Piers Morgan is rising without trace in America

Romping Arse (anag)

In case you missed it, veteran US chat-show host Larry King told the BBC yesterday that that his successor, Piers Morgan “may have been oversold” by CNN.

Speaking to Radio 4’s PM programme, King was asked about the ratings for Piers Morgan Tonight, and politely commented:

“One of the problems they did was oversell it. He was going to be dangerous, he was gonna be water-cooler talk…..the network would’ve been better off starting quieter. He’s not bad, but he’s not dangerous. I’d say he’s an acceptable host”.

My own view on the Romping Arse is that it would be impossible to undersell him. The American public agrees, and after two weeks on air three-quarters of them had switched off. At one point in Week 3, he scored worse than a rival documentary….about supermarkets.

But revolution in Egypt perked up his ratings last week, and then a large donation to Mitt Romney’s campaign got the world’s most boring Republican onto the show. The result was a rating still 36% below King’s lifetime average.

Oh Mr Moron, what have you done?

You’ve been a load of rubbish since you left the Currant Bun.