SINGLE MUMS v THE STATE: The Staffordshire tentacles stretch far and wide.

Top horror story in the last week or so has been the British mum Lianne Smith, charged with murdering her two kids in Spain. The alleged infanticide followed the arrest of her husband Martin in Barcelona after he was accused of child sex offences.

Lianne, who lived in Lichfield, Staffs, put the blame for her situation on the authorities in the UK with this chilling statement – the content of which will be all-too-familiar to nby and Slog regulars:

“Social services in Staffordshire and their policy of ‘forced adoptions’ are to blame for this. If we were dealing with the police and court system I would still be here for Martin.”

4 thoughts on “SINGLE MUMS v THE STATE: The Staffordshire tentacles stretch far and wide.

  1. Whilst I do appreciate your blog, I do think you will find that infanticide is only applicable in the first twelve months of an infants life!

  2. Murder, child murder, what the heck. Staffordshire has a terrible track record for institutional child abuse. I have written to the Bishop of Lichfield 5 times asking him to do something, but he aint bovvered. This town has got some really creepy people at the helm.

  3. Leanne Smith apparently upset some of the big wigs in child protection in Cumbria where she worked. I live in Cumbria and have dealings with the same teams, I can testify from personal experience that there is something very sinister going on up here. I am sure that if I was to speak to martin or leanne, the same corporate criminal names would emerge.

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