Europe’s blindness about real life will land us all in a real mess

There is a socio-political axis – which one could broadly describe as the superstate liberal left – which has, as one of its chief aims, the desire to stamp out anything natural….and promote all things unnatural. This is not a new conclusion for me or anyone else, but it does explain why they’re wrong about almost everything most of the time.

In turn, that assertion is way beyond the bigoted ‘I’m right, you’re wrong’ playground stuff of life. History can take centuries before even beginning to prove whose ideas might be right or wrong, but that doesn’t apply to judgements. Now that we can see the results of judgements in Britain’s recent past, the consequences, I would contend, are genuinely empirical: licentious sex has proved to be a socio-familial disaster, the approbation of heavier social drinking is putting huge strains on both the police and the NHS, non-competitive secondary education has lowered standards, bigger prisons have made reoffending worse, immigration has put the State under unnecessary fiscal pressure….the list goes on and on.

The two things many people still don’t get are (a) why more lifelong liberals like me can’t see the failures; and (b) why – far from this provoking a reappraisal of long-held beliefs – it seems only to increase the efforts of Fluffies to press ahead with bad science that denies the realities. Social anthropology, neuroscience, cognitive theory, economics, genetics and gender-based behaviourism have all made gigantic leaps – but the social democrat intelligentsia remains in awed admiration of all things refuted and discredited. The Axis of Denial has become a mediaeval Catholic church punishing any person or institution daring to question the belief that phlogiston causes combustion and the sun revolves around a flat Earth.

For politics in any country, seeing reality and seeking insights are prerequisites for successful government in the name of an educated People. So to take a contemporary example, the recognition of a surrounded and threatened Israel is eschewed in favour of support for regimes which abhor both democracy and gender equality, and keep their citizens in a state of dangerous ignorance. What seems at first sight like an unlikely alliance in fact makes perfect sense: it is the exact parallel of a controlling papacy applauding the actions of the Spanish Inquisition.

Once any movement starts burning heretics (or banning comment threads) it is bound to become an anti-libertarian, anti-human development institution. And equally certain is that any and all opposing views will be at best ridiculed and at worst demonised. This is especially true when auditing the nature of Homo sapiens.

While those observations could apply just as well to Free Market economists, on the Left they have an infinitely wider range of disastrous consequences. Friedmanites might – and often do – get human reactions to markets, prices and futures hopelessly wrong – but events find them out in a clinically mathematical way in the end. The Axis of Denial I’m describing can avoid being found out by putting every detractor in a box labelled ‘Nasty’ – and turning off the sound from within.

In our 2010 world, I think this syndrome applies most obviously to the European Union. As a long-time analyst of human behaviour and mass communication, it has been blindingly obvious to me since around 1985 that first, those in charge had a secret, Federalist agenda; and second, once that agenda began to fall apart in the light of real life, old enmities were bound to resurface very quickly. Such a view is based on learning from the disciplines of anthropology in general, and pack mentality in particular.

Real life, in fact, is the summation of what leftist fans of State interference will not recognise – however bad things get. And it is this that makes them infinitely more dangerous for cultural health than any banker or multinational CEO.

The EU headed towards federalism because it refused to recognise pack anthropology, imagining it could persuade 27 different cultures to identify with one giant cacophony of contradiction.

The EU got into a currency mess because it imposed one currency upon 27 different economies, without the Federal control required to make human beings obey the rules.

The EU fell into a fiscal hole because it denied the human nature that will always take something for nothing, not value it like something self-made, and then abuse the privilege.

The EU is faltering because it simply will not accept that for all these different cultures, any form of undemocratic and illiberal imposition can never – not in a million years – evoke the sort of affectionate patriotism that makes citizens want to defend it.

And the EU will fail to predict subsequent violence and nihilistic nationalist resentment because it insists on treating every nation as if it was Belgium – an artificial construct of nothing binding it as a pack with which to identify….and which is itself therefore breaking up as I write.

In just the six months of this year now gone, there has been Franco-German animosity, UK-Brussels animosity, Greek-EU animosity, a Spanish-German trading of overt insults, and an overall split between Lutheran thrift and Mediterranean laissez-faire. Things are only in the first stages of stress, and already the Union looks and sounds like a class of squabbling children about to progress to pubescent truculence. Anyone with a scintilla of foresight can see where this is leading….but not the continent’s social democratic Establishment.

The age of liberal beneficence in the face of human nature is coming to an end, but watching it do so will be like watching paint dry, as long as the hegemony of the Fluffies remains. The failure of the EU in anything remotely resembling its current form may be obvious to those who learn from life now and history gone before. But no matter how overt the signs of natural human resistance become, the Commission’s protestations of imminent success just around the corner will continue for some considerable time yet.

We must all pray that citizen exasperation doesn’t evoke sanctimonious self-defence (and then praetorian violence) from those who fancy themselves to be in control. Because if it does, anarchy is a certainty…and serfdom a distinct possibility.