Did one senior New Labour figure hold the key to Brown’s succession?

Gordon Brown came to power unopposed and unelected. Was he helped in the process by damning evidence against Tony Blair?

Like John F. Kennedy thirty-seven years earlier, Tony Blair came to power with a clean-cut, charismatic image that promised ‘safe’ change, more social justice, and a strong head on his shoulders. But also like JFK, the youthful leader of ‘New’ Labour had more than a few skeletons trailing behind him. True or not, they remain the subject of intense gossip – and a number of incontrovertible facts – to this day.

They cover not only his early years as a barrister and MP, but also key moments when he was at the height of his power and reputation as an international statesman and warlord.


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13 thoughts on “Did one senior New Labour figure hold the key to Brown’s succession?

  1. All belting good stuff especially taking on a case involving "refusal to pay holiday pay to employees at a trouser factory" – now that's a turnup for the books. Surprised he had nothing more pressing at the time. Still, stopped him slacking he probably took it in his strides anyway.


  2. Interesting. There always was something baffling about the Tanzanian deal. I would excise Ms Booth's tea & biccies with Yasser Arafat in 2008 – he'd been dead 4 years by then. Lauren's a bright girl, she'd have noticed. It was actually Mahmoud Abbas. Oh how I wish he had been cottaging – TB & George Michael, Hampstead Heath, some serious moonlight…Toodle pip!


  3. neonoctafishOops…bit of a bloomer. I have news archive caption to blame though…it DID show a picture of La Booth with Yasser,but labeled it 2008.Thanks for the tip.JW


  4. Very interesting,why is the general media so disinterested in why we are where we are today? People need to take responsibility and others taken to account. I thought your piece very informative and congratulate your persistence


  5. Historically an important piece, and a clear synopsis of one of the most ruthless modern PMs in Britian. Like Clinton, Blair charmed his way to the top and then in maybe a more spectacular way, in the end blundered his nation into disaster. I suppose Clinton’s darkest legacy is setting up the US first for Bush II’s election, and then Osama and 9/11.


  6. Interesting. This jogged a memory of Derry Irvine saying he knew Bliar before the twat was sure whether he was “Arthur or Martha”.

    But these days, that’s just not a big deal.

    Thank you.


  7. I thought Tony Blair resigned because I wrote a football song about him. Go ask Dominic Lawson……..


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