David Laws: Why The Slog was wrong

David Laws may be the victim of more
than just a homophobic newspaper.

Over the last 24 hours, I’ve been digging into the David Laws case more deeply….and reading as much as I could about the man. I have also finally made contact with The Slog’s favourite LibDem mole.

I want to offer an apology to Laws this morning – not because he reads this site (he doesn’t) but because first, in the light of what Slogger’s Roost has since learned, I appear to have made an error of judgement – and the readers deserve to know this.

It seems that Laws’ chief motive was to hide his sexuality – and given his treatment by the Telegraph, he was right. Fine, he’s rounded up the odd expense claim here and there – but he doesn’t claim for his house in Somerset, and it was the 2006 expenses rule change on ‘partners’ that caught him out. He has since bought a property separate from James Lundie. And last but not least, he did the decent thing by resigning quickly, honestly and unreservedly. I got that wrong: he is a better man than I thought.

Secondly, however, there are some aspects of this case – circumstantial at the moment, but they’re there – which suggest there might be more to this case than has been made public. Funny how you dig for something….and then find something else.

Stay tuned.

8 thoughts on “David Laws: Why The Slog was wrong

  1. He did three things that attracted the "dark forces" – firstly he revealed Byrne's letter, secondly he looked competent at finding waste, thirdly he worked for new labour's arch enemy, George Osbourne.


  2. The Slog needs to ask himself why The Daily Torygraph held this story and then released it at this particular time. Far from being in New Labour's sight, (as suggested by Anon above), the assasins are much more likely to be found among the anti-coalition Tories and their friends on the DT.


  3. It is which end of the Anti-Coalition wreckers maybe responsible for this assassination that is taking up my time at the moment. Winnett, in particular, has the right 'form'.


  4. Laws is centre right – far more enemies on the left than right. Laws had conceded that Redwood's CGT plans were "ingenious". My money is on Al Campbell and Mandy – Question Time is probably also relevant.


  5. I think it's pretty well acknowledged everywhere that where there's any whiff of smears, sleaze and underhand chicanery it's indicative of Campbell & Mandelson.Will no-one rid me of these turbulent agitators? (Apologies to Henry II)


  6. At the end of Question Time, Alastair Campbell held up a picture of the cabinet minister he said should have been on the panel, Mr David Laws. He then said, “No bottle, new bond villain.” I was puzzled by his action at the time, but now it looks like he was claiming a scalp.


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