David Cameron ‘eyeing Will Lewis for Coulson job’.

Media Wunderkind Will Lewis

In a development which might suggest that David Cameron will never learn, the Slog understands that the Prime Minister is ‘toying with’ the idea of replacing Andy Coulson with Will Lewis.

Will Lewis is currently Group Development Director at…..News International. He is also close to – and greatly admired by – the Telegraph Chairman and Barclay twin son, Aidan Barclay.

This is possibly part of  much bigger story which I hope to post either later today or tomorrow.

In the meantime, Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt is giving News International ‘more time’ to try and avoid a referral of his BSkyB bid to the monopolies commission.

Stay tuned.

12 thoughts on “David Cameron ‘eyeing Will Lewis for Coulson job’.

  1. This morning I was expecting at least the DT to go after the NI quartet instead NOTHING.Has the DT and DM got a death wish in NOT covering this fraud and corruption,or are they so deeply involved they dare not speak?The “Fourth Estate”are really rolling over and are now in their collective death throws,if that is the case.


  2. Forget all that Cameron “Hug a Hoody” nonsense.

    In reality he has to Hug Rupert.

    Otherwise all those
    Cameron cocaine “conspiracy theories”
    might JUST gain legs.


  3. Like when Blair/Brown hugged Rupert, it kept the conspiracy theories about the former’s nickname being “Miranda” and the latter’s interest in young boys off the Red Tops? hhmmm.


  4. The more Cameron cosies up to NI – the more it looks like a cosy deal was done before the GE last may.

    I didn’t trust Cameron then – he has done nothing to inspire confidence since. Just another creepy crawley self seekihng trickster out for his own glorification.

    Its about time these politicians realised that the people do not want spin put on everything – it just makes them less impressed with the political system if everything we hear is subject to spin which are in effect distortion.

    As to the rest of the MSM – who would (when in the possession of half a braincell) use these for gathering knowledge of what is going on in the country/world today. We all know they are bought and paid for hacks – the only ‘clean’ sources being rubbished by the rest of the MSM.


  5. What do you think of Alasdair Campbell’s theory that Andy Gray has been sacked from Sky (but not Richard Keys) because Gray was suing NOTW over phone-hacking?

    And off-topic are you thinking of writing anything about being invested in Gold? There’s been a considerable price-correction but do you still have faith in the glittering stuff?


  6. You can never tell with Chemical Ali C’ampbell….probably just him getting in there with his size 14 spoon. I suppose the best idea is to ask Andy Gray himself.

    As for Gold, I’m buying more of it, and delighted by the chance to get it again at such a cheap price.


  7. John, I think you may be shown to have been ahead of the curve on this hacking scandal…I’ve just been listening to (yet) another Sky interview with someone affected by it. ISTM a very important issue which needs investigating is why the Met blocked access to the hacking evidence and decided to close the matter. It appears that victims are having to get the courts to order the police to release evidence. It looks increasingly likely that the Met are up to their necks in it, although who and why remains unclear…


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