IN BRIEF: The Times on Coulson

Obscure journalist resigns from political job

There is coverage across several pages of today’s Times about the Coulson affair. These I have audited as follows:

1. Articles mentioning Rupert Murdoch 0

2. Articles mentioning Newscorp 1 (By Matthew Parris, who is not on the staff)

3. Articles mentioning Andy Hayman, former cop and Times columnist 0

4. Articles saying it will soon blow over 3 (Including the Leader)

Just goes to show, doesn’t it: would a weakened BBC and a dominant Newscorp owning all of BSkyB be a good idea?

Probably not. Let’s see what the M&MC have to say about the deal.

Update: Sky News about to break story about phone hacking on other newspapers.

Just fancy that……

4 thoughts on “IN BRIEF: The Times on Coulson

  1. …and it only hit about 8th spot on BBC World News behind all sorts of other bits of less than newsworthy items on BBC World which is where I had to dig for the news here in the USA. And NO detail, no article just the bare fact of AC departing. No mention, as far as I could see on any of American “international” channels.


  2. The Sky news story from last night featured a solictor (firm not given) stating that he had clients (un-named) who were going to sue other newspapers (un-named, although he was shown holding a copy of the London Evening Standard). They’re going to have to come up with something better than that…


  3. Dunc
    I have a sense that the issue here could be dramatised for America under the general heading ‘privacy’.
    Few thinhgs are more dear to the US heart.


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