There’s a vaguely irate and amusing piece from Felix Salmon at the Reuters website this morning. It concerns the Chase Bank online cock-up from yesterday, following which the whole system went down. This was the bank’s urgency-laced and detailed total response to the disaster:

‘Bank spokesman Joseph Evangelisti said that it did not want to post updates until it had a full understanding of the problem.’

Waydergo, Joey. The bank, by the way, doesn’t have a Twitter account. I used to hate Twitter as being braindead chatter for chimps, but now I’ve come to my senses: Twitter is a way to tell the silo guys what you think of them. Which explains why Chase doesn’t have a etc etc etc.

Very rapidly, the banking guys are joining the ISP, telco, software, search engine and government guys down there in the deep, deep silos….where nothing can be heard and life is beautiful all the time.

Where it doesn’t matter if you put on the website “WE WANNA HEAR FROM YOU!” without any way of that great event occurring.

Where you feel safe because – although there used to be call centres-full of disabled folks to hide beneath – there’s now The Chatroom instead: that surreal prison camp borrowed from Kafka where lots of limbo-souls wander about saying “Say – I see you got that problem too – how about that?”

In the old physical world, bankers were always difficult to pin down. In the virtual one, they’re invisible.
Be very afraid of invisible bankers. Invisible bankers and stealth bombers. Don’t mess with them. It’s bad karma.