In a brazenly synchronised return to normality this morning, the euro continued its decline against other major currencies. Following a day in which a Monty Pythonic ‘Nobody expects the euro recovery’ sketch was played out, the manufactured upswing was abruptly reversed at 9.40 am London time.

Yesterday’s contrarian 24-hour rally of the EU currency caught even the FT unawares; somehow yesterday, it wound up printing a Short View column that asserted:

‘The euro was the first to feel the presumably unintended consequences of Germany’s bombshell naked short selling ban. It slumped more than a cent against the dollar’.

The piece got forgotten – but serves to ram home just how crazy a ‘currency recovery’ is when both the commentariat and events suggest a huge flight of investors elsewhere.

If only there was a way of finding out what the Goldman Sachs proprietary and commission trades were during that surreal window of opportunity….was yesterday another one of their 63-straight days of profit?

I think we should be told.