TURKEY: Government uses Kurdish rebellion as excuse to further tighten security laws.

Hundreds of Government opponents in Turkey are in prison without trial. The AK ruling Party is demonising the Opposition. This is the pro-Islamist State David Cameron is keen to have in the EU.

Every wannabe Nazi regime needs its Reichstag fire. Turkey’s Islamist ruling party AK has been looking for one for a while now. In the last year alone, AK has accused the army of plotting revolution, YouTube of showing disrespect to Allah, and the Judiciary of standing in the way of ‘democratisation’.

Now it’s accusing the Opposition of fomenting Kurdish violence.

AK has hijacked democratisation – as so many extremist organisations and States do. Communist hard-line states were always Peoples’ republics. Gaza flotillas are about Humanitarian Rights and Freedom. Turkey’s Government Party initials are themselves the abbreviation for ‘Justice and Development Party’. The idea is to make it impossible to argue with the stated ideals. Hitler chose ‘National Socialist’ for exactly this reason: both Left and Right could go with it, and only the treasonous could oppose it.

New Kurdish disturbances have broken out at either end of the country. Predictably, yesterday the Government alleged that ‘the opponents of democratic change have triggered these ethnic riots’.

“In both cases we have to take into account the probability of provocations, and the intelligence services are investigating these probabilities,” Security Minister Sadullah Ergin told a group of reporters in Istanbul. Not possibilities, mind you: probabilities.

What Sadullah Ergin was less forthcoming about is the certainty that lots of AK’s opponents are languishing in jails throughout Turkey while awaiting trial: hundreds of Turkish bureaucrats, journalists and military officers are currently waiting to be tried as alleged ‘deep-state’ conspirators. Understandably, the Opposition parties across the Parliament’s debating aisle from AK see these charges as trumped-up – more signals that the Government is leaning further and further towards the dictatorship of Islam.

While Mr Ergin was ‘briefing’ journalists yesterday, in that very same Parliament building the British Prime Minister David Cameron told Turkish MPs how ‘angry’ he felt that Turkey is being kept out of Europe…and how he admired the steps being taken to secularise the country in preparation for an EU membership he wholeheartedly supports.

There’s no point having a go at Cameron; he doesn’t know any better. But the FCO (which throughout the 1930s saw Hitler as an ally to throw against Bolshevism) is of the view that it is better to have Turkey inside the EU tent, rather than outside pissing in. It doesn’t seem to occur to the Foreign Office that, once inside the EU, they will start pissing all over our democratic secular values….in much the same way as Britain’s Islamists are already doing.

2 thoughts on “TURKEY: Government uses Kurdish rebellion as excuse to further tighten security laws.

  1. You're absolutely right, wannabe socialist dictatorships always choose nice warm names and cosy labels to describe themselves. New Labour always blathered on about "justice" "fairness" "equality" and all the rest of it. Who could disagree with that? The latest label, like the American Dems, is to describe themselves as "progressive" ..as if anything socialist is ever really progressive. But it only needs to fool the unthinking long enough to get votes and power.As for Cameron and Turkey. If India is anything to go by, he's modifying foreign policy through the prism of increasing trade to save Britain from a fate worse than decline. Perhaps he thinks that with Turkey inside the EU it will improve UK trade and provide jobs.


  2. The only thing that would be good about having Turkey in the EU would be that it would put an end to the old desperate British women seeking Turkish young studs – who only want them for a passport ! They would no longer have to pretend that Fat and Ugly is beautiful as they could come here anyway !I thought Cast Iron Dave was reckoned to be anti EU (snorts loudly from behind hands !) in which case – why would he encourage ANYONE ELSE to join ?Has he even been to Turkey and seen the zillions of Turkish 'Gypsies' who do the jobs no one else will do in Turkey ? The (mutilated) beggars on the streets – You can guarantee they'll be popping right over for a hand out !


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