Robert Winnett….careful about personal privacy
The Slog today reveals how the two authors behind the David Laws ‘scandal’ (surely an exaggeration? Ed) have been making money from political expenses claims non-stop since 2007.

Scan the journalistic output of Gordon Rayner, Robert Winnett and Holly Watt at Journalisted, and you’ll discover that they share one niche: earning a living from other people’s expenses.
This practice is clearly not just to do with them: it is part of a culture of acceptance of this kind of sleaze at The Times and the Telegraph. In fact one way and another, it’s all a bit inbred.

Robert Winnett began at The Murdoch Times, writing about…..expenses. Then he was headhunted to work with Gordon Rayner at the Telegraph – writing about…..expenses. Together they wrote a best-selling book about…..expenses.

Winnett then attracted the young Holly Watt over from Murdochania to work with him, writing about…..expenses, because she had made a name for herself writing about…..expenses. (I wonder if, by any chance, Mr Winnett broke any Digger contracts about staff attraction? I think we should be told).

This is indeed a consistently shocking tale of hacks living off the back of MPs’ expenses. But now for the first time, The Slog feels impelled in the public interest to out Robert Winnett as a long-term Cleggeronophobe with a penchant for doing Simon Heffer impersonations.

We can now reveal that guilty man Winnett is:

* The man who wrote the bollocks about Clegg’s EU expenses
* The man who wrote the bollocks about YouGov’s Peter Kellner being biased
* The man to whom the New Statesman refers as ‘a peddler of vomitous Tory propaganda’
* The Deputy Political Editor who never misses an opportunity to slag off the Coalition Government.
* A really very Right Wing journalist indeed who thinks David Cameron is a Spawn of the Devil.

Anyone fancy a further bit of smearing? On 19th September 2004, Robert Winnett wrote this piece which some would consider an argument sympathetic to the BNP.

Not good enough? OK, want to read a nasty homophobic article by Robert Winnett? Then follow that link.

We all need to remember at all times that everyone – no matter how sanctimonious – has an agenda. And the more sanctimonious the person, the more hidden the agenda.

Those who live by the sword shall surely die by it, Robert baby.

UPDATE: A day later, and The Telegraph is after Kaws’ replacement Danny Alexander.


  1. As expected, the Telegraph is now coming after Danny Alexander. They will eviscerate every last Lib Dem partner to make the Cameron back down on the Capital Gains Tax raise. Already Osborne is looking to "take the sting" out of CGT. It is clear that the worst enemy of the Coalition is the Tory hard right, not the likes of Campbell.


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