LEVESON: An enquiry into the truth about press standards has created a new collective noun for dishonesty

Being matter of fact about distorting matters of fact

Former Chancellor suffers devastating attack of African sleeping sickness

While the following comment might seem a completely random start to this piece, it’s highly relevant to the point. This morning on BBCNews, I listened as a morally and logically challenged Conservative lady MP told the interviewer, when asked about the LibDems abstaining on the Jeremy Hunt vote, “Well, if Vince Cable hadn’t been so irresponsible in the first place in expressing his feelings about Mr Murdoch, Jeremy Hunt wouldn’t be in the situation he’s in now”.

Where to start on the process of deconstructing such an air-headed, ruthlessly stupid, morally invalid comment like that? When did the British people first start voting for Wombat Woman just because, underneath her name on the ballot paper, it said ‘Conservative’?

And that does segue right into Leveson; because what this enquiry has been – pretty much since Day One really – is a steady stream of almost completely repugnant people; a foul torrent of lowlife daring to insult the British public with blatantly untrue, vapid and amnesiac evidence which, taken as a whole,  has not suggested the lack of a moral compass at all. On the contrary, it has suggested that the vast majority of the political class and Fourth Estate owns a highly-tuned digital compass pointing in one direction only: going West to the maintenance of either power – or what they fancifully imagine is still their ‘special’ reputation – via a process of systematic lying.

I say fancifully, but having heard the self-consciously slow and deliberate Gordon Brown perjure himself at least seven times during his evidence on Monday, I was staggered to find the Left – even the intelligent Left – tweeting about what a fine man he is afterwards. Even the BBC (so often accused of being Liberal-Left biased, which it is) broadcast an extended conversation between its political reporter and the studio anchor, in which the lobby correspondent spake thus:

“When Brown said Charlie Whelan had only ever acted properly through civil servants – and never to his knowledge in a way designed to smear the innocent – there were gasps of disbelief from every political correspondent in the room. That he could so obviously mislead on such a question effectively made it immensely difficult for those attending to take other parts of his evidence seriously”.

That is by far the most damning summary I’ve ever heard from a BBC correspondent on a recent Prime Minister, but then Brown has always been and always will be a pathological liar….and the comment was entirely correct. Like a methodical hitman using a silencer on his fibber-gun, Our Greatest Ever Chancellor spoke calmly – and with a masterful show of feigned dignity – as he sat before the enquiry and quietly fabricated his entire recent past. Only one man can better him at this culture-f**king game, and that man is Tony Blair.

But his evidence was no different to that of Rupert Murdoch (“I have never knowingly used my newspapers to further my business interests”) Jeremy Hunt (“I never behaved in any improper manner at all throughout my management of the bid process”)  or Rebekah Brooks (“I really wish I had my diaries with me, I really do”). They make Slick Willy Clinton (who didn’t inhale or have sexual intercourse while stimulating an aide’s genitals with a marijuana cigar) seem a paragon of plain speaking and unimpeachable honesty by comparison. Dick Nixon? He must be due for sanctification soon, surely. His secretary Rose-Marie Woods no doubt sits at the right hand of God in Heaven.

A truly unfortunate thing for all Britons tonight is that the one man Brooks, Hunt, Murdoch – and a hundred other dissemblers – all have in common as a willing colleague is the Prime Minister David Cameron. He lied about his real feelings on the European Union, he lied about the closeness of his social relationship with Brooks, he lied about his plans for the NHS, he lied about his intention to do away with all spin if elected Prime Minister. And soon enough, Mr Cameron will be giving his ‘evidence’ to the Leveson Enquiry. Never in the field of human endeavour was on Holy Bible so horribly abused by so many.

The Leveson Enquiry is now so devalued by perpetual perjury, I hereby offer – to anyone willing to run with it – a new collective noun for mendacity: a leveson of lies.

This week, the Sun (owned by Rupert Murdoch, the man who never ever wields economic and political power through his newspapers) broke a story suggesting that David and Samantha Cameron were parents on a par with the worst of the Underclass. The Left – ever willing to present itself as the decisive voice of morality in our society – has been making hay with this on Twitter, even though it knows (1) the story is in and of itself a classic example of press standards in the sewer and (2) it has been in invented for purely vengeful for reasons by the man the Left sets up as Satan on Earth.

For the record, Cameron was travelling with heavy security cover to and from his local pub in two vehicles. For obvious security reasons, he and his wife were in separate cars. In the scurry of fear that so often accompanies our politicians these days (whyever might that be?) his small daughter was forgotten for all of eight minutes…because she’d gone without notice to the loo. In the light of this, I read a comment in the Daily Telegraph (oh how the Sarkistas hate Camerlot) by some Social Working gargoyle to the effect of it being a signal failure of social services that the unfortunate Cameron offspring was not being held by now in a den of controlling, all-too-often paedophile carers. The likes of Tom Watson would doubtless applaud such a thing…but have nothing to say on the equally obvious tissue of lies that emanated from Piers Morgan’s privately educated mouth earlier in the enquiry…because he once worked for the Labour-supporting celebrity turd-factory Trinity Mirror.

I wonder, how might one equal the aggregate of highly concentrated, criss-cross quizz hypocrisy in those two preceding paragraphs? Well….by looking round the world, unfortunately.

So then, moving abroad (in every sense) the European Commission is a leveson of lies; so too is Wall Street, the Federal Reserve, Putin’s Russia, China under the squabbling Beijing control freaks, the Australian government graced by Wayne Swan, Berlin beneath the Merkeschäubles, and the Obama-supporting Huffington Post  – which bans genuine criticism of its sharp-suited (but clay-footed) Black Dude hero, and whose original proprietor netted $34m by not paying all those talented young journalists who wrote her way to riches.

So here we are at full circle: press standards dragged through the slime by press proprietors, senior politicians taking it up the backside from those proprietors, and almost all of them lying about each other afterwards. I guess one might call this ‘tabloid kiss and tell’. And yet, even that doesn’t anywhere near capture it. ‘No honour among thieves’ gets closer. But ‘sink of iniquity’ pretty well nails it. And if I may repeat once more – despite the odd cynical comment thread about my real commitment to this – politics is no longer about choice, because there is nothing to choose between red, orange or blue: each as a group is a veritable (ho-ho) leveson of liars.

As if to prove the point, our Parliament of Whores today voted not to have an enquiry into the blindingly obvious fact that Jeremy Hunt is a money-grubbing little weasel who abused a position he should never have been given in the first place. The Prime Minister in the Mother of Parliaments puffed out the mother and father of all smokescreens by observing that his advisor Sir Alex Allan had written to him to say that he could not “usefully add to the facts” in the case. I’d bet a Pound to a piece of sh*t that when the Thirty Year Rule reveals the full content of Allan’s advice, the wording will probably say something like, ‘Given the blindingly obvious fact that Jeremy Hunt is a money-grubbing little weasel who abused a position he should never have been given in the first place, there is nothing I could usefully add to the fact of this case’.

The country I love is getting more like Greece every day. This is to be rude about the Greek elite, not the Greeks I’ve always found resourceful, funny, and honourable to those they respect. I am in another country I like at the moment. It’s not the one I love, but the one I love isn’t any more either. Discuss.

Apologies if you find this piece unpleasant in relation to Mr Hunt. For full details of why, go here.

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39 thoughts on “LEVESON: An enquiry into the truth about press standards has created a new collective noun for dishonesty

  1. They lie because they have no integrity. They just desperately cling to power by any means. When in the recent past has an MP resigned his seat when caught out? It used to be commonplace when I was younger.

  2. Keep up the good work.

    If I may add my take from the Stock Markets – These problems (that are always going on) are highlighted and exposed during times of stock market and economic contraction – i.e. the stories come out in force and negative emphasis is aportioned to the stories during “bear” markets.

    The facts remain that even during “bull” markets these things go on, but because people feel good and confident things can and are brushed aside more easily.

    Elliott Wave International have produced a host of research on the subjects of social mood v market action, the calls for liberal attitudes during the latter stages of bear markets etc.

    If any readers are so inclined I have a few articles on my blog in the “blog post” section for where they can link direct to the authors site.

    Another great research piece is “The Truth of the Stock Tape” by W.D. Gann – this little gem was written in 1923 but is timeless – It details what to expect in both bull and bear markets and the lies to be told!
    I find it amusing the number of things that occur, are made news worthy and blow up as scandals – only to refer back to that little book and think Ah it happens every decade – nothings new!
    Humans don’t change, neither do their principle actions, the only new thing is new people repeating the same old actions of lies, deception, fear, greed and wars to name a few instances.

    • Here’s an passage from that 1923 book “The newspapers tell you what the insiders want you to
      know, not what you need to know. Watch the newspapers.
      When things are the worst and it is time to buy stocks, they
      never tell you anything about the good times that are coming,
      but when stocks are top and the insiders want to unload all
      they bought at the bottom, the newspapers tell you about
      dividends, extra dividends, melons, rights, and large earnings,
      when they should tell you that you are picking “lemons”
      and are getting “wrongs” not rights on your stock.”

      This little passage helps to confirm that even back in 1923 and even earlier as It took Gann 20 years to master trading so I bet we can safely say 1900 – that even back then the newspapers realised the power and influence they had and that they worked in cohoots with insiders – this would have quite easily spilt over to government and politics too.

      Corruptive business methods through lack of own intelligence – Journo’s are still up to the same tricks 100 years later – Just one reason I can’t stand them

  3. I am ashamed to say that when he first became Prime Minister I threw good money that I can ill afford away on buying two of Gordon Brown’s books, “Courage” (should have been titled Moral Cowardice as the author and his sleazy friends have that in abundance) and “Moving Britain Forward”.
    I know some people will question my sanity for doing so, and with good reason. But I don’t think I was the only person in the British Isles that was optimistic about him taking over from grinning Billy Liar. I really did think he was a honest man who cared about this country. What a fool I was!
    I could not watch all of Gordon Brown’s performance at the Leveson Enquiry, as listening to his bare faced lies made me so enraged that I began to feel ill.
    I watched some of todays debate about the secret family courts, and I had to turn that off as well, what a complete disgrace it is, to have secret courts in a so called modern democracy. If I were an MP in that house I would not be able to contain my rage that we even have secret courts in every town, let alone the moneyspinning corruption that takes place within them. This country is groaning from all the corruption and they dont seem to give a monkeys, they probably all have homes in other countries, so don’t really give a stuff about this country, if they screw it up they can just escape to Cape Cod or some tropical island or wherever takes their fancy.

    • John thought you were taking time off , remember minamalism matey, less is ….?.
      Zoompad, thanks for your contribution to the group, would you like to share with us exactly what made you think that pitching in your money and vote on G Brown was rational ?

      • I didn’t vote for him, or for Billy Liar, not even once, I can still remember the pre election speeches B Liar made about bashing the most vulnerable to get the economy going, and I remember so many working class people round me being very optimistic about New Labour, but I thought even then that Blair was a conman and a bully. But I did feel that Gordon Brown had a spark of integrity, I was writing to him about the secret family courts, when I was getting persecuted in the secret courts, and when Brown replaced Lord Falconer with Jack Straw at the MOJ I thought he had done so because he didn’t want such an evil man as the head of the MOJ. But that was before I realised about Falconer having a job already lined up with Gibson Dunn and Crutcher, and that GD and C had won (probably self awarded) an award for fast track adoptions. (Falconer had kept the secret family courts secret, in spite of the dreadful corruption in them)
        So at least I can console myself with the thought that I never voted for any of those scum bags.

  4. Cameron stated in PMQs that he would place copies of the letter from Sir Alex Allan in the Members Library, and a copy of his own original letter.

    I agree with you…the political class has descended into a cesspit of slime.

  5. All of these events do make me wonder if the past is not just bathed in rosey hues by nostalgia.
    Surely politicians have always been lying incompetents whose reputations have been burnished by their friends in the news media? It was, after all, Churchill who said “history will judge me kindly for I shall write it”. Naturally he ain’t writing it now-and he is not being treated quite so kindly!
    The difference nowadays is, presumably, the profusion of news media and the internet, which are not (yet) controlled by our rulers.
    To express my views publicly I would once have had to write a letter to a newspaper. Now, I type it direct to the website-there is no official control at all, thank God. “They” can only strike back by “trolling” websites-and they can’t hit them all.
    We now seem to have achieved a First Amendment in practice-even if not in law.

    • I’d like to agree but with that “useful idiot” Mensch trying to get “internet trolls” identified by ISP’s you can see TPTB trying everything to reign in free speech on the ‘Net

      • Oh yes, they’re going to try to stop it.
        I think they’ll try both the Mensch way and the “oh my god, there’s porn on the net and the kids can see it” way.
        I don’t think they’ll win-sites can be registered in any country e.g. Guido Fawkes effectively telling Leveson (the pompous little prat!) to sod off.

      • @Mjtd: It might be better if they used the correct term for them. The people MSM and others are currently ranting about are not trolls as they claim, they’re really cyberstalkers – a different bunch of much more dangerous whacknuts.

  6. Welcome back JW; I see you are in fine humour…merry some might say. Not that I would tone down a single phrase you have penned, but here’s a little bit of stop press news which may either raise a smile or a groan. I was at my RBS branch today chewing the fat with a lady who passes for what we used to recognise as a bank manager. I mentioned the names Rhen, Schauble, Herman Van Rumpuy, Barroso, and even Angela Merkel to which she looked remarkably puzzled. She had never heard of any of them! And Oh, she never had time to read the financial press and sadly, 10.30 was well past her bedtime, and she had no idea what Newsnight was anyway. In fact she was really looking forward to a long and succesful career in banking when Santander took over. She gave me one of those benevolent looks she must reserve for customers inclined to early onset dementure when I mentioned that Europe’s banks were in crisis meltdown and RBS, not to mention Santander, might soon be clutching a very battered begging bowl. Bless her innocence. She really didn’t have a clue.
    I’m upgrading my home safe.

    • Absolutely true Kfc. It gets even worse. She had absolutely no knowledge that RBS came within just a few hours of meltdown in October 2008. Maybe she look for a job fettling the accounts for Murdoch.

  7. It would seem that more MP’s than not thought that Hunt’s behavior was acceptable.
    Does that mean we are missing something here?
    I think that it has never been any different, just now, we are more informed so, we can express our outrage at the “immoral” behaviour of our Govt.
    Yeah right, twas always so and always will be. Human nature right?

  8. JW,welcome back.The electorate gets the politicos it deserves,Bliar,Garry, Dave,when it does not wish to face the facts.I bumped into Sir AA ,this afternoon,who confirmed the Treasury plans for a collapse of the Spanish and Italian banking systems,this summer,a run on sterling ,and a much needed increase in civil service employment,as part of the ‘growth strategy’, to be announced in the autumn.

  9. i know we have all been told to work harder and longer,have a break man you will have to work until your 94 anyway
    I like a LEVESON OF LIES,but today democracy died only keith Jenkins and Paul flynn showed any unbiased in their approach to actually rid us of this disgraceful behaviour
    Jail is the only answer for many, not a modern jarndyce v jarndyce we are faced with

  10. I have long known Gordon Brown was a liar: well he is now a perjured liar too. He didn’t even believe the lies he was telling – just watch his body language and the rambling nonsensical answers. He made an idiot of himself. And Leveson and Jay made idiots of themselves by not challenging this version of lies.

    By far the best contribution I’ve heard was from Michael Gove. It was telling that Leveson, all puffed up and pompous, at one point turned on Gove and said ‘I don’t need to be told about the importance of free speech. .. I really don’t’. Well I’m sorry but you really do. As Gove said “Some of us believe that before the case for regulation is made, the case for liberty needs to be asserted as well.” All I have seen is a steady stream of has beens and never weres venting their bitterness on the press who showed what they were and not what they pretended to be. That was what happened with Gordon the Moron Brown. The press might be nasty and unpleasant at times, but think ye well on it before you so readily attacking a free press.

  11. John, I hope your having a stress free relaxing break where ever you are.
    It pains me to say this, but your latest essay is spot on. The question then is, what are we to do?

  12. I’m sensing a lot of anger – which is good. It beats the crap out of aptahy and lazy colour based voting tribalism.
    The answer is to stop electing this red, blue and yellow shower of shits.
    Syriza shows the way, Galloway shows the way. You may dislike their politics but right now I’d sooner see the SWP, Respect and UKIP in a coalition of national unity than any of these over-educated, underworked arseholes.

    • If you think any party on the Left could create a coalition of national unity, I wish you luck. They’d be at each other’s throats within a week.

      • Not really my point (as you probably know but the cage of the fake left-right paradigm won’t allow you to concede).
        The point is if we keep returning the same shower of shits to power, then we will continue to get the same shitty, showery result.

    • Think you should express it more like this “a new electoral system”

      To break all connections, 60 numbers, if you win you are an MP next time round.

      No more contagion from one parliament to the next a brand spanking new set representative of the population each time round.

      So what if we elect a single somebody with an IQ of say 50? Could be worse, even a radical genocidal maniac is only one in a parliament of 600+! Can’t do nothing.

      Currently our system elects 600+ greedy, lying, thieving and deceitful people EVERY TIME. Guess what? A dead cert you will get this outcome every time don’t you think.

      Now you should be worried if you elected 600+ genocidal maniacs or people with an IQ of 50 but what’s the chances of that ???? ABSOLUTELY FRIGGIN ZERO! Unless the majority of the population fall into one or other of these categories.

      So my argument is make parliament representative of the people and be done with it and make it so 51% have to agree to pass anything to keep out the nutters. The ticket breaks the assumption of who is getting power and the lobbyists if they want to guarantee power have to bribe 60% of the population every time.

      I like my idea, won’t happen but think it works.

      • I remember watching a documentary on Isle of Man, years ago. If i remember correctly, Isle of Man parliament is consisted of 50 MPs and there are no political parties.
        Also: in ancient Athens, members of parliament were chosen randomly (by draw) among those who had full citizenship. Depriving of citizen status (and exile) was a very hard punishment at those times…second only to death penalty.
        Switserland’s system today is the closest to democracy of ancient Greece.

    • @DomesticExtremist: “Not really my point (as you probably know but the cage of the fake left-right paradigm won’t allow you to concede).

      Well, I don’t do mind reading but it was one of your points because you wrote: “I’d sooner see the SWP, Respect and UKIP in a coalition of national unity…” My reply was that the SWP & Respect are on the Hard Left, so they’d never get along together in a coalition. Being two heads of the socialist snake they’d just spend their time hissing at each other. And when UKIP walked in, they’d turn their venom onto them.

      That said, I agree with you on the fake Left-Right paradigm that we have, but that only applies in the sense that the Conservative Party has partly drifted away from the Right of centre politics in recent years and moved towards the Left. They believe that’s been necessary to avoid electoral oblivion. When the Left (Labour) keep offering ever more largesse to buy votes, what were the Tories supposed to do: Keep trying to sell sound money?, personal responsibility?, freedom and liberty? etc? British people have yet to learn that “Freedom Is Not Free” and “There Is No Free Lunch”.

      But importantly, the Tory drift to the Left does not mean that Right of centre politics has ceased to exist in a political philosophical sense, only that it’s been abandoned, for now. But I fear that proper government is not consistent with democracy.

      HTH :-)

  13. today you made me cry john because what you write and express is so heartbreakingly true.. will it be any less painfull .. i truly madly deeply love the country of my birth and place i have spent the majority of my life living in.. the distance may be further but your heart will still bleed from afar.. and you will lose the intimacy of living here..
    its like you say its the same everywhere so where is there to go to ..if not only for the better weather ?

  14. How to deflect the inquisitive eyes from other things.

    New term, the “Leveson Distraction”.

    A media business is what? That’s right a business and lets blame it on the media will ensure the population does not look any further. Hey hang a media business out to dry and then say it is resolved. Under that concept the media business is expendable in the grand scheme of everything else.

    What about the rest?

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