A little levity on Leveson


Johnson…major contribution to make to the Leveson Enquiry

As Rebekah Brooks thought it was amusing to give just a hint of wit and glimmer of smile during her Leveson evidence – betraying the fact that she still thinks this is all a merry lark – I don’t see why The Slog shouldn’t get into the act on the side of the Good Guys.

In his evidence, Rupert Murdoch referred to Gordon Brown in 2007-8 as “not of sound mind”. As Roop has no axe to grind about this one (the Laird having returned to his cave) I thought I would remind the MSM that, when I revealed via evidence and testimony in 2009 that it was highly likely Brown was taking MAOI anti-depressants and clearly mentally unwell, I was hounded by the Left  – and was eventually forced to change my blog identity to The Slog we all know and love today. Ben Bradshawe said about my post on Question Time, “But it’s a lie”. Turns out that Ben was the one lying. Andrew Marr asked Brown about “prescription painkillers” to help Brown deny something of which he wasn’t accused. Turns out Andrew too did A Bad Thing.

Brooks herself referred to “an extraordinarily aggressive” telephone exchange she had with Brown at the same time. I had a contact in Number Ten at the time insisting that the PM was “ghastly and uncivilised” in the way he yelled at secretaries and threw phones around the place. Charlie Whelan, on reading that piece, went on radio and called me a “Far Right liar”. Turns out Charlie did A Bad Thing as well. (Nothing new there)

So when it comes to standards in the media, perhaps we should get Gordo, Charlie Boy and Andy in front of Leveson and ask them about it all in the context of media standards. It could be fun.

But while the Newscorp nihilists are busy ruining the career of Jeremy Rhymyng-Slange, they may at long last be doing A Good Thing on behalf of the decent folks. As the initial molehill of suspicion about The Cheerleader has turned into a mountain of hard evidence, both the lad isself and Dave have been trying to magic it back to molehill proportions again.The process is pure Tommy Cooper, with bottles refusing to disappear from inside canisters, and long strings of snotty handkerchiefs emerging from both ears without warning. I’m waiting for the first sign of squawks and feathers the next time Mr Hunt says “Observe – nothing up my sleeve”.

This is what makes the Hunt for Jello Jeremy funnier every day, and so most of us can’t wait for his evidence…if only because he’ll probably be out of a job by then. But in brief, these are a few of what are likely to be his least favourite questions when that day dawns:

1. Do you think you got the job because of the slavish adoration for Murdoch plastered all over your constituency website?

2. Do you think tits, hamster-eating fiction, hacking dead people’s mobiles, falsely accusing Elton John of being a paedophile, and editorially supporting the lies of bent coppers represents a rise or fall in the standards of UK journalism?

3. When the Newscorp driver told you about the brown envelopes he took to bribe coppers, why didn’t you go the Home Secretary about it?

4. Was this the point at which you decided some private advice from these goblins about handling sensitive stuff was in order?

5. Why did you lie to the House of Commons about ‘full disclosure’ of all the correspondence between your Ministry and Newscorp?

6. Given you avoided £100,000 in tax this year, why does David Cameron still “want to be associated” with you?

7. Can you just give us a brief resume, Mr *unt, of how you made a fortune between 2002 and 2007, and the role played in that process by senior people at The British Council?

Another chap I’d like to see up before Leveson is Boris Johnson. First of all, he is a unique figure in that he not only courts publicity, he often writes his own in the Daily Telegraph. Secondly, as it’s pretty obvious he’d like to stab the Prime Minister in the front at the earliest suitable opportunity, Mr Johnson would be jolly good grist to that overworked mill churning out damp flour to throw at Dave on a daily basis. And finally, he’d be an excellent witness on the subject of shadowy proporietors who pay no tax and yet feel quite at ease trying to destroy governments. If nothing else, it would give Bojo the chance to thoroughly repudiate all those malign rumours circulating about the nature of his relationship with the Sarkistas, and whether it is in any way financial, which no doubt it isn’t. Allegedly.

Like an increasing number of people in the UK, I’m tired of enquiries. Not because I want to let all the perjurous witnesses off (perish the thought) but because, as I’ve posted before, I’m all enquiried out. It’s high time we got into the Criminal Trial-Jury-Verdict-Banged up axis of action. Time we stopped arresting, questioning, summoning and publicising. Time we let real justice take its course.

If there’s still enough to go round, that is. After all, those pointless gnat-bites of political showboating wicked Tory cuts have probably reduced the CPS budget to zero by now.

12 thoughts on “A little levity on Leveson

  1. She knows that nothing is going to happen to her. Keeping a record of all the communications between her and Cameron was her little insurance policy. Her “CDS,” by which she meant, “Cameron Dumb Sucker.”

  2. John, you have cheered me up on this Monday already laden with the gloomy news that Arsenal pipped Spurs into third. Please keep writing this stuff.

  3. “2. Do you think tits, hamster-eating fiction, hacking dead people’s mobiles, falsely accusing Elton John of being a paedophile, and editorially supporting the lies of bent coppers represents a rise or fall in the standards of UK journalism?”

    This is better purile Journalism than we get on this side of the Pond. We are stuck with Lindsay Lohan’s Rehab and Kim Kardashian’s Boyfriends. It is exceedingly boring.


  4. The shenanigans at Leveson reminded me of the works of Bastiat, who wrote over 150 years ago. With regard to the law he said
    “The law perverted! And the police powers of the state perverted along with it! The law, I say, not only turned from its proper purpose but made to follow an entirely contrary purpose! The law become the weapon of every kind of greed! Instead of checking crime, the law itself guilty of the evils it is supposed to punish!”
    He also has an excellent take on socialism and the economy. For a good read have a look at http://mises.org/books/bastiat1.pdf

  5. When Brooks described Brown as “not of sound mind”, she was being very unkind to all people not of sound mind.

    On Boris… he is quoted today saying this in the Telegraph: “…the prevailing view of Beeb newsrooms is, with honourable exceptions, statist, corporatist, defeatist, anti-business, Europhile and, above all, overwhelmingly biased to the Left.http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/tvandradio/bbc/9263603/Next-head-of-BBC-must-be-a-Tory-says-Boris-Johnson.html

    On your tiredness of Inquiries…me too! Enough is enough. It’s past time for these matters to get into the courts and for judges & juries to decide the merits of the crimes & peccadilos. But that will not happen while the CPS is standing in the way with an unwritten duty to protect the Establishment from its own crimes. See JC de Menezes case. Wait for their decision on the 3-4 hacking files that have already been passed to them. And wait *forever* to see what they do if the police ever handover prosecution files for the murder of one Gareth Williams from GCHQ. Given that the perp was almost certainly MI6, I wouldn’t hold your breath.

    • Yeah, that whole Gareth Williams thing has an air of the surreal about it. Clearly it’s an inside job – Mr. Williams had undoubtedly found out something he wasn’t supposed to AND committed the cardinal sin for a mid-level intelligence employee; mentioning it to someone. He was employed as a crypto guy, so undoubtedly had access to all kinds of juicy stuff.

      But why the ‘stuff him in a holdall and leave him in his flat’ thing? By the sound of it, he had a few unusual sexual proclivities, so it kinda plays to that. But even so… what’s wrong with the time-honoured disappearing act. Knock the guy off, throw him in a lime-pit in the middle of Spadeadam range, replace the turf, and quietly clear out his flat to make it look like he’d simply decided to do a flit. Happens all the time, in real life.

      Only thing that makes sense, to me, is if they were trying to send an obvious message to others in the intelligence business that ‘what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!’

    • @Woodgnome: I always thought that it was a professional job carried out by a State Agency. But I wasn’t sure which State. I thought maybe Russia was involved, but no one else.
      This interesting & amusing Sherlock Holmes story virtually answers all the questions about the case, using logical analysis. It strips away other States for having zero motives and leaves only MI6 in the frame. It produces substantial evidence that the whole cross-dresser/gay slurs were completely untrue and were all part of the devious plan drawn up in mid 2009 for the purpose of diverting public attention.
      His secondment from GCHQ to MI6 HQ happened soon after the failed court cases of several terror groups. It seems very likely that after watching a series of “not guilty” verdicts he suddenly realised what was going on and that all his decoding work was a complete sham. It wasn’t really to catch terrorists at all, but to maintain fear levels in Britain at a high level, thereby justifying draconian anti-liberty laws spewing out of the Blair & Brown govt. http://shatasm.blogspot.co.uk/2010/09/chapter-1-letter-from-anglesey.html

      Given that MI6 terminations are authorised by the Ministerial boss (Foreign Secretary), the story leaves open the question of whether it was signed-off by David Milipede or Willy Vague…perhaps both.

      Only thing that makes sense, to me, is if they were trying to send an obvious message to others in the intelligence business that ‘what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!

      Exactly! His secondment to MI6 appears to have been to keep a close eye on him and to take a decision about how to deal with him if he continued to voice concerns about what was going on.

      • Good story.

        However, if your suspicions about the obviously fake (to anyone with enough brain cells to form a functional synapse, anyway) threat of terrorists being designed to promote an atmosphere in the UK are true… it ain’t working. NO-one that I know personally wastes more than five seconds of thought on ‘terrorists’, even on days where they’re being constantly drip fed to us by every media outlet. What the ‘man on the street’ seems concerned with (apart from the usual reality TV drivel) is that we’re all bloody skint, fuel and food are rising at at least double the official rate of inflation and that everything the government says and does seems to be either a lie, a damn lie, or just a total cockup.

  6. After that thunderous broadside, if I was Mr ‘Hunt The Thimble’ I would ask the fuzz to feel my collar, and not my pocket. A cliche I know but…
    “Oh what tangled webs we weave ……..” Anybody know how the rest goes?

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