In this, the concluding piece on the Respect candidate for Poplar & Limehouse, The Slog wonders whether Gorgeous George is really an enigma at all.

Talk to ten people around George Galloway, and you’ll get ten sets of hypotheses about what motivating belief, if any, drives him. But every respondent will add, ‘To be honest, I don’t think anyone knows for sure’.

This would seem odd for a man who is so bluntly outspoken on so many issues. But if you start instead from the assumption that George does have a credo, things fall rather more consistently into place. My starting point became – the more I read and heard – that a clue to this might lie in the persistent arguments and fallings-out Galloway seems to have with Trotskyists.

The wonkish debates and schisms that characterise far-Left politics are a mystery to most people, but not to those of us unfortunate enough to have lived in the People’s Republic of Lambeth during the 1970s. For simplicity’s sake, however, the greatest divide in the Communist church lies between Stalinists and Trotskyists.

Josef Stalin’s greatest enemy was Leon Trotsky. Stalin’s agents tracked him down to South America and assassinated him with an ice pick. On his own admission (and this is at least one thing upon which most George observers can agree) Galloway has a long track-record of antipathy to Trotskyists. It is this antipathy that has caused so much trouble between the Socialist Workers Party (SWP) and Respect.

Today, I do no more than set out the evidence as I see it which gives support to the argument that George Galloway is little more than an unreconstructed Stalinist.

As most readers may find this analysis overlong and tedious, it is set apart on another page of the site here – where you can comment or not as you wish.

My only concluding question to the voters of Poplar & Limehouse would be that – if this hypothesis is true – why would any of you, in 2010, want to vote for a candidate whose political credo is that prehistoric?

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