Revealed: Some reasons behind the Mandy ‘we will join Euro’ proclamation.

There may be rather personal reasons why Lord Mandelson is keen to talk up the Euro.

If you’ve been wondering why Mandy wants to show British confidence in the Euro, we may be able to offer you a clue here and there.

First off, to retain his European Union pension, Peter mustn’t criticise its institutions. The pension pays him £31,000-a-year (just enough to cover his wristwatch bill).

Second, continued good behavior will allow him to have this sum index-linked in perpetuity, should he by some misfortune reach 65. An annuity on this basis would cost the Lord of the Ring in excess of half a million quid on the open market.

Third, Manglesum will not get his EU contract pay-off of £230,000 (and a £15,000 relocation fee) if he commits the cardinal sin – to paraphrase Peter’s own syntax – he ‘talks the Euro down’.

I always find that it helps to work out the agenda these days, don’t you?

4 thoughts on “Revealed: Some reasons behind the Mandy ‘we will join Euro’ proclamation.

  1. Sorry — I know that I'm incredibly naive — but if a Government Minister, albeit in the Lords, is subject to personal considerations which may influence the decisions he makes, surely he should be removed from office? Why are the opposition not up in arms about this? Why isn't Cameron putting the boot in at PMQ's? Why…Got to go and take my tablets.


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