LOCAL GOVERNMENT: Another home of the fluffy gene in Homo sapiens.

Local Government officers want to know if you’re ready,
because they aren’t.
Hot on the heels of the Slog’s rundown of UK local government’s financial mess, a reader from the Thames Valley writes with electronic evidence that everything’s alright really, because the deficit is other people’s money, not theirs. The irate curse-spitting Slogger alerts us to his receipt of a

’25-page booklet entitled “Are you ready?”, which I actually think should have been called “Are you thick?”.

‘Are you Ready?’ has form: it’s also been used in the West Country here and there to use up spare budget funds, when it was called ‘Are You Prepared?’. Obviously the national reading age couldn’t cope with two-syllable words.

This particular version of the meaningless obvious has been organised by The Thames Valley Resilience Forum. This radical group has its own “Emergency Planning Officers” and “Resilience Managers”, more silly-billies made possible by the 2004 Civil Contingencies Act.

It was one of New Labour’s 37,600 new laws, requiring Councils to ‘make information available to the public’ – a somewhat broad and ill-focused brief. It seems that Milton Keynes is even planning a “Launch Event” for the brochure. The things to be prepared for include:

Building evacuation
Severe weather
Heavy snow and extreme cold
High winds
Hot weather
Infectious diseases
Loss of power and water
Security incident
Volcanic eruptions

and I made the last two up. A lady at West Berks said taxpayers should not worry about the cost to Council Tax, as contributions had also been made by Thames Valley Police, the NHS, the Environment Agency, the Health Protection Agency , and three Fire & Rescue services (Oxon, Buck and Berks). And they, as we all know, get their funds from the tooth fairy.

The fact that the Councils ‘have to’ do this is rubbish: the 2004 Pitt Act is vague enough to allow for the sending of one A4 mono leaflet once a year saying ‘Hello we are local council, you unfortunate citizen. You pay us money, we arse about’.

The thing that I find most concerning about the mentality of NALGO’s finest is what on earth they’re going to do when Osborne’s machete falls upon their necks. Because clearly, they are quite unfit for a life which has anything to do with commerce, long division or reality. Which leaves only teaching – and we certainly don’t want them anywhere near that.

4 thoughts on “LOCAL GOVERNMENT: Another home of the fluffy gene in Homo sapiens.

  1. No John this is happening all the time. I went to a neighbourhood meeting recently which included an earnest woman from the Environment Agency who told us we were all at risk of catastophic flooding due to global warming. We should now all pack a case containing all our important documents; money; packaged food; changes of clothing; torches; a radio; spare batteries; the list went on. You would need a shipping trunk not a case.Anyway this case should be kept by the back door so that we'd be ready to flee at a moment's notice. She also had lots of expensive literatureShe was followed by another woman who we thought was exhibiting signs of insanity. She was from another quango and told us all about the dangers of the drug of the moment, methadrone was it? Anyway hundreds were dying in the streets so she'd brought us some shiny literature to read. She rather lost the mainly middle aged audience when she said that she was currently an alcoholic and a reformed drug addict although she had tried this new drug.There seem to be legions of these people out there all spending our money without a care.


  2. Jobsworths have exploded in the lst 13yrs.It's difficult to grasp the mentality of anyone who is happy to consume taxpayers' hard earned money on such nonsense. Here's a £5 million Labour spending programme that was axed by Osborne a few weeks ago:"Teaching Children How To Play"


  3. I have just got a "SAFER PETERBOROUGH PARTNERSHIP PLAN" sent to me ( it crashed my PC) and 800 other folks because somehow they got my address as I`d written to someone there once. They omitted to `BCC it` so we are now all in `CC touch with` each other, un asked.


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