Confusion worsened by Tessa Jowell’s ‘economical’ Commons answers

Sir John Chilcot has told associates he is ‘angry’ about Government stalling on document declassification, The Slog has learned. We understand that most if not all of the panel members resent the growing perception that it is the Inquiry itself which is delaying publication.

In a classic piece of New Labour Double-talk, Tessa Jowell recently gave this Commons reply to a question about Chilcot being furnished with the information it needs:

“Government Departments have provided, or are in the process of providing, copies of all documents and electronic information they hold which the inquiry has so far requested.”

This could of course cover up a multitude of sins. Being in the process of doing something means not, as such, having done it. As yet.

“Chilcot himself has asked for information but has not yet been given it” said our usual mole, “And one or two of the panellists are furious about it”.

We understand that Sir Roderic Lyne is the most outspoken of the critics.