joint like HuffPo? I mean really.

    Next thing you’ll be saying how shocked – shocked, I tell you – that there is really no difference between Dimocraps and Repugnants. It’s pro wrestling at its worst. They’re both the Big Government Party. They just go about it differently. And frankly, the Repugnants should LOVE Nobel War Prize winner Obama. I mean, he’s done more to advance Bush’s illegal war AND drag us into another.


  8. If I was the Government and I sent special forces in to kill Osama, I would make sure that PROOF…and I mean absolute proof…that it was Osama was available for the public. I wouldn’t say, “we got his DNA”. So what? They probably had that a long time ago. Also, since I am the government, of the US, If I was the government I would not give a dam about Muslim tradition, so I would not hurriedly dispose of the body in the ocean, where nobody can ever really find out for sure it was Osama.

    These are a few things I noticed about this story. When they said they were observing the Muslim laws about burial in 24 hours….You had to know something was up. These people don’t care about Muslim traditions or laws. If they really had Osama they would have gone out of their way to make sure that everyone would know of the irrefutable truth, and they would have dismissed the 24 hour Muslim law because this was a “special circumstance”. Then, by putting the body in the Ocean, nobody will ever be able to i.d. it. The only people that ID’d the body were agents and officials.

    But the people in the US, many are just stubborn. They will not listen to reason, even when it is quite clear to see. I am not so sure it can be entirely blamed on “dumbing down”. Most of them just know that if they allowed the facts into their lives, it would mean actually re-evaluating their entire reality and life. It takes strong people to face up to facts going on in this Country.


  9. Maybe Obama wants to end the “war on terror”, but can only do so if the myth of Bin Laden comes to an end. Obviously he couldn’t come out to tell the American people that Bin Laden was already death for years… so, they construed this “Bin Laden killed” story.

    Fine by me. Don’t focus on it too long!

    If Obama starts to bring US forces back from Afghanistan… and thereby curbing the heroin-profits of this corrupt cabal hidden inside the US military/intelligence institutions… then we should really prepare for real trouble!

    ps. Yes, I think Obama is basically a good man, but hasn’t got much power.
    pps. Yes, I think any US president has a ridiculous impossible task.


  10. Coporations have it made. They have complete free speech rights yet can deny free speech arbitrarily when they control the medium of communication.

    We will continue to be slaves to our creations until we say enough is enough and turn our backs on this corporatist Frankenstein we’ve built for ourselves.


  11. The people who use thier grey matter know it’s a put up job. The whole WTC theme is a scam to grab power. oil, and the innocent mind.


  12. I’ve been banned too, not just from Huffington post, but from the Telegraph . The minute I heard AOL bought the Huff, I knew that was it. My own site (wordpress) has been shut down a couple of times, and I always get a lame excuse that it was because of a link “not allowed by wordpress”. But I never give up. They shut down my site, I create another one. They ban me from commenting, I change my user name and comment again. I never let them discourage me.


  13. See how stupid THEY think we are? Waving a decade-old cadaver at us and expecting us to believe that OBL was killed yesterday. To add insult to injury, they try to stop us from saying that we know…


  14. JW:

    I too believe he is dead… but then again I have believed that for some years.

    The key question is WHEN did he die? That could have been answered by a detailed autopsy back in America. So why dump the body in the sea?

    Have they had his body for a l;ong time, and dumped it to prevent that from becoming generally known? Why NOW to announce the death?


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  16. personally think this a flag exercise and am now awaiting some catastrophe or terrorism act of (supposed) revenge.


  17. It’s a coverup. Barack Hussein Obama is helping his muslim brother Osama Bin Laden. It’s as simple as that. Al Qaeda controls the White House with the cell that Obama is.


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  19. Well, obviously people can allow or disallow whoever they want to appear on their own internet space. I would be more concerned if say, wordpress decided to deny access to your blog. Good to let folks know though, since people do overestimate the freedom of the internet. It’s more or less based on consumerism, these days.


  20. today whilst in the postoffice i notice the papers are priming us for a nuclear attack. – a revenge attack. this is gonna be the new ploy to try to instill fear. again sheeple we are being ruled by fear


  21. Why dont we all just turn off the mainstream news on tv and radio etc – that way there bs cannot reach us a massive boycott of mainstream media is waiting to happen. Throw away your tv!


  22. John; you ask ‘how come helicopters fell out of the sky but no Navy seals died’?

    If, for example, the tail rotor clipped the wall as it went into the compound and this led to it crashing, it doesn’t necessarily follow that the people inside it must die. Like having a minor bump in a car. I personally have skidded off the road, overturned in a car and walked away totally unharmed.

    Not that I know this was the case (I have read elsewhere the helicopter may have taken a hit as it came in, from a missle launched from the compound),; as the point I am making is that just because it went down, it doesn;t automatically follow there will be fatalities.

    You then ask: ‘where does it say in the Q’ran that Muslims should be buried at sea.’?

    It doesn’t say anywhere that Muslims should be buried at sea. What the Islam burial rules do say is that, ideally, a muslin should be buried in the ground, ‘so deep that its smell does not come out and the beasts of prey do not dig it out, and, if there is a danger of such beasts digging it out then the grave should be made solid with bricks, etc.’

    You will read, should you visit the link, that the third paragraph down (623), there are rules for burial at sea:

    ‘If a person dies on a ship and if there is no fear of the decay of the dead body and if there is no problem in retaining it for sometime on the ship, it should be kept on it and buried in the ground after reaching the land. Otherwise, after giving Ghusl, Hunut, Kafan and Namaz-e-Mayyit it should be lowered into the sea in a vessel of clay or with a weight tied to its feet. And as far as possible it should not be lowered at a point where it is eaten up immediately by the sea predators.

    Obviously he didnot die at sea, but my understanding, gleaned from the rolling news, is that the Suadis didn’t want his body, and it served the American interest for him to be buried at sea, so there would be no place on land that would act as a shrine and rallying point for those who share the deceased multi-millionaire bin Laden’s whim, of bringing about a global caliphate using methods of indiscrimiante mass murder by global terror attacks, beheadings and such, in order to secure rule by men-only who adhere to a perverted religious doctrine in which your life and mine, should they be successful in their goal, would be infintiely worse than it is now under the so called New World Order, Illuminati etc, here in Europe, where we have the most comfortable standard of living in the history of recorded humanity, and which you and your supporters here agree is terrible.


  23. Thanks for this, I agree pretty much with what you’re saying.

    I just find it odd to trash a $34 million vehicle (making escape precarious) unless there’s something you want to hide in it, or about what happened to it.


  24. Bear in mind that this was one of the biggest presidential gambles in recent history, because BO could’ve gone down spectacularly if his judgement was off and instead of being up in the polls, would have plummted even farther and enabled people like Donald Trump to carry on barking his, divisive and dangerous claptrap about Obama being a fraud and the product of affirmative action gone mad, unlike himself, born to the job of being a multi-millionaire loudmouth whose sole aim in life is dying with more money in the bank than anyone else.

    This weekend, depending on where one stands in the spectrum of thinking on this, can be painted as having been a pivotal moment in American history, that will be remembered as the moment Obama put the racist knockers to rest, along with dispelling the cultural miasma of conspiracy theories that mushroomed under Bush, not necessarily because there were numerous NWO conspiracies afoot, but because Bush was inept at communicating to the American people and had not the lawyers understanding or wit to deal with the various support actors whose corporate interests, a la Cheney et al, what was good for them, took hidden precendence, perhaps, over what was good for America.

    The people at the heart of the Bush administration who took advantage of Bush’s relative dumbness, men whose sole interest, like Trump’s, is making as much money as they can, mixing personal business with national and geo-politics, who engineered and made great wealth from what followed on from the tragedy of 9/11, milking the taxpayers via their business concerns.

    There’s evidence that Obama, a working class mixed race child of a single-mother, has a primary goal in life that is far from that of people like Bush, Trump and the rest in the race whose corporate religion has one aim of acquiring huge wealth (and still being unhappy); because reading his autobiographical book, Dreams From My Father, it’s clear he has a poet’s sensibility and touch. His prose amply reveals this, and what we are seeing now, is that poetical reality that arises out of a life lived transparently, honestly, in the sense that what you see is what you get.

    The thing about poetry is, it cannot be faked, and the conspiracy theories the Bush administrationm helped birth, under this argument, are down to decisions made for one reason, ie Cheney at al going into war for their businesses, being masked as decisions made for another reason, ie for America. Over time it became confusing because the good faith of the American people was taken advantage of, monumentally, by the multimillionaires holding office, whose sole focus was in a particular direction that acted in the sole interest of Corporate profit sheets, spinning disingeniously, as the GOP is now with their proposals of cutting services to the poor whilst giving tax breaks to the wealthiest multi-millionaires, that they are doing so in the best interests of Joe Average. That their proposals are good for America, rather than good for only the top 1% of Americans, like Trump, who will say anything as long as it gets him what he wants.

    Obama seems different because he has the artist’s intelligence, he acts like one and poetic proof cannot be faked. Trump was bumped out the picture, hung by his own petard, revealed for what he was, a man who started a fight with a poet and lost. Because most Democrats, like Clinton, have had things to hide from the public, the GOP have always been able to play dirty and win, by scaring their opponents and infecting the public debate with distraction-as-normal, like the TV ads based on fear; but now, for the first time since Kennedy, with a poetical sensibility running America, we are slowly re-discovering how and why recent, previous incumbents of this office, sowed the confusion BO is in the process of dispelling, just by being himself. By being transparent, honest and interested not in dying with the most money in the bank of anyone else, but by doing the right, decent thing by the country he is proving his own, for the purpose of setting an example to both black and white Americans. One people, indivisible, under God.


  25. The sad truth about a “democratic” society is that you are certainly free to say whatever you want, just so long as it doesn’t make anyone mad. When that happens you cannot say anything else.


  26. From large screen TV’s and mortgages the poetry of slavery to the masters will symbolize the bondage. When the pineal gland is set loose to roam free across the boundaries of ego gratification and dominator lust, then may be the corporation will return to our original partnership arrangement and cooperation and sensual delight in all that is transendental and ecstatic to experience GOD and be true representatives of nervous and magnetic intelligence to willfully question the order of authority with awareness and intent to decipher from the cryptic translations of neuro linguistic choreography. Digital phililogists and nano archeoligists will revive the archaic. Much Love


  27. Re-election, people, Re-election. Simple, effective way to capture the attention of the gullible public.


  28. I was banned and my profile deleted by Huff Post for posting that I don’t believe the fable of Osama Bin Killed By Navy Seals. I think he died many years ago and I posted information to support that (such as Benazir Bhutto’s 2007 interview with David Frost in which she states, in passing, that Bin Laden is dead – it’s on YouTube). I had been posting for 5 years, thousands of comments on all subjects and nearly 400 fans. I’m not bi-partisan – I didn’t believe Bush on Iraq and the WMDs either. I am still trying to get someone at HP to acknowledge my banning, not because I am desperate to post there, but because I find the censorship and general lack of outlets for alternate points of view in this supposedly free country, to be appalling. Yes, HP can censor whomever they want, but when everyone does that, there’s no outlet for freedom of speech. Freedom of speech becomes kind of pointless if you can only practice it in your kitchen. So let’s keep pulling back that curtain and take a good long look at the wizard back there.


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