Jeremy Paxman interviewed Gordon Brown tonight. Here is a transcript:

“Globalglobalglobalglobal nothing I could do globalglobalglobal I did everything possible globalglobalglobalglobal I me I me I me globalglobalglobal don’t cut this year don’t cut this year globalglobalglobalglobal Tories wrong values globalglobalglobalglobal didn’t start here not my fault globalglobalglobal read my speeches from 1998 globalglobalglobalglobal NHS cancer old people pupils globalglobalglobalglobal one million in one million out points system points system immigration falling globalglobalglobalglobal hobblegibblegobbledibbledabbledobble thankyou”.

3 thoughts on “GlobalBrownglobalgordongobble

  1. I'm not sure why the gorgon put himself through a Paxman interview. So predictable. Tractorstats that meant nothing to anyone and made him look even more incompetent.


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