David Nicholson presided over disaster in Stafford…and then became CEO of the National Health Service.

A new development suggests that there is a culture of corrupt secrecy embedded in Stafford Hospital. And the man who was ultimately responsible is now in charge of the whole NHS.

Kate Levy, Stafford Hospital’s Legal Secretary, is undergoing an internal investigation. Local activist Julie Bailey confirmed the case to The Slog late yesterday.

We understand the investigation concerns alleged conspiracy to falsify the death certificate on a 21 year-old male patient. The local coroner’s office refused to comment yesterday,but we are told the County Coroner Andrew Haigh has given evidence to the investigation.

A third party (believed to be a doctor at the hospital) appears to be alleging that Levy asked for the cause of death to be altered in favour of natural causes, but we cannot confirm this. Further Slog enquiries yesterday failed to reveal the identity of the complainant.


  1. Ive always said 'The Truth Will Out' ad 'Justice Will Prevail' and so it will, and so it must be. I will not give up until Stafford Social Services return my son to where he belongs with ME his mother and HIS OWN family. When that day comes I will be the happiest mother on earth.


  2. They (Stafford SS: Charlotte Jenkins, Bridget Knight, Mike Berry and co) might try to brainwash my son but my son Alex is a very intelligent child and hopefully he will see through their lies and know the truth in his heart that his Mummy loves him and wants him back home.


  3. My son is either being brainwashed or threatened by Stafford SS or his foster 'carer' Karen Malpass and this is what needs investigation by the so called CP Police not the persecution of an innocent mother.


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