HUNT BALLS: How one last briefing scam tried to save Jeremy….and failed.

Repealing the Fox-hunting ban

You may have spotted a medium-weight but cleverly placed campaign of spin over the last few days. This was putting forward the idea that Jeremy (much put-upon, poor innocent Jeremy) would – with enormous regret – probably have to bow to pressure. And that he would leave, really he would, once the Olympics were over.

Because as I’m sure you appreciate, without Jeremy’s hyping skills and networking genius, the UK 2012 Olympics are going to be a disaster.

Most of the briefing appears to have been done Sunday evening and first thing yesterday. The usual suspects duly printed the ‘story’, but the only thing it has evoked is a loud raspberry from Tory MPs (among whom he was so “popular” until a few weeks ago) and a renewed determination among Labour ranks to see the little scamp off.

Now I’m told that Leveson is make or break – whatever that means. But another source – a Camerlot fringe intimate – says that several senior Downing Street staff of all disciplines are sincerely hoping Basil Brush gets hung out to dry later this week.

We shall see.

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19 thoughts on “HUNT BALLS: How one last briefing scam tried to save Jeremy….and failed.

  1. He can go now, the Olympics are already judged to be a successs having curtailed the movements of a hook handed cleric despite the best efforts of a cack handed justice system!

    • Interesting language issue here kfc. One is certainly hanged but one is never hanged out to dry. Pourquoi?

      • I love the English language. God knows how anyone not native ever learns it. To hang, and to hang (someone); such a subtle difference. “He was hanged, and his body hung on the gallows for days.” Try to explain that to a non-native speaker, or indeed any native speaker taught English in the last ten years.

      • @ MaxC – my brother, a talented artist, caused momentary consternation in the family some years ago when he murmured shyly that he was to be hung in the Royal Academy…

      • “He was hanged, and his body hung on the gallows for days.”

        Then of course he would be “well hung”

  2. Get your pinks out and saddle up. We’ll have that Jeremy’s brush nailed to the kennel door before sunset. Hounds halloooo……(personally, I think the huntmaster’s a bit dodgy too).

  3. I tried to leave a comment on the Sunday Times online to the effect that Jeremy Hunt was so corrupt it was a wonder he could still stand up straight, but it wasn’t published. :(

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