Child psychiatrist George Hibbert is undergoing a formal General Medical Council Inquiry while being employed by Staffs Social Services.
Yet another reason why the people of Staffordshire are asking if there’s anything behind the slick social care logo (left)

Thanks to a ludicrous gagging order, this is an odd story because I can’t tell you the name of the victim of what I’m revealing:a heartless scam made possible by social care negligence.

Staffordshire Social Care (yes, it’s the capital of collapsing services again) uses the services of one George Hibbert – a psychiatrist located handily in Swindon. Dr Hibbert and his live-in partner Jill Canvin have an interesting past.

As the Guardian reported (16.8.2001) the couple tried with other promoters to launch GW Pharmaceuticals, a firm developing drugs from cannabis, onto the market.
GW was supported prior to its £175m flotation in June 2001 by a list of prominent people, many of whom saw the value of their investments surge five-fold in the public offering. GW’s flotation infuriated analysts and fund managers, who claim the offering was hyped and over-priced. Immediately after the flotation, shares in GW went into freefall as investors dumped stock.
“Hibbert did well out of it” a well-placed legal source told us yesterday. Investors didn’t.

George Hibbert is also doing well out of Broken Britain. He has a lucrative contract with Staffordshire Social Services: they send him lots of mothers (who’ve had their children removed and put into care) and he spends four to six weeks ‘assessing’ them. For this he is paid, on average, £8,500 a week.

The thing is, his assessments tend to suggest the ‘patients’ have conditions requiring ‘treatment’…at his clinic. One victim of this system – who can’t be named thanks to gagging orders – alleges:

“He told the social I was bipolar, which is rubbish. I discharged myself and got a second opinion from Stafford Mother & Baby Unit. They said the bipolar diagnosis was totally without foundation.”

The two psychiatrists refuting Hibbert’s diagnosis were Drs Singh and Hofberg. In the light of this outcome, a GMC investigation into Hibbert’s activities has begun. The Slog contacted the GMC earlier this week, and was given a ‘we can neither confirm nor deny Dr Hibbert’s fitness to practice’. But other sources confirm that he is indeed under formal GMC scrutiny: the inquiry reference number is ME/C1-205725548, and the investigating officer is Mark Elliot.

Environmental Law campaigner Dr Karta Badshar confirms the widely-held doubts about George Hibbert:

“He’s making a fortune out of this,” he alleged, “when there is often nothing wrong with these patients. He is also using cheap immigrant labour at his clinic, rather than properly qualified people. But you see, this can all be covered up because of the unhealthily incestuous relationship between social workers and judges. It is a scandal”.

The Guardian (like the Slog) has been hammering away at Staffs Social Care incompetence for some years. One spectacular example from their pages in 2004 recorded how the authority had to:

‘….set up a £10,000 trust fund for her. Staffordshire county council is to take the unusual step on the recommendation of the local government ombudsman, who today finds the authority guilty of maladministration causing injustice to the girl, now 16…’

And as for Jill Canvin…she is (guess what) a solicitor specialising in childcare. A source who (again) cannot be named alleged on Wednesday this week:

“She turned up for a meeting as a supposedly objective legal person. Nobody know she was Hibbert’s girlfriend”.

Ms Calvin is (we were told by her pa Tuesday last) ‘moving on’. In rather a hurry, and far too much of a hurry to return five calls made to her offices by The Slogger over three days. George Hibbert also refused to answer our calls.

Next in the saga: This is not an isolated case. How judges collude with ‘Social Worker Law’, and why their role should be reformed.