Exclusive: Chilcot panel split as Straw is recalled

Straw…ageing under the pressure?

As exclusively predicted here yesterday, the Chilcot Inquiry has decided to recall one of the key ‘war legality’ witnesses. Jack Straw will now reappear before the panel on February 8th.

The Inquiry has allotted three hours for his second session. But sources close to the inquiry told The Slogger this morning that the panel is ‘split down the middle’ about further witness recalls. I understand that at least one panel member found Elizabeth Wlimshurst’s evidence ‘damning’, and is pushing for Geoff Hoon to reappear. Although Hoon was not an ever-present member of the Inner War Circle, it is thought he may have more to add in relation to military opinion about invasion viability.
Meanwhile, pressure remains on the Inquiry to recall Alistair Campbell. And as former Attorney General Goldsmith prepares to give evidence, the Guardian today reveals that he has funded his defence with taxpayer money.

4 thoughts on “Exclusive: Chilcot panel split as Straw is recalled

  1. It's nice to see these horrible cruel people getting their come uppance.I went through absolute hell for year after year after year because of Jack Straw and his secret family court childstealing cronies. I kept writing to Jack Straw – the Anti Corruption Tsar and the Justice Minister, and BEGGED that man time and time again to help me, I really pleaded with him, and I told him how I had been treated in a diabolical way in the secret family court as have thousands of other British women. He and Bridget Prentice both blatently told me bare faced lies! He lied in a more subtle way than her, being a trained lawyer, but a lie is a lie no matter how subtle and crafty it is. Jack Straw is indeed looking old and frightened. It's hard for me to have any pity for him though, as I know that somewhere in the country in secret courts all over the UK there is at least one woman weeping for the children that have been unjustly stolen away from them, to feed the forced adoption marketplace, and as Jack Straw and all his cronies have shown no pity to these poor mothers and their infants, I cannot find it withinn me to feel any for him. Anyway, he should count his lucky stars that at least he is getting a fair trial, in front of all the media and that is more than we secret family court oppressed families get!


  2. That was the most agonising long winded wriggling session I have ever seen. I think Lord Goldsmith is very good at his job. I don't really mean that as a compliment. Goldsmith emphatically denied that he was bullied into changing his mind about the legalities of Britain attacking Iraq by Baroness Morgan and Lard Falconer. It will be interesting to see if he takes the Guardian newspaper to court over this so called false accusation. I'm surprised Lard Falconer and Baroness Morgan have not done so, if it rs not true, after all, it's a pretty serious allegation.Incidentally, Lard Falconer is the ex Justice Minister who elected to keep the secret family childstealing torture chamber illegal courts closed to the media in 2006. That was just before he was replaced by Jack Straw, and went to work at a little job he already had lined up at the American law firm, Gibson Dunn and Crutcher, who had just recieved an award for faciliating the fast track adoption of children. Incidentally, Gibson Dunn and Crutcher was the law firm that Bush employed during his contraversial election as Predident of the USA. It is contraversia because some people reckon that it was not exactly fair and above board.


  3. ZoompadI've been through it, just not as bad as you, I don't think. I haven't seen my daughter for 11 years.Request: I want to nick your two comments and post them on my BNP-supporting blog. Won't do it unless you say so.


  4. Of course you can, please feel free to reprint anything of mine. After all that secret family court gagging and stifling, it's nice to have freedom of speech. I used to think the government was good, at least I thought thgat people in the Houses of Parliament were on a higher level than I was, I thought I was quite low because of being molested as a child. But at least my mum and dad brought me up to tell the truth. I feel really shocked the way these people are behaving. How can they feel ok about telling such big whoppers in front of the television cameras? No wonder Jack Straw said he wished it could have been in secret, I suppose it is at least a good thing that at least he has a tiny microscopic bit of concience if he can come out with that. You can tell when they are lying, its so obvious. Some of them are better at it than others though. Its a wonder that they don't get Paul McKenna in to give them all a crash course on how to lie more convincingly. I expect Cafcass and Corum and the rest of the secret family court liars and chancers can't spare him though.


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