Slog’s appearance in top 100 blogs: a thank you

Without those who voted for The Slog and kept me going when at times it seemed pointless, thank you so much.

Straight in at N0 38 is very nice – being dubbed ‘Right Wing’ less so. I like to think of The Slog as a radical site devoid of denial, but there you go – that’s not a very snappy heading, really.

Anyway, many thanks again….greatly appreciated.

The Editor

12 thoughts on “Slog’s appearance in top 100 blogs: a thank you

  1. I can't see the right wing thing.I think labeling you as right wing was a little harsh.You seem equally willing to put the boot into whoever deserves it. Doesn't the left/right thing seem so one-dimensional now that communism has imploded?Isn't it about time somebody redefined the political divide to reflect the overwhelming differences between opposing ideologies? Like big-enders and little-enders?Oh, it's already been done.


  2. I too was a bit surprised to see you in the Right wing section. From your ramblings and mutterings I got the impression you were a bit left of centre. Congrats on the position though.A few other blogs aren't too sure why they are in certain categories. Eg. Al Jahom is placed in the Scottish section for some reason.


  3. Can't find the top100 list, is it the Total Politics website?Just wanted to use this opportunity to thank you for your efforts John, I check the site out about twice a day.


  4. Congrats! Well deserved recognition!I would imagine anything right of Fabian is considered 'right wing' these days, along with the ability to think for yourself.Keep up the great work!Thanks


  5. Left wing/right wing – it’s all relative. From where I stand you are just left of centre. I voted for The Slog and I am pleased to see you getting the recognition this blog deserves.


  6. Right wing certainly hits the mark. One would think it would be embarrassing to up there with other bigoted, intolerant internet rants but hey ho any fame is better than none


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